David McInnis says he still keeps in touch with Song Joong Ki

David McInnis says he still keeps in touch with Song Joong Ki

Currently playing the role of Russian commander Petrov in JTBC espionage drama ‘Man to Man’, actor David Lee McInnis sat down for an exclusive interview with ‘International bnt.’

Born from a Korean mother and an American father, after graduating college with a business degree, David was scouted by a director in 1998 while working a part-time job in New York. This led to his acting debut starring in the film ‘The Cut Runs Deep,’ directed by John H. Lee.  “My encounter with Director Lee changed my life around,” David commented.

When asked how he was cast in KBS ‘Descendents of the Sun’, David answered, “It was by chance. While I was in L.A. I happened to attend a grand opening of Ha Jung Woo’s gallery.  I met with producer Kang Myung Chan and was cast for the role. To be honest, prior to the encounter, I thought whether if I’ll be able to return to Korea.”

David McInnis also shared how he still keeps in touch with actor Song Joong Ki.  “I do contact him from time to time. Since he is so busy it’s difficult to meet up often.”

Throughout his 20-year history as an actor, David McInnis praised ‘Descendents of the Sun’, saying, “It has definitely made a huge impact in my life as an actor.”

He then shared his plans to continue working in Korea.  “I would like to perform in Korea for the time being.  Apart from the language barrier, it’s quite satisfying to live in Korea.  I am also grateful to be able to work in an English-speaking atmosphere,” he added.

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