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[Video] Added trailer, poster and new stills for the upcoming Korean documentary “My Selves”

Added trailer, poster and new stills for the upcoming Korean documentary "My Selves"

"My Selves" (2011)

Directed by Boo Ji-young, Kim Kkobbi, Seo Yeong-joo, Yang Eun-yong

With Kim Kkobbi, Seo Yeong-joo, Yang Eun-yong,...

The actors start to shoot themselves after they receive the cameras. Kim Kkot-bee goes abroad to shoot her friends from Breathless. She throws parties with her friends there and shoots a film. She also has a good time with her dear sister and brother. When Seo Young-ju finished her busy life with a performance as an actress and an assistant director after shooting a film, Seo leaves on a trip overseas to hibernate. She is thinking what she as an actress should do for the health of the earth

Actresses dismiss rumors of wig fight

Actress Han Chae-young denied rumors that she got into an argument with Chinese actress He Zhuoyan over a wig, which was supposedly a part of her costume for the drama they are co-starring in.

BH Entertainment, the actress's agency, said the rumors are "not true at all".

"Han Chae-young is not even wearing a wig in her drama, so it doesn't make any sense to claim that such a thing happened", a representative of the agency said.

"Zhuoyan is a good partner for Chae-young. She always takes care of her and has always been thoughtful".

Han Chae-young herself also refuted news of the dispute carried by a Chinese media outlet.

"What is this? Should I feel bad about such a groundless piece? My friend Zhuoyan don't feel bad about this", the Korean actress posted on her microblog Weibo

JYJ's Jae Joong Comments on Recent Discord in Idol Groups

Kim Jae Joong, member of JYJ, shares his thoughts in regards to idol groups.

During an interview, conducted at a local coffee shop in Gangnam, Kim Jae Joong revealed his candid thoughts about the recent issues among idol groups. When asked his opinion he responded, “Honestly, I doubt there are any idols who are conflict free.”

He continued, “What it comes down to is there are a lot of them and they are not a family. They are members of a group, there are some members that you will be closer to and are able to relate to better than others. There will be conflict in any and every team.” What he had to say made complete sense.

Next he discussed what made JYJ’s relationship successful, “We are able to talk about the good as well as the bad things, civilly. Not long ago, Eric had a photo of Shinhwa as his profile picture on Kakao Talk

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” Last Shoot Stills Pop Up

A Gentlemans Dignity, Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, Kim Soo Ro

"A Gentleman's Dignity" Last Shoot Stills Pop Up

The cast of "A Gentleman's Dignity" which only has a few episodes left in its life are shown in pictures revealing the behind-the-scenes ambience.

The lead actors of the drama have been filming since April and their long 4-month journey will come to an end this weekend, after two more episodes. Anticipation is high and the release of the photos is timely. 

"Flower Gentleman" Jang Dong Gun is shown to be making the peace sign and making funny faces at the camera, surprising most viewers and fans. He took pictures with Kim Ha Neul, indicating their closeness and friendship as well as next to Yoon Se Ah, showing off his relationships with actors. There are pictures of him falling victim to exhaustion and catching a powernap on a desk

Seohyun, ‘Crazy Proportions’ Captured…’Unedited Tall Height’

Seohyun, Girls Generation, SNSD

Seo Hyun, 'Crazy Proportions' Captured...'Unedited Tall Height'

Girl group Girls' Generation's Seohyun's picture was revealed.

Recently on an online community's board a picture titled, 'Seohyun Mannequin Similarity Captured Amazing,' was posted.

In the picture that was revealed, Seohyun is seen wearing a sky blue mini dress and is entering her van. After finishing her performance, she is seen with her small face and unedited slim body line.

Internet users replied, "A celebrity that is much prettier in person than on screen," "Is it when they performed as TaeTiSeo?," "Her eyes are glistening," "Her line is very feminine."

“Haeundae Lovers” Kang Min Kyung Shows off Pretty Office Look

Kang Min Kyung, Haeundae Lovers

KBS Mon/Tues Drama "Haeundae Lovers" actress Kang Min Kyung (character Hwang Joo Hee) is showing off a very unique sense of fashion.

"Haeundae Lovers" centers around an elite prosecutor Lee Tae Sung (played by Kim Kang Woo) and a strong and fierce Ko So Ra (played by Cho Yeo Jung) and their episodes as they fall in love. 

Hwang Joo Hee is the secretary to Haeundae Hotel VP Choi Jun Hyuk (played by Jung Suk Won) and accordingly, Kang Min Kyung's fashion is drawing the attention of viewers. 

In the drama, she is a cute villainess and like a secretary, she's always presentable with a clean suit skirt styling but she never forgot to make sure she added a bit of flair here and there with colored and vivid shirts. She showed off her fame as a fashionista in the role

Upcoming Girl Group Tiny-G Releases Debut Teaser

GNG Production‘s upcoming girl group Tiny-G has released their debut teaser today. Wearing loose clothes, the girls show off their b-boy skills in this short teaser.

Their name Tiny-G means “tiny giants,”and their four members are J.Min, Dohee, Myungji and Mint. They will release their self-titled debut digital single on August 23.

Previously the group had released an OST song “Polaris” for MBC’s program “Music and Lyrics.”

What do you think of their dance moves?

[Video] Added new posters and making of video for the upcoming Korean movie “Pieta”

Added new posters and making of video for the upcoming Korean movie "Pieta"

"Pieta" (2012)

Directed by Kim Ki-duk

With Jo Min-soo, Lee Jeong-jin, Woo Gi-hong, Kang Eun-jin, Jo Jae-ryong,...

A solitary man who grew up as an orphan works as a cruel loan shark. A mysterious woman claims to be his mother and he finds himeself becoming attached to her only to realize her extreme yet sad movie.

Release date in Korea : 2012/09/06

[Video] Added new videos for the Korean documentary “Emperor Penguins Peng-yi and Som-yi”

Added new videos for the Korean documentary "Emperor Penguins Peng-yi and Som-yi"

Making of

"Emperor Penguins Peng-yi and Som-yi" (2012)

Directed by Kim Jae-yeong, Kim Jin-man-I

With Song Joong-ki,...

Previously known as "Tears in the Antarctic 3D" (Nam-geuk-eui Noon-mool, 남극의 눈물 3D)
The final episode of MBC's "Tears" showing in theater format.

Release date in Korea : 2012/08/08

Best support messages

Tracklist to Se7en's 1st Japanese Best album revealed

In mid-July, it was revealed that Se7en would be releasing his first Best album in Japan since his debut in the country in 2005 with "Hikari."

On August 8th, Se7en's official Japanese website under YGEX released the full tracklist to the upcoming Best album. The album will have two CDs, one featuring his Japanese hit tracks and the other, his Korean hit tracks.

Se7en's best album will be available in 3 different edition, including a 2CD+2DVD, 2CD+DVD and 2CD.

The 2CD+2DVD will have one DVD filled with his music videos and the other, the "Love Again" showcase that runs approximately 80 minutes. The 2CD+DVD will only include the music video clips DVD.

Se7en will release his Best album on September 5th! Following the release of his Best album, Se7en will have his first solo concert in Japan on September 16th at the Tokyo International venue in Hall A, titled "SE7EN 2012 SOLO CONCERT IN JAPAN ~SE7EN THE BEST~