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New Trends in Music Videos

For so long, K-pop MVs have consisted of pretty boy/girl group members populating a universe which seem to consist of only them, and where the only activity that goes on in there is dancing and looking good. After our endless grumbles about this, and coining and overused term for it (the Box), K-pop Music Video makers have finally heard us out, and are now trying harder to bring something more unique to their Music Videos.

But to they really work? Here are a few trends observed in Music Videos/Performances recently, and a take on them.

The Mythical Legend Theme

As seen in: EXO’s “Mama”, A-Jax’s “One 4 U” and most BAP videos. Come to think of it, make that most debuts

Kang Min-kyeong on the ground

Kang Min-kyeong took a picture with a dog worn out from the heat.

Kang posted on her Twitter on the 8th, "The dog is worn out" with a picture.

She is kneeling on the ground pointing at the dog. She is smiling at the dog but it's her fair white complexion that draws attention.

Netizen's say, "The dog is so cute", "She's got doll legs", "So long" and more.

Meanwhile, Kang is currently starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Haeundae Lovers" as Hwang Joo-hee.

Sin Se-kyeong “Kissing scene with Rain was good”

Actress Sin Se-kyeong spoke about how she felt when she kissed Rain (Jeong Ji-hoon) in the movie "R2B: Return to Base".

Director Kim Dong-won, actors and actresses Yoo Joon-sang, Sin Se-kyeong, Lee Ha-na, Kim Sung-soo and Lee Jong-suk attended the press meeting of "R2B: Return to Base" on the 8th.

Sin took on the role of Yoo Se-yeong who is the greatest fighter plane technician on base but has a secret love for the machines.

Sin and Rain were in a romance ring in the movie and there were two kissing scenes but they were cut off.

She said, "They were edited but the kiss with Rain was good" and caused laughter in the hall.

Movie "R2B: Return to Base" is about the greatest fighter plane team called the Black Eagles when they go out on an emergency strike after discovering an unknown object in the Seoul skies with Jeong Tae-hoon (Jeong Ji-hoon/ Rain) who was taken off the team and moved to the 21 combat airfield

Chae Si-ra “I had outfits made until the sixth episode”

Director Choi Yeong-hoon "I was surprised at how prepared she was".

 Choi spoke highly of Chae Si-ra who is starring in the SBS drama "Five Fingers" as Chae Yeong-rang, the wife of the Chairman of the Buyeong Group.

 Choi explained, "I was shocked at how prepared she was. She always shows more than what I thought of even in just make up and attire. She shows that great actresses think about the smallest things.

 Despite the steaming hot weather, Chae Si-ra is bold and confident when she steps into the filming set. Chae says, "I am a tragical character so I try not to be loose on myself".

 Chae added, "I try to pursue perfection even if I'm not in a drama. This character is a strong one so I've been preparing outfits and accessories right for the role and even the make-up

8th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival’s been four years (eep!) since the last time I wrote about Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, mostly because it’s not the most exciting of events. But the inclusion of Yoon Eun-hye into any red carpet automatically kicks it up a notch on the scale of interesting, no?The festival’s now in its 8th year, and held its opening red carpet on August 9 in the city of Jecheon, which is located not far from Seoul in northern Chungcheongbuk province. It’s unique in that the festival celebrates both film and music; there are separate programs for both, as well as music-themed films, and live music stages.Frankly I’m more into the live performances: Divided into themed nights (hip-hop night, acoustic night, etc.) the various stages feature artists like DJ Clazzi of Clazziquai, rock-electronic band Handsome People, rock band Yellow Monsters, hip-hoppers Dynamic Duo, now-solo artist Jay Park, singer-songwriter Lee Juck, rock band The Koxx, fusion gukak-classical-pop musicians Second Moon, melodic rockers Monni, indie band Zitten, and Top Band competitive-reality-show winners Toxic

[Video] Added new images and 2nd teaser trailer for the upcoming Korean movie “Masquerade”

Added new images and 2nd teaser trailer for the upcoming Korean movie "Masquerade"

"Masquerade" (2012)

Directed by Choo Chang-min

With Lee Byeong-Heon, Ryoo Seung-yong, Han Hyo-joo, Kim Myeong-gon, Kim In-kwon, Sim Eun-kyeong,...More
Previously known as "The King of Joseon" (조선의 왕, Jo-seon-eui Wang).
A commoner becoming the king is a theme that's all too familiar to us. The story was told in the well-known fable 'The Prince and The Pauperʼ and this film takes the idea from that and takes it to the 16th- century Joseon Dynasty. The king is the tragic historic figure of Kwanghae. The commoner who becomes the King realizes just what it takes to be a good king

Supernova Releases Music Video for "She's Gone"

Supernova makes their second Korean comeback this year with the release of their latest single “She’s Gone.” Along with the release of the single today, August 9, the music video has also been revealed online.

“She’s Gone” is a pop-dance song that features powerful synth sounds. Supernova made their first comeback performances last night on M!Countdown.

Also included in the single is the song “Addicted” and instrumental versions of both tracks.

While the group primarily promotes in Japan, they had already made a Korean comeback this year with “Stupid Love” in May.

South Korea's Olympic gold medalist Yang Hakseon reveals his ideal type

Recently, South Korea's Olympic gold medalist in artistic gymnastic, Yang Hakseon, confessed that his ideal type is Girls' Generation's Jessica, generating much interest and attracting the attention of netizens.

On August 7th, in an online community, a post called "Gymnast gold medalist Yang Hakseon, Jessica's fan" was posted. Comments such as, "Yang Hakseon liked Jessica," "Athlete Yang Hakseon, last year's news article proves that he's Jessica's fan," were then posted online and drew the eyes of many netizens.

Following the posts, Yang Hakseon had confessed in a 2011 interview that he liked Girls' Generation's Jessica while talking about his every day life as a typical high school student. Despite it being a 2011 news article, after becoming South Korea's first ever gold medalist in artistic gymnastic, netizens dug up the news again

Kill the DJs releases "K-Pop for Lovers" mix

Kill the DJs, a DJ and production duo based in New York City, recently released a new mix titled "K-Pop For Lovers." Featuring 20 different tracks, this mix combines popular mainstream groups such as Big Bang and Wonder Girls with indie and retro sounding music, resulting in a combination of "bubblegum pop with dance-rock, disco, R&B, reggae, underground bass, hip-hop, and abstract beats twists."

For instance, 2NE1 is mixed with Ryan Paris' Italo groover and Brown Eyed Girls is with The Knocks' version of a Santigold heater. Adding a quirky sense of love to the mix, Kill the DJs also incorporated some quotes from vintage Korean films.

The first half of "K-Pop for Lovers" is upbeat and fun while the second half is a more blues style. Fans who are expecting a certain sound from Girls' Generation and GD&TOP should expect a surprise as some originals are mixed as smooth atmospheric head nodders

Jang Geun-seok Donates Rice to Help Poor

 Jang Geun-seok

Actor Jang Geun-seok has donated 7,100 kg of rice to the Gangnam District Office in southern Seoul to be used to help undernourished children and elderly people who live alone.

The district office said Wednesday that Jang sent 710 bags of rice, each weighing 10 kg, to the district through his agency.

The rice was originally given to the celebrity by his fans while he was filming his latest drama, "Love Rain".

"I'm always thankful for my fans' support", said Jang. "I will keep helping others".

Also last December, he donated W10 million (US$1=W1,130) to a welfare center for children in need that was having difficulty raising funds to install equipment to meet its energy needs.