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Peru at Expo 2012 Yeosu

A gigantic squid from Peru is shown at the Peruvian pavilion. According to the embassy, those caught are between 4-5 meters long, and exported to countries including Korea. / Courtesy of Embassy of Peru

Alberto E. Massa, commissioner general of Peru at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, contributed the following article to The Korea Times on the occasion of Peru's Independence Day which falls on July 28. - ED.

The presence of Peru in Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea implies the acceptance of its ruling principles: the preservation of the resources of the sea and the harmony that must prevail between the oceans and the coast.

Peru has assumed this compromise in a serious and responsible way. That's the reason why we feel proud to be among the 106 countries that have decided to take part in this international exhibition, intended to set a milestone in the efforts of mankind to make of the earth a safer and enjoyable place to live, for the sake of present and future generations

K-Pop Cultural Phenomenon Girls’ Generations’ (SNSD) 5th Anniversary Celebrated by Fans with Video

Girls Generation, SNSD

A fan created video in celebration of Girls' Generation's fifth anniversary is garnering a lot of interest.

In celebration to Girls' Generation fifth anniversary a video was released today through Soshified, a large international community fan site, on YouTube sharing about the group's journey of becoming the leading K-Pop artist.

The 9 minute video begins by stating in Korean with subtitles in the video, "Currently this girl group is leading the K-Pop industry the only artist ranked #1 for 9 consecutive weeks. Rather than saying they're a popular music group, we need to say that they're a cultural phenomenon.

Continuing on the video shows clips of the group's concert in various countries showing the popularity of the group throughout the world

Local Goods from Foreign Countries add to Excitement at Yeosu

Visitors at the Yeosu World Expo can enjoy more than just the event itself, including specialties from around the world.

Around 60 countries, or just over half the nations participating in the global event, are selling souvenirs at the exhibition venue.

Specialties such as clothes, cosmetics, accessories, handicrafts and small furniture that can only be bought on-site are on display and attracting many interested buyers.

The excitement of bringing something home from a foreign culture is adding fervor to the Yeosu Expo.

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio

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Ulleungdo: Korea’s Emerald Isle

As the crystal-clear turquoise waters swirled below, I continued to follow the path. Ahead of me, the serpentine trail clung precariously to the mountain side, twisting and turning along the rocky coast. Water droplets streaming down my brow, I looked up at the mountains above. Like a shy child scared to show her face to a stranger, the peaks hid themselves behind a thick veil of fog.

It had only been a few rain-soaked hours since I had arrived on the island of Ulleungdo, a small speck of land off of the east coast of South Korea; however, when you have come so far, you can't let a little rain stop you. So onward I trudged, following the coastal path until it disappeared into the forests of Ulleungdo.

Ultimately, the trail ended at Dodong Lighthouse. Standing on the peak looking over the village of Haengnam, I was able to finally appreciate the magic of Ulleungdo

Jun Jihyun, “I Really Liked Kiss Scene with Kim Soohyun, However My Husband was…”

Jeon Jihyun, Kim Soohyun, KBS, Entertainment Weekly

On KBS 2TV "Entertainment Weekly" that was aired on the 4th, Jun Jihyun participated in guerrilla date in Busan.

Jun Jihyun performed a deep kiss scene in the movie "Thieves" that recently opened. She said that "I liked the kiss scene with Kim Soohyun. However, my husband disliked it. I would too if my husband did." Also, she avoided to answer specifically to the question "how do you make him feel better in those situations" by saying "I just do."

On the other hand, Jun Jihyun grabbed attention by showing her brain formation that shows her affection towards her husband.

‘Outcast’ and ‘Kim Kwang Soo’ the Keywords of T-ARA’s Controversy

T-ARA, Core Contents Media, Kim Kwang Soo, Hwayoung

Hwayoung of T-ARA

It has been exactly one week. On July 28, the members of T-ARA all except Hwayoung updated their personal Twitter pages regarding the power of will. In response, Hwayoung posted, "Some things cannot be done just by the power of will." People in the online communities who saw T-ARA's abusive postings assumed that there was a case of bullying within the idol girl group. T-ARA's controversy has become such an aggravating but hot topic that even a web-tune writer Lee Mal Nyun updated his personal Twitter page stating, "T-ARA you crazy girls.. Your stupid controversy is becoming a bigger issue than the Olympics. It is so aggravating and angering."

This is where people are becoming suspicious. Is this controversy really as serious as people are making it seem to be? Other idol groups have had a member leave the group and there were many changes in the members of various idol groups; but why is it that T-ARA is getting such a huge media coverage for this? The answer to those questions can be answered with two keywords: "Outcast" and "Kim Kwang Soo" of Core Contents Media

Eat, drink and be chilled

Top Left: Mul-naengmyeon (Cold noodles in chilled broth) Right: Bibim naengmyeon (Cold noodles mixed in a spicy red sauce) Bottom Left: Mulhoe (Cold spicy raw fish soup) Right: Chogyetang (Chilled chicken soup) JoongAng Ilbo

The sweltering summers in Korea drain our energy and often cause us to lose our appetite. While fans and air conditioners seem to be the only way to survive, for many Koreans the most common way to make it through the humid season is simply to follow the yi-yeol-chi-yeol principle of treating heat with more heat.

It has the same meaning as the English expression "to fight fire with fire" and explains the long lines in front of chicken and ginseng soup restaurants on even the hottest days, as the soup is considered a stamina food.

It is true that sweating is the human body's natural way to cool itself

Possible Information Revealed Regarding YG's New Girl Group

Music fans have been patiently waiting months for some information to be released on YG Entertainment’s newest girl group. During that time, minimal knowledge and a few practice videos were made public which caused many to speculate about the new group.

A recent post made to an online community site created quite a buzz online. The post displayed a supposed teaser image revealing information on the group. The teaser images were, allegedly, posted by accident. According to the image the group’s name will be TLC-F.  Hypothetically, the group’s name pays tribute to girl groups of the past as, the TLC comes from the American female hip-hop group from the 90’s and the F for classic K-Pop girl group Fin.K.L. A statement from an unknown poster further explained, “TLC-F will be a combination of a hip-hop and a feminine style group

SNSD for GiRL Perfume in Japan

Looks like SNSD is killing 2 birds in 1 stone in this trip to Japan! In addition to the SMTown World Tour III concert, they also went for the GiRL perfume launch event. Take a look at their group, as well as individual, shots below! stunning..absolutely stunning…


Source: wonderfulgeneration

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On two wheels: To the land of imagination

Visitors walk through the metasequoia lane in Nami Island located in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province.

By Yun Suh-young

When we first think of Nami Island, what comes to mind is the metasequoia lane where the famous TV drama "Winter Sonata" was filmed.

The romantic greenery makes us want to visit at once, and plunge into the scene where Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo walked through the lane hand in hand.

The island is an assembly of imagination. It rose to fame after Kang Woo-hyon, manager of the island, turned the place into a spicy mixture of nature and humanity.

Situated 63 kilometers from Seoul and resembling a leaf floating on top of Cheongpyeong Lake, Nami Island came into existence after heavy rain washed away the land bridge to the mainland it used to be part of