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2NE1 and ‘Guitar Genius’ Sungha Jung Reveal Collab Video!

2NE1, Lonely, Sungha Jung

2NE1 and 'Guitar Genius' Sungha Jung Reveal Collab Video!

Girl group 2NE1 and YouTube sensation Sungha Jung have revealed their collaboration video online.

Today, YG Entertainment stated, "2NE1 and guitarist Sungha Jung has released their collaboration video titled, 'YG ON-AIR-2NE1xJung Sung Ha Acoustic Collab' on TVcast.

YG requested to do this collar with Sungha Jung after watching a video on his channel of him playing a 2NE1 song on the guitar.

In the video, Sungha Jung played "Lonely" and "I Love You" on the guitar.

An official stated, "The members liked the new sound of their song with the acoustic version. Sungha Jung also played many songs for 2NE1 as well."

2NE1 has begun their world tour, 'NEW EVOLUTION' and will be stopping in New Jersey on August 17 and in L

Lee Hyo Ri thanks to the fans of Busker Busker: “What did they do?”

Singer Lee Hyo Ri has expressed her gratitude to some of Busker Busker’s fans.

On July 31, Lee tweeted to Busker Busker’s Brad, “Wow.. I’m really really grateful,” and attached a picture of donor certificate.

If you take a close look at the picture, you can learn that some fans of Busker Busker collected 1 million won to donate to Kara in the name of Busker Busker in the hope of the money to be used for abandoned animals.

When the celebrity, who is in the lead of protecting animals, learned this, she expressed her gratitude to the band on Twitter.

Netizens who saw the posting commented: “Wow, Busker Busker’s fans have good hearts.” “Both Lee Hyo Ri and Busker Busker have deep understanding.” “It’s good to see Lee thanking him

Ride the “Sea of Moonlight” with LOEN TREE

Company “family” efforts — a la JYP Nation or YG Family — have become increasingly popular as of late, with almost every company with a large enough roster attempting one for a variety of reasons. Now it seems as if it’s LOEN Entertainment‘s turn to follow the trend as they recently announced the formation of LOEN TREE, LOEN’s so-called “family.” The line-up includes Sunny Hill, Brown Eyed GirlsGa-in whose solo efforts are done by LOEN, “Korea’s little sister” IU, and tragically-named upcoming girl group FIESTAR.

Personally, this has been one of my more awaited family projects as LOEN has always managed to create some quality music and great visuals with their relatively small yet thematically diverse artists

SM Entertainment declaring war on unfair contracts

So most of us are aware of SME’s rumoured “slave” contracts that it gives to it’s trainees and performers, but all of that seems to have changed

On the 6th of July at 9AM in Room #128 at the Members’ Office Building at Seoul Yeouido Congress Hall, The Grand National Party’s committee member, Jo Moonhwan, and SM’s representative, Kim Youngmin, and SNSD’s Yuri and Sooyoung held a ‘proclamation to establish the development of celebrity contracts’

The proclamation was held to promote awareness towards fair contracts between celebrities and their licensing companies including things that were heavily overlooked in past contracts like protecting celebrity rights and also to improve the entertainment industry. Jo Moonhwan and SME have had frequent discussions on how the entertainment industry can be improved

SBS drama "Beautiful You" reveals additional stills

After releasing various trailers and photo teasers, the upcoming SBS drama "Beautiful You" has revealed yet another set of stills!

The new stills feature Sulli and Lee Hyunwoo taking a stroll through the school. In the drama, Lee Hyunwoo's character does not know that Sulli is actually a girl, so in the stills, he can be seen trying to hide his strong affection for Sulli. However, the photos still give off a romantic feel, and Sulli's beauty and Lee Hyunwoo's handsomeness have attracted the attention of many people.

Check out the new stills below, and make sure to catch the first episode of "Beautiful You" on August 15!

Source: Korea Star Daily

Moon Chae-won turns icy for Nice Guy

Following up our first look at Nice Guy with stills of leading man Song Joong-ki, now we have leading lady Moon Chae-won, shedding her image of youthful innocence to play a mean woman who’s described as possessing a “heart of ice.” Hm, at all this while I was thinking she was the victim in this melodrama, since Song Joong-ki—a former nice guy turned player and manipulator—uses her to get back at his ex, Park Shi-yeon. Plus, there’s the whole part where she has amnesia, adding to the woe-is-this-damsel-in-distress profile—since when is the heroine in a romance melodrama with amnesia NOT the sweet, nice doormat? I guess Nice Guy isn’t your mother’s amnesia-revenge-melo, which you wouldn’t think would have enough titles to be its own genre but by now has pretty much set up a corner in dramaland to claim for its own

Wonder Girls celebrate their 2000th day since debut

On August 1st, Wonder Girls celebrated their 2000th day since their debut. They posted on their official Twitter, "Because of Wonderfuls, Wonder Girls were able to see their 2000th day. Thank you very much."

On their Facebook page, they posted, "[2000 Days Anniversary] Congratulations, Wonder Girls! Thank You, Wonderfuls ♥."

Along with their individual posts, a photo of the Wonder Girls smiling as they posed with a cake was published. Hyelim is at the center of the photo, holding the cake that reads "2000." Sohee is found to Hyelim's left with a peace sign with eyes closed, but posing cutely nonetheless. Next to Sohee, leader Sunye is also posing with a peace sign with a big smile.

Yoobin and Yeeun are on the left side of the picture - Yoobin cutely sticking out her tongue and Yeeun excitedly posing with a peace sign

KARA Park Gyuri’s Witty Defense for Biased Olympics Fencing Call, “Got to Japan in One Second”

KARA, Park Gyuri, twitter

KARA Park Gyuri's Witty Defense for Biased Olympics Fencing Call

KARA member Park Gyuri defends Olympics fencing representative Shin Aram in her biased call.

On Tuesday Park Gyuri tweeted, "Wow, arrived in Japan in one second!^^" Park Gyuri posted this on her visit to Japan. Her comment was not just a personal update but an insult in defense for the Olympics fencing athlete Shin Aram. Her key word "one second" gave away her reference to the unfair judgment.

Other entertainers like Haha and novelist Lee Weh Soo also gave their opinions concerning Shin Aram. However, internet users' paid close attention to Park Gyuri's comment for her ability to make it not as serious of a tone, but still call it out.

Internet users in response wrote, "You must have seen the match yesterday!" and, "Her brilliance

T-ara’s former member Hwayoung’s cousin turned out to be the girlfriend of a baseball player Jin Hae Soo

T-ara’s former member Hwayoung’s cousin has caught the public’s attention because it has been revealed that she is the girlfriend of a professional baseball player Jin Hae Soo from Kia Tigers.


On an online community board on August 1, pictures titled, “Jin Hae Soo’s girlfriend, who is also Hwayoung’s cousin’ have been uploaded.


In one picture, Hwayoung is cheering for Jin Hae Soo by holding his uniform with her cousin. In the other picture, Hwayoung’s cousin is captured with the baseball player Jin Hae Soo.


Hwayoung’s cousin attracted attention with her pretty appearance like Hwayoung.


Netizens commented: “The superior gene did exist

Block B releases "Find My B" teaser for "Play! BBC World Camp"

Block B has released trailer number five for their upcoming event "Play! BBC World Camp." This teaser is titled "Find My B' and joins "Romantic Guys,""Sweet Dessert," "BBC Audition," and "Morning Call" to tell fans about the special activities that they can take part in.

The video opens with a blindfolded member on a mission to identify Jaehyo. Using his sense of feel, he first checks for a similarity in ear shape. As he checks their ears, he comically wipes the dust onto their lips causing laughter from the rest of the line. Then, he feels the muscles of the members, declaring that he found B-Bomb for sure because of his strong body.

Unfortunately, he seems to have picked the wrong person as Jaehyo! After taking off his blindfold, Jaehyo asks, "BBC, you can find me correctly, right?"

"Play! BBC World Camp" will run from August 25th-26th at Bokwang Phoenix Park