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[Video] Added trailer and poster for the upcoming Korean movie “Project 577″

Added trailer and poster for the upcoming Korean movie "Project 577"

"Project 577" (2012)Directed by Yi Keun-WooWith Kong Hyo-jin, Ha Jeong-woo, Kim Seong-gyoon, Lee Seung-ha, Kang Sin-cheol, Cha Hyeon-woo,...SynopsisHa Jeong-woo had to travel the country because of something he said!Kong Hyo-jin was caught up in this together.577kms are traveled in 20 days with 16 other talented actors and actresses.Real variety movie "Project 577" shows Ha Jeong-woo and Kong Hyo-jin traveling 577 km because of something they said.Release date in Korea : 2012/08/30

Girl Idols, The Bully and the Bullied

T-Ara, Soyeon, Bully, Idol Quiz

T-ARA Soyeon

The issue of bullying is being talked about widely in contemporary society and Korean idol groups seem to be no exception. 

On JTBC's "Idol Quiz Show," T-ARA Soyeon drew attention by honestly recounting some of her experiences on the program. She said, "I've been both the bully and the bullied. It's almost like a cycle within the same group." She added that pain that she gave someone else ultimately used to come back to her, and it seemed that she understood the gravity of the issue because she has been on the direct receiving end of things. 

T-ARA Hyomin was a Bully in the Past?

T-ARA, Hyomin, Hwayoung

hyomin bully

Evidence of T-ARA Hyomin's past as a bully raises issues. 

On July 30th a post found on an online forum identified Hyomin as a past bully. The witness revealed that he or she had transferred schools due to Hyomin's bullying. A photo was also posted.

The witness continued to reveal that, due to a miserable incident at school, the student transferred middle schools.

It has not been finalized whether the bullying student was indeed Hyomin, but, the girl in the photo does have a strong resemblance to her. Furthermore, other internet users testified in agreement.

This severs issues even more for the recent T-ARA scandal, where, on the 30th, Core Contents Media representative Kim Kwang Soo announced Hwayoung's withdrawal due to bullying conflicts with the group

T-ARA’s Agency, “Jiyeon’s Attitde is Hwayoung’s Fault Too… She Was Always Rebelling”

T-ARA, Hwayoung, Jiyeon


T-ARA's agency Core Contents Media's Kim Kwang Soo revealed an incident of Jiyeon and Hwayoung along with other stories of Hwayoung. 

According to one representative from the music industry, at a music program in 2010, the manager asked T-ARA members to get ready for stage, but Hwayoung didn't listen, bringing a fight among the members.

According to the representative, Hyomin couldn't take it anymore and said something to Hwayoung, but Hwayoung still did not listen. Jiyeon got up as well to yell at Hwayoung, and the fight inevitably happened. As a result, Jiyeon could not focus on stage.

Core Contents Media said, "On July 27th KBS 2TV 'Music Bank', Hwayoung all of a sudden said she will not be going on stage. After that, on her way home, she threw her crutches on the floor and sat down on the street in front of fans and reporters

T-ARA Boram Breaks Hwayoung’s Umbrella, Bullying Confirmed?

T-ARA, Boram, Hwayoung

boram breaks umbrella

T-ARA's scandal about bullying Hwayoung only gets more heated as evidence is compiled. 

Recently internet users wrote on a forum about a past idol athlete competition where it looked like Boram broke Hwayoung's umbrella. A post on Eunjung stuffing Hwayoung's mouth with rice cakes was also seen, only elevating the possibility of Hwayoung being bullied.

Furthermore, T-ARA's agency announced, "Our head Kim Kwang Soo will return from his Japan business trip on the 30th and give a formal announcement on the topic."

Especially strange is how Boram unfollowed Hwayoung on twitter a year ago and how T-ARA performed on a music program on the 29th without Hwayoung.

Internet users commented, "Did Hwayoung really get bullied?" They also wrote, "What are they going to announce?" and, "I hope it's all a misunderstanding

T-ARA Eunjung’s Shocking Video of Bullying Hwayoung with Rice Cakes

T-ARA, Eunjung, Hwayoung

eunjung rice cakes

A video of T-ARA Eunjung stuffing rice cakes in Hwayoung's mouth has raised much controversy. 

Recently on an online forum a post titled 'Eunjung Rice Cakes,' was seen with a still capture from a video.

In the photo Eunjung is seen forcing Hwayoung to eat rice cakes.

Especially noticeable is the fact that the rice cakes are too much for Hwayoung to bite into. Hwayoung doesn't seem to even want to eat the rice cakes, but, Eunjung keeps forcing it on her. Hwayoung's near-tears expression only adds to the "Hwayoung Bullying" scandal that's going around.

Internet users commented, "Eunjung, that's too much." They also wrote, "Would you like it if i stuffed rice cakes down your mouth?"

A Case for Super Junior’s Continued Relevancy

A couple of weeks ago, Super Junior made an appearance on SNL Korea that was fantastic. Sticking to the typical 19+ rating, the idol group, already creeping into the adult-dol category–that is, if they’re not already there–really went for those topics that idols are seemingly “forbidden” from discussing without some sort of backlash.

I was wary of their appearance on a comedy show. While Super Junior members are no slackers at bringing their A-game to the variety field, they’re still idols. Though they agreed to go with the 19+ concept, I remained skeptical. I mean, come on — though Super Junior has simply thrown their image out the window over the years, one would think they’d still want to keep a shred of that there considering their massive adolescent fanbase

[Video] Trailer released for the upcoming Korean-Japanese movie “AV Idol”

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean-Japanese movie "AV Idol"

"AV Idol" (2012)Directed by Hideo JojoWith Yeo Min-jeong, Yui Tatsumi,..."AV Idol" is a co-production between South Korea and JapanSynopsisBrave and sexy and hot Hallyu idols are coming!Ryoko the AV movie goddess is getting tired of AV movies. She feels somethings wrong when she hears that her next movie is taking place in Seoul, Korea where Hallyu is centralized. She goes through trouble starting from the Incheon Airport with depthless production fees and unexperienced staff. Then she meets idol wannabe Yuna.Ryoko lies to her that she is a popular Japanese idol actress and takes her to the AV movie set. The AV movie director is interested in the new face and casts her right away in a new AV movie

2NE1 Reveals Japanese Short Ver. MV for "I Love You"

2NE1 released their Japanese short version music video for “I Love You.” The song will be their next Japanese single and will be released on September 12.

This week 2NE1′s Korean version of “I Love You” reached #1 on the Soompi Music Charts.

Also recently, 2NE1 cancelled their original plans of releasing a new single every few weeks. For now, they want to concentrate on their world tour, and then will release a new album in October.

The group just kicked off their first “New Evolution” concert this past weekend on July 28 and 29 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. The girls will perform in New Jersy on August 17, Los Angeles on August 24, Osaka on August 31-September 2, Nagoya on September 7-8, Yokohama on September 11-12, and Saitama on September 28-29

T-ARA Hwayoung Even Receives Sympathy from China Fans, What’s T-ARA’s Future as Hallyu Stars?

T-ARA, Hwayoung

chinese fans t-ara

China fans respond to Hwayoung's withdrawal from T-ARA. 

On the 30th on China's, Hwayoung's bullying incident was discussed in full. From Eunjung's tweets to past videos, the situation was picked apart and examined.

With the China media's extensive presentation on the topic, Hallyu fans and even those in China who did not know about T-ARA had a spark in interest. Hwayoung's name has appeared 10th on Chinese twitter "Weibo."

Chinese fans posted, "Poor Hwayoung," and, "I liked Hwayoung the most..." They also wrote, "I don't understand it at all," "The agency's weird," and, "Whenever this agency gets bored they drop people. Stay strong, Hwayoung." On the other hand, some wrote, "Don't say things if you don't know the whole story," and, "I trust the members