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Lee Hana Thinks Rain Sees Her As a Women

Lee Hana, Rain, R2B, Midnight TV Entertainment

Lee Hana showed off his friendship with Rain. 

On SBS "Midnight TV Entertainment" that was aired on July 25th, Lee Hana mentioned about Rain, who she got close to while shooting a movie "R2B- Return to Base."

Previously, Lee Hana grabbed attention when she played around with Rain, putting arms around each other. She said "I thought he opened up his mind and we were friends. He's not a world star. He's just an ordinary friend. However, when I looked to my right there were making of the movie camera."

Lee Hana, who's preparing her own album, joked around saying that "Rain only opposed about me making an album not because he thinks of me as a competition, but because he thinks of me of a girl. It's too much

Actor Oh Min Seok Shows Off His Drumming Skills Infront of His 500 Fans

Oh Min Seok, Japan

Oh Min Seok's entertaiment company J-Wide Company stated that on last 25th, "Oh Min Seok has successfully finished his first fan meeting that was held in Tokyo Nakano at Zero floor infront of 500 fans on last 16th."

Oh Min Seok used his spare time to practice drum and piano as he was shooting the MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama "I do, I do," that ended recently. He said that he appreciates grealtly that the fans came to the fan meeting to see him and that the stage was very emotional, and impressive. He also added on saying that he will work hard to make a better improvement.

On the other hand, Oh Min Seok got the main character part, Kyung Ho, in the movie "Protect Me," directed by Park Eun Hyung who directed the movie "Maumi." Kyung Ho is a innocent character who doesn't let go of his loving emotion towards a girl (Yoon Jin Suh), The movie "Protect Me" is opening in the end of July at box office

B1A4 CNU Doesn’t Want a Guest Star on “Hello Baby,” Why?


shin woo no guest mom

B1A4 CNU rejects the idea of having a guest star mom. 

On the 24th KBS Joy show, "B1A4's Hello Baby" had their production announcement conference.

On this day B1A4 was asked, "In the past seasons we've had 'day moms' feature as guests. Which stars would you want to guest star?" B1A4 replied, "We want our own mothers to star.'" Their honest answers made everyone laugh.

When the MCs persisted, "How about out of the celebrities?" B1A4 replied, "We would want MBLAQ's Seungho to come. He gave us a lot of advice before we aired on 'Hello Baby,'"

CNU added, "I kind of don't want any to come. The kids barely recognize us. I'm worried that if more new faces show up, the kids might be flustered." He revealed a perspective that others hadn't brought up

“Hongdae Goddess” Yozoh Turns into a Chic Tomboy, “She Always Looks Good”


yozoh chic tomboy

Singer Yozoh shows off her unique charisma- boyish, yet, feminine? 

On the 23rd Yozoh tweeted, "Time to Read," with a photo.

In the photo Yozoh is seen in a comfortably big black t-shirt with gray jeans. She's seen deep in her reading as she sits with a book on a sofa.

Recently the trendy tomboy look has been trailed by actress Cho Yoon Hee. Yozoh's look is very similar. The internet users especially grew nostalgic as the photo reminded them of a typical scene in a college club meeting.

Viewers commented, "Yozoh brings her own ambience," and, "From her shoes to her bag, she totally looks like a college student." They also wrote, "After singing the theme song for Cho Yoon Hee's drama, she's starting to dress like her, too!" and, "She looks like she's in her twenties

Joo Ji Hoon Poses for GQ and Harper's Bazaar

Joo Ji Hoon is getting ready to return to acting! Several months after being discharged from the military, the actor is about to work on his first two projects, a film and a drama.

To promote his new sageuk film, “I am the King,” and the drama, “Five Fingers,” Joo recently had a spread for Harper’s Bazaar and GQ Magazine.

Both spreads feature Joo in a relaxed manner. He is donning very casual clothes. The overall look gives off an alluring side of Joo Ji Hoon.

Joo Ji Hoon’s claim to fame was the K-drama, “Goong,” with Yoon Eun Hye in 2006. His last project before going on a hiatus was in 2009 with the film, “The Naked Kitchen.” In the same year, he was arrested for drug use and given a probationary period

“Arang and the Magistrate” Yeon Woo-jin in Hanbok

Actor Yeon Woo-jin revealed his Hanbok fashion.

Yeon Woo-jin showed off his "Cold Chosun Man" image in a Hanbok and a pair of sunglasses.

Yeon posed with a 'V' with a serious expression towards the camera.

New MBC drama "Arang and the Magistrate" stars Yeon Woo-jin as a mysterious character with manly and charismatic appeal named Joo-wal.

Starring Lee Joon-ki, Sin Min-ah, Yeon Woo-jin, Yoo Seung-ho and others, "Arang and the Magistrate" will be broadcasted for the first time on the 15th of August.

Jeong Seok-won shows off high class visual in Haeundae

Actor Jeong Seok-won is quite the high quality actor on the set of new drama "Haeundae Lovers".

A still cut of the actor was revealed on the 26th at the KBS 2TV drama "Haeundae Lovers" set.

Jeong takes on the role of Choi Joon-hyeok, lawyer and vice-president of the Haeundae Hotel. He has everything but he isn't the cold-city guy like the usual but he's actually warm and caring.

Jeong in the picture is wearing blue jeans with a cardigan and has made a point with a pair of sunglasses. He looks comfortable yet, chic.

A spokesperson said, "Choi Joon-hyeok is an attractive character who will relate with women as well as men. He will become a good example as those called, 'the leaders of society'".

Meanwhile, "Haeundae Lovers" stars Jeong Seok-won, Kim Kang-woo, Jo Yeo-jeong, Nam Gyoo-ri and others and will be aired on the 6th of August

Jan-sil and Bae Noo-ri dance away

Bae Noo-ri showed off some fantastic moves.

Hong-ran (Bae Noo-ri) showed some amazing dance moves in the jTBC drama "Beloved".

Despite being confused by Jin-se (Hong Jong-hyeon), Hong-ran (Bae Noo-ri) focused on dance sports. She focused even more to control her mixed up mind.

With various scenes of Hong-ran dancing, Bae's actual skills caught the eye. Her flexibility and rhythm-sense proved her talents.

Bae has been at the center of attention for many things. In the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon" she was very calm about her acting despite being a rookie. Also her glamorous attraction in contrast to her cute face has been another eye-catcher.

Bae's active and acknowledged in various areas besides her acting and body

“May Queen” Kim Yoo-jung and Park Gun-tae on a bicycle date

Kid actors Kim Yoo-jeong and Park Gun-tae went on a date.

New MBC drama "May Queen" revealed a picture of Park Gun-tae and Kim Yoo-jeong on a date on the 27th.

The two created a unique atmosphere sitting together on a bicycle with the open ocean view as the background.

As if implying Hae-joo (Kim Yoo-jeong) and Chang-hee (Je-hee) are something affectionate since they were of young age, Park Gun-tae is slightly bent forward with a shy look while Kim Yoo-jeong seems more mature about it.

Park seems blunt in his character but they look like a picture from a fairytale.

Producer Baek Ho-bin requested a 'slightly affectionate' scene and they responded to it satisfactorily.

Meanwhile, "May Queen" will be aired in August with actress Han Ji-hye and Jae Hee as their grown up roles

Still Photos of Sulli with a Dog from "To the Beautiful You" Revealed

Recently, f(x)‘s Sulli struggled with a new acting partner, a 15kg Samoyed named Sangchoo, on the filming set of SBS “To the Beautiful You.” Sulli plays the role of Goo Jae Hee, a young, lively, and brave teenage girl who disguises herself as a boy to transfer to an all-male physical education school to meet her idol, Kang Tae Joon (played by SHINee‘s Minho).

In this particular scene, Sulli dressed in boys’ uniform is confronted with a large white dog, Shangchoo. At the dog house, there is a somewhat threatening sign that reads, “He won’t bite as long as you don’t come near him!” Sulli falls on her butt when she sees Sangchoo. This adorable and yet threatening confrontation of Sulli and Sangchoo is arousing curiosity among viewers and fans already