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Added new stills for the Korean movie “Deranged”

Added new stills for the Korean movie "Deranged" (2012)Directed by Park Jeong-wooWith Kim Myeong-min, Moon Jeong-hee, Kim Dong-wan, Lee Honey, Eom Ji-seong, Yeom Hyeon-seo,...Previously known as "Yeongasi"SynopsisJae-hyuk is an ordinary man in his 40s. He works as a medical supplies salesman and is hassled by doctors all day. His brother Jae-pil is a detective that is not all that interested in public safety and spends most of his time moaning about the stock market.The discovery of a series of floating, gruesomely skeletal bodies around the country sparks hysteria. The police commissioner is disturbed to see CCTV footage of people jumping into water as if they were possessed, and drowning themselves. Time passes and hundreds of similar cases are reported, leaving officials stumped as to the cause of the deaths

Of Korea’s Driving Culture And Pop

Motoring and pop culture might be two mutually exclusive concepts most of the time (unless we are looking at cars featured in popular movies/songs). However, the dangers or problems that come with motoring always tend to hit at home when we hear news of an artiste being involved in an accident while commuting from one schedule to another, or an artiste being charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

As Seoulbeats is not one to kick someone while they are down, it is not worth speculating on the recent spate of celebrity drink driving events, rather trying to view it from the perspective of the driving culture in South Korea.

According to the WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety, South Korea has a road fatality rate of 12.7 per 100,000 people. While it is not exactly a paragon of safety in light of other OECD members’ results (Sweden for one rates in at 2

[Exclusive] Interview with Jay Park: Roundtable at the MTV World Stage in Malaysia

Soompi got the chance to attend a roundtable interview with Jay Park before his performance at MTV World Stage in Malaysia! We came equipped with a list of questions prepared by our very own Soompiers, as well as some of our own. It was our first time seeing Jay Park in person, although he had been to Singapore a couple of times. Surrounded by an entire security crew, our first (honest) impression of him was, “Well, he looks a little arrogant!” But we found out later that we were so wrong! Generally we’re accustomed to waiting awhile for these very busy celebrities, but the interview with Jay started earlier than scheduled. He was already seated when we were led into the interview room, so to our great dismay, we didn’t have enough time to prepare our video equipment.

Clad comfortably in a white sleeveless hoodie and black jeans, Jay looked very relaxed and was humming a tune as we settled into our seats

Teen Top reveals image teasers for C.A.P and Ricky for upcoming 3rd single

On July 24th, Teen Top began releasing the first set of teaser images in anticipation of their comeback with their 3rd single. Following image teasers featuring Niel and Changjo, Teen Top has revealed the concept photos for members C.A.P and Ricky through their official website on July 25th at 9AM KST.

The photo is captioned with the phrase "would you be ma girl." Just like Niel and Changjo, C.A.P and Ricky are in a brightly lit room. C.A.P is smiling as he rubs his eye as if he just woke up. Ricky is sporting baby blue hair as he lies down, looking straight through the camera.

The remaining image teasers for members Chunji and L.Joe are expected to be released tomorrow.

Check out C.A.P and Ricky's teaser below. What do you think of Teen Top's "innocent" concept?

Source: TeenTop

Added pleanty of images for the upcoming Korean drama “To The Beautiful You”

Added pleanty of images for the upcoming Korean drama "To The Beautiful You" (2012)Directed by Jeon Ki-sangWritten by Lee Young-cheolNetwork : SBSWith Choi Seol-ri, Minho, Lee Hyun-woo, Kim Ji-won-I, Kang Ha-neul, Hwang Kwang-hee,...16 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55SynopsisA upcoming Korean version of the drama that was created in Japan and China. A comical and youthful drama based in a boys high school.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012/08/15


Korean movies opening today 2012/07/25 in Korea

Korean movies opening today 2012/07/25 in Korea "The Thieves" and animation "PADAK"

"The Thieves" (2012)Directed by Choi Dong-hoonWith Kim Yoon-seok, Kim Hye-soo, Lee Jeong-jae, Jeon Ji-hyeon, Simon Yam, Kim Hae-sook,...Also known as "The Professionals"SynopsisIn order to let things cool down from their latest heist, Popeye and his group of thieves go to Macao on a job. But the mastermind behind this job is none other than Popeye's old partner Macao Park, who escaped with 68kg of gold several years ago on their last job together. Macao Park brought Chinese thieves as well but little did they know what Macao Park planned for each one of them. But his plan takes an unexpected turn when Popeye brings Pepsi, an old flame of Macao Park, to settle the old score

PSY Reveals Making of Video for "Gangnam Style"

After releasing his sixth album “PSY6甲” and his amazingly fun music video for “Gangnam Style” last week,  PSY has now released the making of video.

Starting out with him dancing as he crosses a busy street, we get to see behind the scenes footage from many of the different locations seen in the music video. Instead of having an elaborate pre-made set to dance on, he shot scenes on a merry-go-round, tennis court, playground, riverside (yoga), boat, spa, horse stables. Celebrity cameo scenes include Yoo Jaesuk in a parking garage, Noh Hongchul in an elevator and Hyuna in a subway station.

Throughout the whole video, everyone seems to be having a lot of fun with the dance and concept. Whenever they went to review the newly shot footage, everyone just bursts out laughing

BEAST releases choreography practice video for "Not Me"

After releasing "Midnight" ahead of their official album release, BEAST released their fifth mini album, "Midnight Sun," on July 22nd. BEAST released the music video for "Beautiful Night" on July 22nd as well. They released a music video making video for "Beautiful Night" on July 24th.

On July 25th, Prepix Haw released a choreography practice video for BEAST's title track, "Beautiful Night." The following day, Haw revealed the choreography practice video for another track off of their "Midnight Sun" mini album, "Not Me."

The video shows the members of BEAST in one of Cube Entertainment's practice rooms practicing the choreography for "Not Me." The track "Not Me" was choreographed by Prepix Haw as well.

Check out Yoseob's solo dance at the end of the video!

Are you excited for BEAST to perform their comeback stages this week? Be sure to support BEAST by purchasing their mini album "Midnight Sun" from Korean music sites!

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Vampire Prosecutor 2 begins filming

Huzzah! Woo, is it hot in here? *Fans self* This may be the first K-drama sequel I’m this excited about (or excited at all), but who could resist the sexy, stylish, cleverly scripted, and skillfully shot paranormal-procedural Vampire Prosecutor? Season 2 has been buzzed about almost as soon as Season 1 wrapped (or, in fact, before that), and now it is almost upon us. (This fall!) And now we’ll have to make do until then with the one tantalizing, all-too-short preview clip below

Nam Goong-min to narrate pro-environment program

Actor Nam Goong-min has jump on board a worthy cause by narrating a pro-environmental change program on SBS radio. The "Green Hope" project will see Namgoong take part as the voice of the project for one month starting July 30.

"The program is geared toward bringing about green changes and to increase awareness on environmental issues", said a spokesperson for Namgoong. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actor is said to be stoked about championing an honorable cause."By taking part in the program, I've come to know a lot more about the issues", said Namgoong. "I hope to do my part in increasing awareness among the listeners, too".

By Carla Sunwoo