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A Nostalgic Summer Night?s Dream with Brown Eyed Girls

Summer has come, and with it the time for summer-themed MVs. If some weeks ago it was Sistar with “Loving U” that brought us an aegyo-filled MV full of summer scenes, now it’s time for Brown Eyed Girls. With a very different approach, “One Summer Night’s Dream” feels like the end of the summer: bittersweet and nostalgic.

Shot between Japan and Seoul, “One Summer Night’s Dream” features Narsha as she flips through the pages of her past diary remembering a summer love in Japan when she was younger. The scenes with Narsha were shot in a coffee shop in Seoul while the love story happens fully in Japan. The story is very drama-like: a young girl hurts her foot and randomly stops a guy in a bicycle to carry her — I would say it’s a quite silly storyline if it wasn’t like fouling my own nest — and then love flourishes until the girl has to leave

CHI CHI performs “Love is Energy” and “Longer” on ‘Park Myung Soo’s Moving TV’

CHI CHI has recently guest-featured on PalmTV‘s internet program ‘Park Myung Soo’s Moving TV’!

During this episode, the CHI CHI members revealed their good-natured personalities, as they joked around with the program’s host Park Myung Soo. Although at one point, Park Myung Soo accidentally called the group ‘A-zi’, an individual member’s name rather than the group’s, the girls laughed it off and simply corrected him. Furthermore, member A-zi even volunteered to offer the closing statement at the end of the show, enthusiastically taking Park Myung Soo’s usual place.

After having a friendly chat with the host, the CHI CHI members then performed their 2011 song “Longer”, a first for new member Shine, as well as their currently promoted single, “Love is Energy”