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SISTAR’s Dasom reveals her true weight to be 44kg


SISTAR‘s Dasom revealed her true weight.

Dasom recently informed SportsChosun, “My current weight is 97 pounds (44kg).”

I was 103 pounds (47kg) when we were promoting “Alone“, but I recently lost some weight,” she explained. “I wasn’t trying to lose weight intentionally.”

Dasom explained that before SISTAR began their promotions for “Alone”, she exercised regularly on top of maintaining a diet which consisted of low-calorie & energy boosting foods, such as hardboiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and bananas.

At her tall height of 5’6″, her slim weight is causing some fans to be concerned

IU transforms into a makeup artist

Although IU (Lee Ji Eun) is good at singing, it seems as though she can also take on the role of a makeup artist.

On July 16th, lyricist Kim Eana, who pretends to be her cat “Bongsam” on Twitter, shared the two photos above and wrote, “Makeup artist Lee Ji Eun (20, singer) is currently applying makeup on director Hwang Soo Ah.”

Fans were able to see a new side of IU as the singer is seen indulged in applying makeup on director Hwang Soo Ah, who’s known for directing the music videos of “A Day’s End“, “Good Day“, and more.

Fans commented, “IU’s good at makeup, too“, “Director Hwang Soo Ah is lucky“, “She’s so talented“, “She looks like a professional makeup artist“, “Thank you Bongsam for the photos!” and more

f(x) members reveal that they quickly grew close by farting


The members of f(x) revealed how they got comfortable with one another very quickly.

f(x) members Luna, Amber, and Krystal guest-featured on the July 16th broadcast of SBS Power FM 107.7 MHzPark So Hyun’s Love Game‘.

When DJ Park So Hyun asked when they first got comfortable enough to pass gas in front of one another, Luna remarked, “Our choreography instructor passes gas and burps extremely openly and comfortably, and we got used to that kind of atmosphere. It felt natural as we were growing closer to one another. We grew closer quicker, thanks to gas!”

Park So Hyun then hilariously asked who was the first to cut the cheese, the girls responded, “No one was really first, we just all started doing it,” causing the entire studio to erupt into laughter

Solbi had depression; found solace in books


Singer Solbi appeared on a KBS talk show on July 16 and confessed that for the last two years she had been battling depression while flying under the radar.

The 27-year-old star said that the she had been seeking professional mental help to recover from various scandals and internet bullying."Because I was having such a hard time coping with all the negative comments left by netizens, someone recommended to me a psychiatrist. I went, and while getting treatment for depression, fell in love with reading", said Solbi.

The entertainer confessed that she never used to read as a hobby, but it all changed when her therapist told her to go to a bookstore for homework."I went along just because I had to, but while I was there I became interested in reading"

So Ji-sub flavors to hit town

So Ji-sub

To mark the one year anniversary of his café franchise, A Twosome Place, actor So Ji-sub developed and released two non-coffee beverages to be sold during summer at his 51K store in Apgujeong, southern Seoul.

Following the success of the drinks, CJ Foodville Corporation announced yesterday that the two drinks: Green Tea Lemonade and Citron Gingerade, will be sold across some 250 of Twosome outlets nation wide. "Both the drinks were So Ji-sub's idea; he just wanted to come up with new offerings to show thanks to the patrons", said CJ Foodville.The 34-year-old entertainer, who is currently starring in the TV drama "Ghost - Drama", stumbled upon the idea of green tea lemonade while traveling abroad."He worked on The Recipe development from spring and took part in all stages of taste testing to get it right"

Netizens compare girl group graduation pictures

A collection of girl group pictures, titled, “The high school graduation pictures of girl idols“, has become a hot topic online.

The collection, shown above, compares the members of various girl groups, normally praised for their “goddess”-like looks, to the looks they sported during their high school, predebut days. A variety of members were included in the list, from top tier, senior groups such as Wonder Girls, 2NE1, T-ara, f(x), SISTAR, After School, and SECRET, to groups still getting there, such as Dal Shabet, Hello Venus, EXID, and A Pink.

Despite the fact that many of these graduation pictures have already been previously revealed, netizens were intrigued upon seeing them all together, commenting, “It looks like there are [some] ordinary-looking performers,” “[Even after seeing their predebut pictures, I think that] there are still a lot of pretty people [who became idols],” “Suzy, Sulli, and Jiyeon are pretty,” “Sulli is the real deal,” and, “I wonder who has become the prettiest [since  their predebut days]

“Summer Wave Festival” at Caribbean Bay Enjoyed by 10,000 Music Fans Along with Top Stars

Summer Wave Festival

“Summer Wave Festival” at Caribbean Bay Enjoyed by 10,000 Music Fans Along with Top Stars

The second annual "Summer Wave Festival" concluded with a great success.

Over 10,000 music lovers gathered at the Caribbean Bay outdoor waterpark for two days on July 14 and 15 and enjoyed the spectacular performances by leading pop musicians.

Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae opened the show kicking off the festival with hits, "Do You Know Hip Hop?", "Good Life," "I Want You." Continued by world's leading hip hop star Ludacris with his energetic stage presence as he captivated fans with performances of "One More Drink," "How Love," and "My Chic Bad."

Japan hip-hop group M-FLO graced the stage performing their hits and songs included in their new album. Fans went into frenzy as M-FLO performance included a surprise appearance from Big Bang's member Taeyang

Kim Ah-joong’s thesis featured in academic journal

Kim Ah-joong

Kim Ah-joong's thesis has been published in a Korean scholarly journal published by Economy Culture Institute.The academic work titled "The influence of emotional and human desires on emotional strength and satisfaction: A study on the audience of thriller movies" written by the movie star has been published in the April edition of the economy journal.Kim used her Twitter on July 15 to say thanks to her professor at Korea University for the inclusion of the thesis."It was so hard getting back to filming after a year off, but it seems I've been rewarded with an unexpected present. Thank you Prof. Kim Sung-chul", Kim said.Kim undertook her master's in journalism last year at Korea University, and as part of her studies, co-wrote the thesis with the academic

Big Bang’s G-Dragon opens Twitter account

Big Bang leader G-Dragon has officially opened a Twitter account!

His account was verified through tweets by fellow Big Bang member Taeyang and also producer Choice37:

My man GD right here! @IBGDRGN

— TEYDADDY (@Realtaeyang) July 16, 2012

Follow G-Dragon @IBGDRGN

— Choice37 (@Choice37) July 16, 2012

G-Dragon’s first two tweets:

@Choice37 yo now i’m doin this.OMG

— G-DRAGON (@IBGDRGN) July 16, 2012

@Realtaeyang Man what you doin?I’m finished now.

— G-DRAGON (@IBGDRGN) July 16, 2012

You can follow G-Dragon at @ibgdrgn

Eat Your Kimchi Reviews 2NE1's "I Love You" Music Video

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed 2NE1′s “I Love You” music video.

They loved the song. It has the vibe of a serious ballad, but also has a rockingly awesome great beat. One complaint they did have with the video is the song’s synchronization did not match the lip movements very well in the music video.

Watch their full review!

Check out the music video if you haven’t done so already.

 Be sure to check out their site at for more reviews and their awesome adventures in Korea.