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‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Jung Yong Hwa, Special Appearance

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Jung Yong Hwa came out as a special guest in 'A Gentleman's Dignity' as Kim Ha Neul's student.

In SBS drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity' episode 13 aired on the 7th, Jung Yong Hwa came out as Kim Ha Neul's student, bringing insult to Jang Dong Gun.

Su Ee Soo (Kim Ha Neul), while on a date with Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun), immediately turned happy when she saw Jung Yong Hwa. Su Ee Soo then said, "Should I go seduce him? He's good-looking, good at singing... There's nothing he's bad at. I think I'm good enough for him", waving her hands at Jung Yong Hwa and inducing jealousy from Kim Do Jin.

Jung Yong Hwa then approached Su Ee Soo while smiling brightly. It turned out that Su Ee Soo was Jung Yong Hwa's middle school teacher

2PM Wooyoung, “I Think Infinite Is Really Talented, It Motivates Me”

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Group 2PM and now a solo singer Wooyoung complimented his junior idol group Infinite.

In a recent interview with TV Report, Wooyoung said, "I've been noticing lately how good Infinite is. They were different the moment I first saw them."

He continued, "I've talked with 2PM members about this too, but we felt like they will for some reason keep improving and getting bigger. The performances that Infinite has been showing was never shown before by any other groups, and they show dances that fit them well, instead of just forcing themselves to look like strong men."

He also added, "I have a dream of becoming a producer, and I want to one day make a group like Infinite", not holding back his compliments for Infinite

KARA's Han Seungyeon hospitalized for acute anemia

KARA's Han Seungyeon has recently been hospitalized after showing symptoms of acute anemia and has cancelled activities.

DSP Media revealed on July 9th that Seungyeon had been suffering from headaches and dizziness, and was therefore has been hospitalized since the 7th in a hospital in southern Seoul.

KARA had an event in Singapore on the 8th, to which Seungyeon was absent from. Because of her severe symptoms, her agency explained, Seungyeon was hospitalized and her activities were cancelled.

She had been scheduled to join the remaining members of KARA for the "KJ5" perfume event in Singapore. But due to her hospitalization, only the four members (Gyuri, Hara, Nicole and Jiyoung) attended.

Speaking through the agency, Seungyeon said, "I'm really sorry that I couldn't keep my meetings with fans overseas

NU’EST holds successful ‘movie event’ for fans living outside of Seoul

NU’EST, who’s being noticed as one of 2012′s best rookie groups, recently concluded a successful ‘movie event’ with fans living outside of Seoul on July 7th.

Receiving much attention for their hot debut album ‘FACE‘ and their unique marketing strategies, the group held an event entitled ‘Movie Date with NU’EST‘ prior to their comeback. Making stops in Busan, Kangwon-do, and Gangneung, the boys greeted fans living in the suburbs and raised their anticipation for their upcoming mini-album.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “In order to make memories with the fans living outside of Seoul before indulging in their comeback activities, the members decided to hold this event. Through this project, the boys shook hands with fans, introduced the tracks on the upcoming album, and even performed the tracks live in order to return the love and support fans have given

Is Amber Going to Withdraw from f(x)?

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At the recording session of MBC "Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee's Come to Play", leader Victoria recalled the situation regarding Amber's "withdrawal" from the group to leave to the States. 

The group was promoting their song "Nu ABO", when Amber injured her ankle. She left to the States to recover, where her family was located. However, the group did not realize that there were a lot of speculation going around that Amber was withdrawing from the group, and clarified the situation that Amber was just recovering in the States.

After Amber returned to Korea, she was determined to "show a much more improved side of herself" and will continue to practice harder. 

Victoria's feelings about rumors of Amber's leave will be broadcasted on MBC's 'Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee's Come to Play' on the 9th at 11:15pm

T-ARA Shows off Flawless Teamwork in Comeback as a 8 Member Girl Group

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T-ARA successfully finished a series of comeback stages as a new and improved 8 member girl group.

On July 8th's episode of SBS Inkigayo, they started off their comeback stage with their new song "Day By Day" and their ballad "Don't Leave". They showed a more mature stage presence, accompanied by addictive melody and rhythm and dressed in unified black outfits for "Day By Day". 

The newest member, Ahreum, didn't seem out of place, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the members and announced a new stage in T-ARA's career. The 9th member Dani was shown in the music video for "Day by Day" but will not be performing with the group until she gets in more practice time. 

"Day by Day" is a song written by famous songwriters Cho Young Su, Kim Tae Hyun and Ahn Young Min

Big Bang Hosts “Never Stop Dreaming” Talk Concert

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Big Bang hosted the "Never Stop Dreaming" Talk Concert, held at the ECC Samsung Hall at Ewha Women's University on July 6th. "Never Stop Dreaming" is part of a social philanthropy campaign led by Northface, the global outdoor clothing and lifestyle brand and it is held to raise awareness for youth and their hopes and dreams.

On the official Northface "Never Stop Dreaming" website, they held an event "My dream UCC/written text" contest, and the 500 lucky few were able to attend the concert and interact in a more intimate setting with Big Bang.

A Northface official statement said that the philanthropy campaign raises money for scholarships, mentoring programs and experiences to foster a more caring environment for youth in order to help them achieve their dreams

B.A.P Holds Press Conference in Malaysia

On the July 4, B.A.P held a press conference in Doubletree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel, two days before their first Malaysia Showcase at 2.30 p.m. The MC for the day was Kyan from One fm.

B.A.P arrived early in the morning and looked well rested before the press conference started. They were surprised to see Malaysian fans waiting for them in the airport at that time.  Shortly after the arrival announcement to the hall by the MC, B.A.P introduced themselves to the media.

Dressed in black and white suit, each member look excited to meet the media. A photo session was held about 10 minutes followed by a Q&A session. The MC asked most of the questions and a few question from the media were picked.

Q: What is your feeling to be here again since Bang Yong Guk and Zelo have been here before?

Yong Guk: I am really happy to come here, as I promised before with B

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Shows Off His Acting on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

MBLAQ, Lee Joon, Invincible Youth 2

MBLAQ's Lee Joon Shows Off His Acting on 'Invincible Youth 2'

MBLAQ member Lee Joon showed off his acting skills in tears.

The July 7 episode of KBS' "Invincible Youth 2," MBLAQ's Lee Joon appeared as a guest with 2AM's Jo Kwon and ZE:A's Kwang Hee. 

Lee Joon teamed up with KARA's Kang Jiyoung and SISTAR's Bora to make dumplings. He was seen observing Kang Jiyoung and Bora who were preparing what goes inside the dumpling. 

Kim Shin Young suddenly appeared with a suggestion on a sketchbook, asking him to act out a scene, to "be in tears while putting the noddle in hot water." He was able to shed tears, fully immersed into the situation. He was able to cry instantly, receiving both awe and laughter from the cast and crew. 

Photo Credit: KBS

[Exclusive] Insider's look at Mnet's “Wide Entertainment News” with SISTAR

Do you plan to visit Seoul this summer and to attend as many TV shows as possible? Then don’t hesitate to show up at the CJ E&M Center! Mnet broadcasts its weekly “Wide Entertainment News” every Thursday at 5PM and it’s very easy for fans to attend it.

Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” is a 45 minute talk show filmed on a TV set surrounded by large windows. As the team is getting ready, fans can watch the different steps of preparation and take photos. The two MCs Hong Jong Hyun and Lee Sol Ji are getting pretty famous and often smile at fans while repeating their text.

On July 5th, the lovely ladies of SISTAR were the guest on Mnet‘s “Wide Entertainment News” to promote their latest title track “Loving U” and to have a brief interview