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JYJ's Kim Junsu Takes a Photo While Wearing a Shower Gown

JYJ’s Kim Junsu revealed a photo of himself in a shower gown. On July 6, he wrote on his twitter, “After coming into the hotel, one shot before washing up. Good night.” Along with the tweet, he attached a picture.

In the photo, Kim Junsu is looking at the camera while just wearing a shower gown in the bathroom. With his red hair and smoky makeup, he appeared to look more like a tough man. The black earring also helped.

Netizens who saw the picture said, “Oh my,” “Red hair looks good on him,” and “Is it okay for a man to be this sexy?”

Meanwhile, JYJ recently finished their “2012 JYJ Membership Week,” which started on June 28 and ended on July 1. It is an event held for JYJ fans all around the world. Also, it is a place for fan service to the members who have a JYJ membership

Escape the city and spend the summer at sea

Finding a way to cool off on a hot, humid day in Korea can be tough. Swimming pools and water parks are an option, but the traffic, crowds and overall unpleasant atmosphere are discouraging, to say the least. But why stand in a line for 30 seconds of splashes when you can escape to a natural remedy? Yachting, kayaking and rafting are just three ways to go off the beaten path and enjoy your summer without bumping shoulders.I'm on a boat Sunbathing in white linens on a luxurious yacht with a pina colada in-hand and Brad Pitt wearing the captain's hat - not a bad way to spend a summer afternoon. You don't need to be a millionaire or sailing in the Caribbean to make this fantasy come true (excluding Brad, perhaps). A number of harbor cities around the country offer different types of yacht tours including Jeju Island; Haeundae in Busan; Jeongok Harbor in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi; and Chungmu Marina in Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang

Son Dam Bi’s Mentality is Demolished By the Hot Weather in Thailand

Son Dam Bi, twitter

Singer and actress Son Dam Bi experienced a ridiculously hot weather.

On July 6, she posted on her Twitter, "I'm at Koh Samui. Here is a photo," along with a self-camera. In the photo is Son Dam Bi dressed down-to-earth with a pair of sunglasses.

Soon, she posted another photo titled, "My mentality is demolished by the hot weather." Her blue eye-shadow is impressionable in the photo. Despite the hot weather, Son Dam Bi still appears beautiful.

Those who saw the photos commented "It's hot in Korea also," "Even with demolished mentality she's beautiful," and "Now that Light and Shadow is finished, please come back with an album."

Photo Credit: Son Dam Bi's Twitter

Swiss festival invites Youn-sun Nah

Youn-sun Nah

Jazz vocalist Youn-sun Nah will perform at the renowned Verbier Festival on July 22 in Switzerland.Her agency said she was invited to take part due to her prominence on the European music scene."Youn-sun Nah has proved herself as a jazz musician in Europe through her various works and awards", said Herb Music.The 44-year-old Korean singer has made her mark in Europe of late with her seventh album "Same Girl". The album produced by German jazz label ACT won the Golden Disc Awards in France last year. Despite the fact that the album was released some 80 weeks ago, it is still in the top 20 on French charts.In Germany last year, Nah was awarded Jazz Artist of the Year at the Echo Awards. In the Netherlands, she won best vocalist at the 2011 Edison Awards.Having been born to a conductor father and a musical actress mother, Nah made her debut at age 23 through a collaborative concert with the Korean Symphony Orchestra

Wonder Girls moved to tears by Wonderfuls during their concert

The Wonder Girls successfully kicked off their second solo concert, ‘Wonder World Tour in Seoul 2012‘, in front of 5,000 fans. The concert took place on July 7th, 7PM KST at the Jamsil Indoor Gymasium and marks the girls’ first solo concert in three years.

On this concert, the Wonder Girls performed their hit songs including ‘Like This‘, ‘Be My Baby‘, ‘Tell Me‘, and ‘Nobody‘. The Wonder Girls also performed remixes of ‘This Fool‘, ‘2 Different Tears‘, and ‘So Hot‘, which brought a fresh new sound to these beloved songs. DJ Koo also made a special appearance to help Wonder Girls rock out to ‘G

Wonder Girls Sheds Tear of Joy at First Solo Concert in 3 Years

Wonder Girls, JYP Entertainment, Wonder World Tour, Yeeun, Yubin, Sunye, Hyerim, Sohee

Wonder Girls shed tears of joy on the stage of their first solo concert in 3 years.

“Wonder World Tour in Seoul 2012” took place on July 7 at Seoul's Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium and the group expressed their gratitude towards the fans.

"We are only able to stand on this stage because of you," said the group to the 6,000 fans, "Thank you for always supporting us despite our shortcomings. This is our greatest gift."

JJ Project, a group from JYP Entertainment, opened the concert and Wonder Girls followed it, with their starting number, “Like This.” Their outfits matched their unique personalities and they gave a very impassioned performance. They performed hits like, “Nu Shoes,” “Sweet Dreams,” “The DJ is Mine,” “Girls Girls,” “This Fool” and their hit “Be My Baby,” which was rewritten into a jazzy tune

Comedian Shin Bora and Wonder Girls Sun Ye are Best Friends

On the most recent episode of KBS “Happy Together 3,” comedian Shin Bora was asked if she had any personal and/or professional relationships that people might find unexpected. She answered that she is good friends with Wonder GirlsSun Ye. Shin Bora explained that Sun Ye was the first one to initiate a friendship.

She said, “Sun Ye contacted me first. We became friends so quickly. We get together to grab a bite or to go watch shows and performances together. Because we spend so much time together, people often tell us that we kind of look like each other now.” Upon Shin Bora’s comment, all the cast members of “Happy Together 3″ agreed that Sun Ye and she do look similar as if they were sisters.

Also on this episode of KBS “Happy Together 3,” Shin Bora and other guests presented their secret recipes through the show’s new segment, “Night Food Stand

Dal Shabet Member Subin Plays Around With Stand-Up Cutout of Won Bin

Dal Shabet, Subin, twitter

Dal Shabet Member Subin Plays Around With Stand-Up Cutout of Won Bin

Girl group Dal Shabet member Subin revealed a silly photo.

On July 5, Subin posted on her Twitter "Won Bin came to cheer me on for today's schedule. Won Bin, thank you for showing me support because I also have 'Bin' in my name. I'll always cheer for you," along with a photo.

In the revealed photo Subin is seen with her hands on the cutout of Won Bin's chest. Subin is wrapping her arms around his shoulders and making various silly poses standing next to the life-size poster of Won Bin.

Those who saw the photos commented, "Subin must really like him", "I want to see Dal Shabet", and "The two look good together."

Photo Credit: Subin's Twitter

2012 Summer Yoon Dong-ju Literature Festival

Join us at the Korean Cultural Center for the 2012 Summer Yoon Dong-ju Literature Festival, a celebration of contemporary Korean lyric poetry, including English and Korean readings of works of Yun Dong-ju, Koreas famed resistance movement poet and a reading and presentation by published poet Yong-taek Kim, whose works have appeared in Korean literature textbooks. One of Koreas most celebrated poets of the modern era, Yun Dong-ju (1917-1945) inspired Koreans during the period of Japanese rule and again surged in popularity in the post-war decades, especially among Korean youth. Yuns sensuous writing, which celebrates nature and the realization of individual potential in a style reminiscent of Walt Whitman, has made him one of Koreas most beloved poets today. In a similar vein, poet Yong-taek Kims writing captures the beauty of traditional Korean village life, social values, and harmony between nature, the individual, and society

2PM Junho’s Lovable Self-Camera Melts the Hearts of Female Fans “Hearts For You”

2PM, Junho, twitter

2PM Junho's Lovable Self-Camera

2PM member Junho revealed a self-taken photo.

On July 5, Junho posted on his Twitter "Heart Blow Blow", along with a single photo.

In the revealed photo Junho is wearing a bright yellow sweatshirt and heart-shaped oversized sunglasses. Because of the hearts on the sunglasses, Junho appears as if there are hearts coming out of his eyes.

The "Heart Blow Blow" reveals the love he has for his fans.

Fans who saw the photo commented "Please update often," and "Junho's cuteness melts my heart."

Photo Credit: Junho's Twitter