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[NEWS] Bobby Kim to drop six tracks ahead of album release

Despite the fact that he’ll launch his special edition album “Old & New” in mid-July, Bobby Kim will release six tracks on June 15 as a preview.

The tracks selected for early release are all remakes of existing songs such as “Meeting in Memory” by Cho Yong-pil and “Reminiscence” by Sanwoolim among others.

The new album has been recorded and produced in the United States and fans are expecting big things from the album. Kim left for the United States in late April to work on his new album.

Early last month, Kim used his Twitter account to gush about his upcoming album. On May 9, Kim alerted fans that he was working on jacket design of his “Special album” as well as working on a music video in the United States.

He also let fans in on a little secret — namely, that he was not so tech-savvy

Bobby Kim releases MV for ‘Old & New’ album title track

Bobby Kim‘s special remake album, ‘Old & New‘, has been released in stores.

The title track, “[Love is Awful]“, was written by singer and composer Park Sun Joo. The ballad’s lyrics express the feelings behind the moment a romantic relationship ends.

‘Old & New’ features five new songs including, “Love of My Life“, “Maria“, “Thank You“, and “My Love” as well as the much-loved OST tracks “Only You“ from MBC‘s ‘Friend‘ and “As If a Year Was a Day“ from SBS‘ ‘War of Money

2PM Wooyoung Receives Gift From Fans For Solo Album

2pm, wooyoung, 23 male single, JYP

2PM Wooyoung Receives Gift From Fans For Solo Album

2PM Wooyoung received a huge gift from his fans to support his solo album. He received a huge bus with his poster on the front and a big screen ad of his album.

11 of his fan communities worked together to help advertise Wooyoung's solo album, 23, Male, Single.

On July 5, the fans rode the bus starting from Seoul at 11 AM to 8 PM to advertise his album. Also on July 5, his big screen ad was displayed in Seoul and in Busan over 100 times.

Wooyoung commented, "I am so thankful. I worked on this album all for my fans. Only for my fans. I will work hard for this album's activities."

JYP Entertainment confirmed Wooyoung's solo album release on July 8 and starting on July 4, had huge posters set up around bus stations and subways to advertise as well

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) ‘Goddess Figures+Sold Out Idols’

girls generation, sooyoung, yuri, jessica, seohyun, snsd

Girls' Generation (SNSD) 'Goddess Figures+Sold Out Album Idols'

Girl group Girls' Generation revealed their paparazzi-style photo shoot.

Girls' Generation members Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung and Seohyun showed their natural style photoshoot for @star1.

This photo shoot was released online and received much attention from internet users. After the release of this shoot, the @star1 magazine was sold out.

Also, the clothes and accessories that were seen in the shoot were also gaining much attention and have been selling out.

An official stated, "The bag that Sooyoung is holding in the shoot is the most popular bag in stores right now." Their newly launched perfume is also selling out.

It is known that any outfit they wear to the airport gets sold out

Bye Bye Sunny!! – Sunny To Leave SNSD’s….~

OMG You didnt read the title wrong!!! We all have to say bye bye to Sunny as she is going to leave SNSD Hyoyeon by herself on ‘Invincible Youth Season 2′.

Bwhahahahha you all fell into my trap again! Im too evil right? ….. srsly no kill meh blez…

But really, we do all have to say bye bye to Sunny as she is going to leave the IY2 family.

KBS’ ‘Invincible Youth Season 2‘ continues to make some changes to its cast member and I’m not sure what this new change could bring.

It has been revealed that Sunny will be leaving the show and her final episode will be aired tomorrow while Hyoyeon will still remain on the show.

An official from SMEntertainment revealed that it was planned when Sunny became part of ‘Invincible Youth Season 2

ZE:A’s Lim Siwan reveals his “white hair goddess” image

ZE:A’s Lim Siwan attracts attention with his white hair.

Recently, a picture titled “ZE:A’s Lim Siwan reveals his white hair” was posted on an online community board.

The star poses in a mysterious atmosphere, showing off his long, white hair. Netizens cannot help but awe at the sight of his goddess image.

According to the one who posted the picture, the image could not be used or revealed because it did not go with the concept. Netizens who saw the posting commented: “It looks good to me. Why not just use it?” “Siwan had such an attractive side?” “He looks mysterious and sexy.” “What kind of concept did they have?”

On July 4, ZE:A released its second official album Spectacular.

Source: TV Report

Big Star releases additional teaser photo for ‘Big Start’

Brave Entertainment‘s new idol group Big Star has revealed an additional teaser photo.

As reported earlier, the group will be dropping their debut single, ‘Big Start‘, on July 12th with “Hot Boy” as their title track. Profiles of each of the members have also been released.

Netizens commented on the new teaser photo, FeelDog looks really comfortable,” “They look so innocent,” “So much personality,” and “I’m curious about the other cuts!” They were especially interested in the fact that members FeelDog and Baram were previously under JYP Entertainment.

“Hot Boy” will be released on July 12th

SeoSeo’s Picture From ‘The Face Shop’ Signing Event~

A recent signing event for ‘TheFaceShop‘ was held and our b-e-a-u-tiful mascot was there to attend. With a pure and natural look, Seohyun holds a picture of herself with a signature.

Source: TheFaceShop

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miss A’s Suzy and Min Miss L.A.

miss A’s Suzy and Min shared a sexy photo stressing their beautiful leg lines. On July 7, Min posted on her me2day, “When was this, already. LA 2011.” Suzy, in response, wrote, “Daebak. I miss LA.”

In the photo, Min and Suzy are wrapped around each other, with Min slightly lifting her legs for a somewhat sexy posture. Contrary to their innocent, girl-next-door image, Suzy and Min look hot and sexy, especially with their revealing legs.

Netizens commented, “Wow, never knew Min had such long legs,” “They look like Valley girls,” and “Is that K-Town in LA? I miss there too!”

miss A is currently busy recording their new album, while Suzy is starring in KBS drama “Big,” alongside Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung

‘S.M Art Exhibition’ with World Famous Figure Artist Michael Lou

sm entertainment, sm

SM Art Exhibition 'S.M Art Exhibition' With World Famous Figure Artist Michael Lou

SM Entertainment's gallery, 'S.M ART EXHIBITION' will showcase digital technology and art.

On August 10-19, 'S.M ART EXHIBITION' will be held at the CoEx Center in Seoul. The exhibition will have digital technology as well as collaborated contents from S.M and other global companies. This is the world's first interactive entertainment gallery. World famous artists and national famous producers will be able to showcase their art.

In particular, internationally famous figure artist Michael Lau's works caught much attention. He used TVXQ and SHINee as motives to create his work. Lau's works have always created the characters with such wit and humor that he has collaborated with many other famous companies