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[Video] Added music video for the upcoming Korean movie “Two Moons”

Added music video for the upcoming Korean movie "Two Moons"

Music video 'Crazy Night' by ALi

"Two Moons" (2012)Directed by Kim Dong-binWith Park Han-byeol, Kim Ji-seok-I, Park Jin-joo, Ra Mi-ran, Park Won-sang,...SynopsisA story about three people who meet one endless night without knowing why in an isolated house in the middle of the forest.Release date in Korea : 2012/07/12

Teaser for ‘K-pop Star Season 2′ shows us how the final four of season 1 have changed

Screen captures of the top four finishers of ‘K-pop Star‘, Lee Seung Hoon, Baek Ah Yeon, Park Ji Min, and Lee Ha Yi have been gaining attention with the new season of ‘K-Pop Star’ rolling around later this year.

These screen caps are from the video teaser for SBS’sK-pop Star Season 2‘, in which the four finalists from the first season were shown practicing at their respective agencies of YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, while showing off their new looks. Seeing these four contestants on their road to achieving their dreams will no doubt inspire many to audition for the next season of the popular audition show.

Viewers were especially drawn to Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi as they have slimmed down even more and have become even more beautiful as they get ready to make their debuts under their respective agencies

After School Reveals Dance Practice Video for "Flashback"

After releasing their music video for “Flashback“ ten days ago and making their comeback performances on the various music shows, After School has now released their dance practice video for the song.

The dance is quite interesting for its unique moves. Instead of having the choreography being completely synchronized throughout the song, it focuses on the different movements of each member or group of members. Another fan favorite is the “model posing line” they do at 2:37 into the practice video.

This weekend After School start their second week of promotions for their comeback single. The title track “Flashback” contains powerful electronic sounds with a catchy hook. The lyrics tell a story of getting “flashbacks” of when one used to be in love.

Check out their recent live performance of “Rip Off” and “Flashback” from Inkigayo

[Video] Added new images and video for the Korean movie “The King of XXX-Kissing”

Added new images and video for the Korean movie "The King of XXX-Kissing"


"The King of XXX-Kissing" (2012)Directed by Jeong Seung-kooWith Song Sae-byeok, Seong Dong-il, Lee Byeong-joon, Kim Seong-ryeong, Ko Chang-seok, Han Chae-ah,...Previously known as "King of Flattery" on HanCinemaSynopsisDirector Jeong Seung-koo, an assistant director of "Secret Sunshine" (2007), makes his directorial debut with this comedy about an ordinary man who comes across a master of flattery and learns how to live in the world. Smart but rigid Dong-sik works at an insurance company and he undergoes a difficult time as the relationship with his girlfriend derails and his father is chased by a loan shark

Kim Hyun-joong set to begin filming

After selling the rights to a drama that hasn't even gone into production, Kim Hyun-joong is finally set to start filming "City Conquest".A spokesperson for the drama said Friday the first location for shooting will be in Japan, starting on July 10 and continuing about two weeks."The filming will take place in Nikko and Edo Wonderland in Utsunomiya. Tochigi Prefecture has kindly promised to offer its full support, no doubt as the program is one that is gathering much attention overseas", said the spokesperson.Nikko is a city known for its historical attractions, with many shrines and temples designated as World Heritage Sites.Other stars to take part in the drama are Nam Goong-min, Kim Seung-woo and Jeong Yoo-mi.Earlier, Kim and his upcoming TV show made headlines when it was announced that four locales in Asia had signed contracts to purchase rights to the drama

Who Suffers Static Hair?~

Its the Girl with the new hair~ If you remember a whiiilllle back, it was Sunny who suffered from static hair during the hilarious performance of The Boys. However this time, it looks like its Taeyeon’s turn. As they performed Twinkle on Suncheon Garden EXPO, her hair goes flying like crazzzy!

Source: 777hiyo002

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Jeong Il-woo invited to China awards

Actor Jeong Il-woo has been asked to attend a Chinese awards ceremony as the Korean celebrity guest of honor. Jeong 's agency confirmed on Friday that Jeong will make his way to Beijing for the 2012 Huading Awards ceremony that recognizes the Chinese public's favorite entertainers. It will be held on July 4 at Beijing Olympic Stadium.It marks the first time in the seven-year history of the awards that a Hallyu star has been invited to the ceremony.The awards show had previously focused only on the Chinese entertainment scene, but this year decided to acknowledge the wider Asian entertainment industry.Award winners were chosen through phone and online surveys on Chinese Web sites, such as, and the awards' main site.His agency said Jeong was invited following the popularity of last year's "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop"

Danny Ahn prefers not to publicly announce his relationship

Former g.o.d. member and actor Danny Ahn will be revealing his thoughts about celebrity relationships on an upcoming episode of E Channel‘s ‘Totally Her‘.

While filming for the show, Danny Ahn shared, “Although I wouldn’t publicly reveal my relationship, I would still confidently date my girlfriend. But if I am determined that she is the one I will marry, I will publicly announce my marriage.”

Comedian Yoon Hyung Bin (‘Wang Biho’) who also appears as a guest on the show advised, “If you publicly announce your relationship, you might have to stick it out until marriage. You have to be careful”, giving his two cents from his 7-year public relationship with fellow comedian Jung Kyung Mi

Son Dambi Attracts Attention with Her Toned Body

Son Dambi recently showed off her toned body through a photo shoot.

On June 27, Son Dambi released a couple of photos from her “Men’s Health” photo shoot along with the title “A Girl with the Perfect Bodyline” on her official facebook page. As seen in the photos, Son Dambi poses while wearing workout outfits to show off her healthy looking body. In one of the photos, she is wearing tight black pants along with a white sleeveless shirt. In the other photo, she portrays a summer training look by wearing a neon-colored windbreaker along with short shorts and a bikni top.

Many people who stumbled upon these photos were awed by how voluminous her body looks. Many also pointed out how Son Dambi appears to have flawless abs and a S-line body.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Her body looks very attractive,” “I can’t believe she was able to pull this off without the help of any special effects,” “I love her chocolate abs,” “She has the perfect bodyline,” and more

Production Cost of Jang Geun Suk's Upcoming Tour Made Public

Asian Prince, Jang Geun Suk, revealed the production cost of his upcoming Asian tour is a whopping 13.2 billion won (about 11.5 million in USD).

An official for Jang Geun Suk’s agency announced that his Asian tour will begin at Korea University in Seoul on July 7.  Jang Geun Suk’s Asian concert tour “The Cri Show 2” promises to give fans an updated performance through a creative presentation. The Asian tour begins in Seoul but will make its way to Japan where he will visit Yokohama and Osaka. His Southeast Asia tour is expected to continue traveling to China and other countries.

Through his Twitter account Jang Geun Suk commented, “My Asian tour ‘The Cri Show 2.’ Just the production costs exceed 13 billion won…I finally know why they fed me Shin Ramen in Japan