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[Video] Added new stills and video for the upcoming Korean movie “A Millionaire on the Run”

Added new stills and video for the upcoming Korean movie "A Millionaire on the Run"

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"A Millionaire on the Run" (2012)Directed by Kim Ik-roWith Park Jin-young, Jo Seong-ha, Min Hyo-rin, Jo Hee-bong, Oh Jeong-se, Jang Dae-yoon,...Previously known as "5 Million-dollar Man" on HanCinemaSynopsisPark Jin-young takes on the role of a man who dream of becoming a singer but gets involved with a money case.Release date in Korea : 2012/07/19


Participant on ‘Hello’ struggles with her husband’s wish for her to be as slim as After School’s UEE

Vocalist Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) and girl group f(x) guested on the June 25th episode of KBS‘s ‘Hello‘ to listen to the concerns of the participants.

One of those who submitted their concerns for the show was a woman who was feeling stressed by the demands of her husband.The participant revealed, ”I used to weigh 75 kg, but I lost 30 kg for our wedding. However, in order for me to maintain my 46 kg, my husband doesn’t let me eat dinner anymore,” shocking and angering many audience members as well as the invited guests.

For the past six years, he has asked me, ‘How much do you weigh today?’ more than ‘I love you’.”

With the studio in shock, the husband was given a chance to explain, but he only further upset the females on set when he stated, “I’m doing it for my wife

‘Runway Cop’ is coming to Los Angeles

Actor Kang Ji Hwan and actress Sung Yuri‘s latest film ‘Runway Cop‘ (Korean title: ‘Detective Cha’) is coming to the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles for a limited time.

‘Runway Cop’ is a comedy directed by Shin Terra whose most popular work to date is the 2009 action-comedy ‘My Girlfriend Is a Secret Agent‘. ‘Runway Cop’ is director Shin Terra’s second work with actor Kang Ji Hwan.

Kang Ji Hwan (‘Lie to Me‘, ‘Coffee House‘) stars as detective Cha Chul Soo. Though he’s got a beer belly similar to the likes of Homer Simpson, he is a dedicated detective who will do whatever it takes to catch the bad guys

62nd Anniversary of the Korean War

Today is a day of remembrance for all the veterans and their families that made sacrifices for South Korea during the Korean War.

This day marks the 62nd anniversary of the start of the devastating conflict that left families grieving. and the country divided in half. The war started when North Korea infiltrated the 38th parallel in the early hours of June, 25th 1950 and ended three years and 32 days later with a ceasefire agreement.Sixteen nations fought alongside South Korea during the war including United States, Canada, Turkey, Britain and Australia.

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After School's UEE praised for her thoughtfulness

Photos of After School's UEE being thoughtful towards a camerawoman were recently revealed online and have earned the praise of netizens.

In the photos, UEE is shown to be filming for After School's music video for their new song "Flashback"; however, her tall height seems to be causing some trouble for the camerawoman, who is straining her neck and arms in order to capture the singer on film. As a result, in order to help the camerawoman, UEE spreads apart her two legs so that her height is lowered, making it easier for the camerawoman to film.

Upon seeing these photos, netizens have praised UEE for her thoughtfulness. People have left comments such as "UEE is such a beautiful person inside and out" and "The camerawoman must have been moved by UEE's thoughtful action." Some netizens also realized for the first time how tall UEE was and left comments such as "Wow, UEE is quite tall" and "UEE's tall and slender body makes her look gorgeous

JYJ Junsu's Philanthropy Efforts Spread Overseas

JYJ Junsu‘s philanthropy efforts have spread overseas to his Taiwan fans.

The Kim Junsu fan club in Taiwan has recently donated school supplies for 500 children at the “Xia Junsu Village” in Cambodia, which Junsu sponsors himself. The Taiwanese fan club donated supplies like notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases, pencil sharpeners and more. Each supply was marked with a “Xia” logo.

There were many instances when Korean fans made donations in the past. But this particular donation is very significant because it is the first overseas donation made to “Xia Junsu Village.” This donation was made to celebrate Junsu’s first solo concert in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese fans visited Junsu’s parents, who were there for Junsu’s concert on June 22, and gave them the donation supplies to give to the “Xia Junsu Village

VIXX’s Leo revealed to be a sports prodigy

Rookie boy group VIXX‘s main vocalist Leo has been revealed to be a sports prodigy!

Fans of Leo recently found out that he had pre-debut experience as a representative player of children’s soccer, achieving level four in Tae Kwon Do, and winning various championships in swimming and boxing.

His sports skills were demonstrated in the group’s Mnet variety show ‘Mydol‘ where he went up against the members of ZE:A and headlined for recording 5m 40cm (17 feet 18 inches) in the long jump category.

Be sure to check out more of the group’s charms and skills on their upcoming MTV show, ‘Diary‘.

Source & Image: TV Daily

Daniel Henney wins Best New Actor

"Shanghai Calling", featuring Hallyu actor Daniel Henney, won two awards at the 15th annual Shanghai International Film Festival.The 32-year-old actor of Korean and American descent won Best New Actor for his role in the romantic comedy that centers on the theme of intercultural romance and the obstacles that arise when Sam, a top notch lawyer from New York, is relocated to Shanghai.Eliza Coupe, Bill Paxton and Alan Ruck also star in the film. It was nominated for seven of the 12 categories at the Chinese film fest."Shanghai Calling" was credited with the most nominations and two wins: Best New Actor and Best Screenwriter.Henney has been gaining more and more recognition in Hollywood and is set to appear in another American movie, "The Last Stand" directed by Kim Ji-woon, to be released next year

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Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In's Sexy Summer Photo Spread for "Singles" Magazine

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In has once again showed off her fashionable style through a summer photo spread for “Singles” magazine.

For this photo shoot, Ga In is modelling for the world-renown sunglasses brand, Ray Ban. She matched different Ray Ban sunglasses with her trendy outfits to complete her summer look. Ga In sports a variety of looks that consist of studded tube tops, lace skirts, floral print tank tops and other feminine and sexy articles of clothing.

Ga In completed this pictorial with her trendy summer outfits, confident poses and her own signature chic facial expressions. Fans were mesmerized by Ga In’s sexy charms and her beautiful body line.

You can find Ga In’s pictorial in the July edition of “Singles” magazine