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Korean Population to Reach 50 Million Saturday

The Korean population, according to Statistics Korea, has doubled in just 50 years, from 25 million back in 1960, to 50-MILLION this Saturday on June 23rd.This figure includes the number of foreign residents who have been staying in Korea for more than three months. With the 50-million mark reached, Korea is now one of just seven countries in the so-called "20-50 Club", countries with populations of over 50 million people and a per capita income of over 20-thousand U.S. dollars. Countries like the U.S., France and Germany earned their distinctions in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and Korea joins the club 16 years after the United Kingdom made the list in 1996.

Interview : Kim Hyung-joo, Research Fellow LG Economic Research Institute "This is a significant mark, as a country's population of over 50-million means that the country can independentely survive to some degree

Comedienne Shin Bora explains why she won’t officially debut as a singer

Comedienne Shin Bora, who’s widely known for being a member of the skit ‘Brave Rascals‘ in KBS‘s ‘Gag Concert‘, was the star who participated on this week’s edition of ‘Entertainment Weekly – Guerilla Date‘.Shin Bora is gaining an enormous amount of interest for participating in the OST Part 2 of SBS‘s ‘Phantom‘. Titled “Crying With Longing“, the ballad track was composed by Brandon Fraley, Jamelle Fraley, and Cyndy Morgan with lyrics by Seo Hye Won.In addition, she has been active under the group Brave Rascal’ and has already released two single albums, ‘Wait and Prepare‘ and ‘I Don Care

More Koreans Incorporate Vegetarianism into Their Diet

Sun Hyun-joo, Oriental medicine doctor and nutritionist

By Kelly Frances

Oriental medicine doctor and nutritionist Sun Hyun-joo says the benefits of vegetarianism are numerous, including positive physical and emotional changes as well as a reduction in the potential for disease.

As a vegan herself, who does not consume any animal products, Sun also condemns the unethical and environmentally harmful nature of the meat industry, emphasizing the heavy use of additives.

"Most people are unaware of the large amounts of antibiotics, hormones and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in animal products", she said.

She also serves as an executive secretary of Vegedoctor, an organization of vegetarian doctors in Korea. Sun believes the perception of vegetarianism in Korea is changing

Inside the Animator’s Studio

On first glance, this might look like any normal office in Korea.

A poster for the American animated sitcom Family Guy hangs on the wall. Not too out of the ordinary. But is Family Guy very popular in South Korea? And looking even closer, where did all those signatures come from?

We're in the offices of Yeson Animation, one of Korea's many animation studios that caters to American animation productions. Yeson has been responsible for a wide number of animated coons over the years, including Family Guy.

They've also done King of the Hill, about a conservative family in Texas.

As well as The Fairly OddParents, a kids' show about a boy and his fairy godparents.

And this is only a small sample of the titles done by Yeson

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon shows off her perfect body line on "Dancing With The Stars 2"

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon has captured viewers attention with her latest stage costume on MBC "Dancing With The Stars 2."

On June 22nd, the broadcast of the show was aired with 6 teams remaining to stay in the competition. The mission of the day was titled, "My Story," in which one's life story is expressed through dance sport.

For her performance, Hyoyeon wore a gorgeous sequin green tub top with matching pants, catching the audience's attention. Her costume was created specifically to allow her to highlight her body and swaying gestures during her stage, in which she highlighted her trainee days in SM Entertainment.

Hyoyeon pre-recorded her performance for this week due to Girls' Generation's schedule in Japan. She took her 2nd win this week with her performance.

What do you think of her stage costume?

Source: E-Today

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Yoona Disses Taeyeon’s Body? Never Said “Not Much There”

Girls Generation, SNSD, Yoona, Taeyeon

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Yoona Disses Taeyeon's Body? Never Said "Not Much There"

There is a rumor without proof spreading online that Girls' Generation member Yoona dissed Taeyeon's body. 

On June 23rd, an online forum released a video clip along with the comment, "After seeing Taeyeon's body, Yoona made a diss by joking, 'Not much there'."

However, internet users who viewed the video responded, "Where does Yoona diss Taeyeon's body? In the real clip, Yoona never said that." They claim that the statement from the released video is false.

This viral clip is from a Girls' Generation photo shoot taken the prior month for a fashion brand's 'making of film.' In the video, Seohyun is fixing Taeyeon's outfit. At that moment, Seohyun's hand was positioned over Taeyeon's chest when Yoona commented, "Your hand's position is really

JTL unites to support Tony Ahn; Lee Jaewon first appearance on TV since being discharged

Former H.O.T and JTL member Lee Jaewon has recently made an appearance on television, the first since his discharge from the military last year.

On June 22nd at 9:55PM, MBC's "Dancing With The Stars 2" aired on television, in which JTL member Jang Woohyuk and Lee Jaewon made a surprise appearance to support and cheer on Tony Ahn.

Tony Ahn had been working hard practicing a routine when Jang Woohyuk and Lee Jaewon dropped in, surprising him. During the broadcast, Tony Ahn stated, "I practice 6-7 hours a day for this dance."

What stood out the most in the broadcast was Lee Jaewon's appearance. In December 2008, Lee Jaewon was accused of raping a woman, and later quietly enlisted in the military the following year. Since his release from the military in 2011, Lee Jaewon has released an album in China, which received positive feedback

Super Junior Leeteuk’s Peter Pan Look, “Hour and Half Just on Eye Makeup Alone”

Super Junior, Leeteuk, twitter

Super Junior Leeteuk's Peter Pan Look, "Hour and Half Just on Eye Makeup Alone"

Super Junior leader Leeteuk transformed into a lonely Peter Pan.

On June 23, Leeteuk left a trail on his Twitter with a picture, "A beautiful man. You can't tell who this is from afar. I hear this is the lonely Peter Pan. The come back date is so soon! Those eyes alone took an hour and a half to be made up. If you look close enough, you can see the glittering cubic around the eyes!"

The image is a teaser photo from Super Junior's 6th album. The fashion concept of the lonely Peter Pan, with black cubics glued around the eyes, the gray tone hair with stylish ornaments and gold accessories, is both eye catching and enticing. 

Viewers commented excitedly, "I'm excited just seeing the picture," "A come back of another visual artist?" and "Feels like I'm looking at a character from a fantasy movie

Josh Hartnett hit on model Hye Park

Hye Park

Supermodel Hye Park revealed that among her many admirers is Hollywood heartthrob Josh Hartnett.On an episode of "Taxi", the talk show in a taxi, which aired on Thursday night, Park said that Josh Hartnett invited her over for dinner at his house.Park said that the two met on the set of a photo shoot for a fashion magazine and that he was "so polite and courteous" that the Korean model started to think that he had an ulterior motive. "I was thinking, 'Does he like me?' Then surprise surprise, he actually asked if I'd like to have dinner with him at his house in Malibu. I asked if I could bring my husband, and then Josh didn't contact me again", Park revealed.When asked what it was like working with the Hollywood star, Park said that she could see why women swooned when they saw the American actor, who appeared in films like "40 Days and 40 Nights"

Lee Seung Gi holds the ‘little brother’ title… even in Poland!

Actor/singer Lee Seung Gi is not only the ‘nation’s little brother’ but is now the ‘world’s little brother’.

Recently, a photo that Lee Seung Gi took with his female fans in Poland was uploaded through a foreigner’s Twitter account, along with the tweet, “We took a picture with the handsome and tall Lee Seung Gi.”

In the revealed photo, Lee Seung Gi is seen kindly placing his arms around his five female fans and smiling for the camera at, what seems to be, a Korean restaurant. Because he wasn’t currently filming, Lee Seung Gi was seen without any make-up and wearing just a white top with a black cardigan. Even with his simplicity, Lee Seung Gi was still able to draw out a chic, handsome look. Along with Lee Seung Gi, the five female fans displayed their enthusiasm of meeting the star with the smiles on their faces