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2PM member reinvents himself on the cover of Men’s Health

Wooyoung has become the fourth member of the boy band 2PM to land himself on the cover of Men's Health magazine.To prepare for his appearance in the July edition of the fitness magazine, Wooyoung underwent grueling physical training and followed a strict diet in a bid to promote himself as "the man Wooyoung" instead of relying on his identity as a boy band member.JYP Entertainment said on June 19 that everyone was surprised with the outcome."With constant workouts, Wooyoung wowed us all with his new body, complete with killer abs and a back and shoulders rippling with muscles", said a representative from the agency.Wooyoung followed the concept "a warrior from the future" in the photo shoot and took the time to personally pick out props for the scenes in which he was photographed

After School’s Uee And Jooyeon, Goddess-Like Charisma

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After School's Uee And Jooyeon, Goddess-Like Charisma

After School's Jooyeon's beauty shined in this picture as she was an internet 'best face' (uhlzzang) before becoming a singer.

On June 17, Jooyeon posted on her twitter, "It's almost time for After School's Encore Concert to begin in Japan!" and "Next week we will be coming back! Keep a look out! Sorry Uee!"

In this picture you can see both members wearing their stage outfits while striking a pose. Jooyeon's slim figure and toned arms stand out the most in this picture. Her big eyes give off the 'uhlzzang' look as she was one of the top 5 'uhlzzangs' before she debuted. Uee next to her cannot be seen as her face is covered.

Internet users commented, 'Have a good concert!' and 'You are so pretty'

T-ARA’s Soyeon And MYNAME’s Insoo ‘High School Classmates’

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T-ARA Soyeon Support MYNAME In Soo "What Kind Of Relationship?'

T-ARA's Soyeon announced her friendship with MYNAME's Insoo by cheering him on.

On June 17, Soyeon posted on Twitter, "MYNAME's "Hello and Goodbye" is such a good song."

She also wrote, "Wow! I didn't even notice a fellow high school classmate. MYNAME fighting!"

T-ARA's Soyeon and MYNAME's Insoo went to the same high school however Soyeon was a theatre arts major while Insoo was a dance major. Before they debuted, they did not know each other.

Soyeon commented, "It's nice to see fellow friends who have been training around the same time finally debut and step into the spotlight. A couple months ago I heard some new songs by a talented group and realized that one of the members looked familiar

SM-YG Heats Up Summer with Super Junior & 2NE1′s Simultaneous Comeback Next Month

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Two biggest rivaling agencies SM and YG are about to have a showdown this coming summer.

SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment both have been in tight competition, and are about to get down again as they present their big name idol groups around the same time. Super Junior and 2NE1 are said to be returning on stage mid-July.

A source tells, "The simultaneous comeback of these two star groups from SM and YG is sure to have a ripple effect in the industry!" He adds, "The result of the competition is surly the talk of the town as the confrontation should present an interesting outcome. All other agencies are already adjusting their schedules to avoid this period for their comebacks. This clash is the most anticipated event in the industry today

TVXQ’s “Android” PV previews released

TVXQ is gearing up for their release of their latest Japanese single “Android“. In addition to the album covers and audio preview that have been revealed earlier, previews for the upcoming PV have been aired on Japanese TV recently.

Aired on ZIP and Mezamashi TV, the previews offer a sneak peek into the upcoming music video for the group’s newest dance track.

The duo will once again display their fabulous dance and energetic performance through this upbeat tune, so check out the previews below while we wait for the full release!

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Wonder Girls Sunye: "My Boyfriend Helps Me Out in Life Overall"

Sunye who is the leader of the Wonder Girls revealed that her boyfriend is somebody that helps out in all aspects of her life.

On June 19, the Wonder Girls revealed a lot about themselves at the “Wonder Girls Interview” which was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel. When asked about her boyfriend Sunye replied, “We are in a happy relationship. He is giving me help not only in music but in life overall. I’ve said this before on a broadcast but it is a different concept from dating when you are in your teens. This is such a happy event in my life, and also a thankful one at that.”

She continued, “Although one might think that it is a bit early, I think this is the right time. That is why I mustered up the courage to confess that I was in a relationship. Thank you so much. My boyfriend is Haiti but WIFI doesn’t work that well there

Actor Kim Beom’s new role is singer

There's a new rising Hallyu star in town that may be able to give actor-turned-singer Jang Geun-seok a run for his money.Kim Beom, the 22-year-old actor who rose to fame in the dramas "Boys over Flowers" (2009) and this year's "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" will try his luck as a singer in Japan.Kim will launch his debut album Wednesday and begin a three-day promotional visit to Japan on Saturday. On Sunday, Kim will meet with an expected 1,500 fans at a launch event for his album "Hometown" at the Odaiba VenusFort in Tokyo before doing interviews with Japanese media.The album is being described as summery with elements of nostalgia, consisting of seven tracks from various genres, such as rock and ballad.The album was backed by the famous Japanese label Pony Canyon and was produced by Park Geun-chul, who has worked on sound tracks for dramas

NU’EST’s self produced “viewable radio” show for fans receive increasing interest


Receiving attention after their hot debut this year and their unique marketing, NU’EST self produced a “viewable radio” show for their fans.

NU’EST, who recently finished promoting their debut album “Face” and is now preparing their second album, revealed a radio show titled ‘L.O.∧.E STORY‘ through their official Youtube site and fan cafe.

The name ‘L.O.∧.E STORY’ was put together by using NU’EST’s official fan club’s name ‘L.O.∧.E ‘ and the word ‘STORY’ to mean ‘communicating and talking with the fans.’ It’s a self produced viewable radio show that is put together with the fans’ stories and requested songs

Secret's Hyosung Shows Off Her Bagel-Girl Body in Japan

Secret’s Hyosung showed off her perfect bagel-girl body in Japan.

(Bagel girl means that she has an innocent face and glamorous body)

Recently a clip titled, “Hyosung Sexy Concept in Japan,” was posted on an online community site.

The clip is about Secret’s recent performance with “Twinkle Twinkle,” in Japan. They showed very cute choreography on the stage and the clip was edited mainly for Hyosung.

In the clip, Secret members are wearing a sleeveless one piece made of silk and a hat with laces. the costume resembles bunny girl.

The entertainment world’s official bagel-girl Hyosung stood out the most. This tight costume showed off Hyosung’s glamorous body and it was enough to make people admire

Searching for the killer takes its toll off the set

Actor Son Hyeon-joo plays detective Baek Hong-seok in the SBS drama "THE CHASER - Drama". Provided by SBS

Detective Baek Hong-seok lived with his wife and 15-year-old daughter in a rundown house with a leaking roof. He dreamed of saving up enough money to purchase his own property and provide a comfortable home for his family before his daughter started high school. But it all changed when the unthinkable happened. Hong-seok's daughter died suddenly in a strange car accident, the story given by the police dissonant with the facts. His wife, suffocated by the weight of the tragedy, committed suicide. The detective refused to accept chance as the reason for his daughter's death and began looking into the circumstances surrounding the supposed accident. He set all inhibitions aside in order to uncover the truth and in the process discovered a conspiracy that runs deeper than he could have ever imagined