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Toronto - The 1st Toronto Korean Film Festival will be held at Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave) from June 22nd to July 1st. This year's film listing was announced at the May 26th press conference. Confirmed films and highlights include:  

June 22nd Opening: 

The festival kick-starts with "Secret Sunshine" (2007). The leading actress of the film, Jeon Do-yeon, won Best Actress at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. There will an opening party following the screening.  

June 23rd HORROR NIGHT: 

The evening features the JEONG Brothers (Jeong Beom-sik and Jeong Sik)'  "Epitaph" (2007) and Kim Ji-woon's "A Tale of Two Sisters" (2003)

June 24th SCI-FI NIGHT: 

The evening features Oh Young-Doo's "Invasion of Alien Bikini" (2011) and Jang Joon-hwan's "Save the Green Planet" (2003)

SNSD’s Sunny and Park Kwang Hyun “Before Going to Bed” Photo

Girls Generation, snsd, Sunny, Park Kwang Hyun

SNSD’s Sunny and Park Kwang Hyun “Before Going to Bed” Photo

Park Kwang Hyun revealed an adorable photo taken with Girls’ Generation member Sunny.

Park Kwang Hyun tweeted on June 11, “Together with Sunny at the final performance hehe Before going to bed.. Thank you for always acting in a cheerful manner ^^,” along with a photo.

The photo which seems to be taken on the final performance of the musical ‘Catch Me if You Can’ shows Girls’ Generation Sunny in a pink tube top dress along with a pink headband with an adorable expression along with actor Park Kwang Hyun in a blue bath robe. Both are posing smiling with a ‘V-sign.’

Internet users who saw the photo commented, “Good job for all the hard work was put in till the last performance,” “Handsome and beautiful couple,”and “So cute

ZE:A’s leader Junyoung spotted participating in the upcoming music video

ZE:A‘s leader, Junyoung was spotted for the first time after his leg injury last month, reassuring his worried fans.

A picture of Junyoung at ZE:A’s music video shooting that took place on the 10th was uploaded on an online forum. The leader looked healthy and ready to be back on task.

Although Junyoung is still reported to be receiving treatment for his leg injury, fans were glad to see him looking well and let out a sigh of relief seeing him back.

A representative from Star Empire commented, “Junyoung stayed until the members had all finished at the music video shoot even though his leg hasn’t fully healed. The members were touched by Junyoung’s leadership and worked even harder.”

In related news, ZE:A will be making their comeback on July 4th

Kim C releases limited edition LP version of his solo album, ‘Priority’

Singer Kim C has revealed that he has reproduced his first solo album, ‘Priority‘, as a limited edition LP.

On June 12th, his agency explained, “Kim C’s solo album ‘Priority’ has been reproduced to a limited copy of 300 by an American distribution company.”

The limited edition LP comes marked with a number between 1 and 300 on the album jacket to indicate its limited availability, along with a new hidden track that was never included in the album’s previous digital and physical release, making it a total of six tracks included in the album.

As it was his first album marking his step away from his band, Hot Potato, the album earned a variety of reviews for its use of sounds usually unfamiliar in association to him and his band

Park Han-byeol, “I look the best when I was in mid-20s”

Park Han-byeol

Actress Park Han-byeol claimed her mid-20 look the prettiest among her movies.

She attended her new movie premier "Two Moons" June 11th at Lotte cinema. It is her 3rd horror movie after "Wishing Stairs", and "Yoga". "My characters differ from all three horror movies; so are my ages. I started shooting from early 20s and now I am in my late 20s for the latest one", said Park. She also joked, "I look the best when I was in mid-20s".'The Two Moons' is about day time no longer coming, people who never met got stuck in some isolated place and time and tried to survive. The movie opens in July.

f(x) tops iTunes U.S and Canada's Electronic albums music charts with "Electric Shock"

Girl group f(x) recently released their latest mini-album, "Electric Shock," and has topped iTunes the Electronic albums charts for the U.S. and Canada, occupying 1st place.

The title track, "Electric Shock," also topped Korea's online music real-time charts once it was released on the 10th, taking #1 on sites such as Melon, Mnet Music, and Naver Music upon its release at midnight.

On the 12th, the music video for "Electric Shock" was finally released through SMTOWN's YouTube official channel, showing off their unique fashion style, and sophisticated performance and exotic charms.

Meanwhile, f(x)'s "Electric Shock" mini-album will be available in stores starting the 13th.

Source: XSports News

Phantom Ghost Episode 5 Synopsis Preview

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‘The Concubine’ Attracts More Than 1 Million Viewers in 6 Days

"The Concubine", which has generated much buzz due to its nude scenes featuring actress Jo Yeo-jeong, has pulled more than 1 million viewers within six days of its release on June 6.The Korean Film Council reported that the total number of theater-goers for the movie hit 1.07 million on Monday. "The Concubine", starring Jo, Kim Min-joon and Kim Dong-wuk, is an erotic historical drama that tells the tale of a woman who had to offer to serve as the king's concubine in order to survive.

Super Junior Kangin, Making A Comeback with Musical ‘Goong?’

Super Junior, kangin

Super Junior Kangin, Making A Comeback with Musical ‘Goong?’

Super Junior's Kangin who was relieved from the army duty is planning to make a comeback through the musical 'Goong.'

Kangin was reported have been casted as a member of the musical 'Goong' which will perform in Tokyo, Japan.

SM Entertainment shared regarding the report that they are considering this offer and have not confirmed his appearance. The musical production company has also stated that nothing has been officially decided about Kangin’s casting.

'Goong' is based on Park So Hee's comic, which sets in Korea with modern Monarch system. Tomboy high school girl 'Shin Chae Kyung' becomes married to the crown prince 'Lee Shin' and the story starts as they start to live together

Girls' Generation Seohyun's "manner hands" prevents another incident

Girls' Generation's maknae, Seohyun (21), has gained attention yet again for her "manner hands." Recently on an online community board, users created a topic titled, "Caring Seohyun helps Taeyeon unnie with her dress." Images of Girls' Generation and several other artists exiting the stage at the MBC "Korean Music Wave in Google" concert was uploaded.

The MBC "Korean Music Wave in Google" concert took place on May 21st at Mountain View, California. In the images, Seohyun can be seen helping Taeyeon with her long dress from behind as they walk off the stage together, preventing an accident in which Taeyeon would have most likely tripped on her dress.

Last month, another such incident was seen on Mnet's "Wide Entertainment News" in which Seohyun can be seen with the other members of Taetiseo backstage. A strong wind came through, ruffling Tiffany's skirt