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Lee Hyori’s Innocent Beauty in Her Passport Photo Taken During Her 20s

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Lee Hyori's Innocent Beauty in Her Passport Photo Taken During Her 20s

Lee Hyori revealed her passport photo.

On May 31 broadcast of 'Lee Hyori's Social Club Golden 12,’ Lee Hyori revealed her passport photo. On this day's broadcast, she went on a trip to Hawaii with fashion designer Yoni P.

Before getting on the airplane, Lee Hyori and Yoni P showed their passport photos to each other. Pulling out her passport confidently, Lee Hyori showed her the photo saying "This is when I was 20, so innocent right?"

To this, Yoni P replied "You do look really pretty. The typical passport photos are supposed to be funny..."

On the other hand, Lee Hyori met up with After School's ex-member Bekah and visited the Hawaii abandoned animal protection center

Lee Hyori in Hawaii, Picture in Bikini!

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Lee Hyori in Hawaii, Picture in Bikini!

Singer Lee Hyori revealed her bikini look in Hawaii.

In the OnStyle cable channel ‘Golden 12' aired on May 31, Lee Hyori made a trip to Hawaii in order to meet her friend, After School's past member Bekah.

On this day, Lee Hyori wore a sexy bikini in order to ride a paddle board in Maui. Lee Hyori showed off her glamorous body through the black and white bikini.

Photo: OnStyle

Big Bang “Monster” Full MV with Lyric Bang “Monster” English LyricIt’s been a whileSeems like you’re doing better since i’ve seen you lastYou got prettier tooThough you always looked beautiful in my eyesBut you seem a little different todayYou seem unusually coldThe gaze you put on me is full of pity, in front of you, i look smallI act like it’s fineI try to change the subjectI have a lot i want to ask but you cut me offYour hair flows in the wind and it hits me on my cheeks and leaveYou turn around and leave just like thatWould I look silly if I try to hold you back?I cant think of anything to say,Trembling, you take two steps backYour words that you are afraid of meYou are the one that makes me crazyI love you, baby i’m not a monsterYou know the old meWhen the time passes,I will have to disappearYou’ll know then babyI need you, baby i’m not a monsterYou know me, It ends, but if you leave me like this, I will dieI’m not a monster

Jay Park Causes Googims' Server To Go Down

A casual clothing brand Googims is center of attention due to its summer spread of Jay Park.

The brand announced its model, Jay Park, for 2012 Spring and Summer seasons. The collections include classy T-shirts and hats that anyone may wear comfortably.

Googims personnel told, “The brand’s home page server was down every five minutes as we started promoting Jay Park on the site. We’ve also been getting inquiries and more than 10,000 people participating in our events.”

The adorable character shirts unique to Googims brand seem to give off a more playful vibe when they’re worn with the “Jay Park style.”

Pictures from the shoot include…

Careless editing for ‘Invincible Youth 2′ confuses viewers

Viewers of this week’s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ expressed their frustration over the confusing editing of the episode.

The latest episode featured several male guests – Lee Hyun Woo, Kang Gyun Sung, Park Hwi Soon, Baek Sung Hyun, Shinhwa‘s Andy, and INFINITE‘s L – who participated in a variety of fun games with the members.

Midway through the episode, however, the cast members inexplicably featured various designs on their faces, drawn in some kind of black substance. No explanation was given for this event.  However, the designs soon vanished as the episode went into its next segment, where the casts’ faces were once again clean

Jang Keun Suk Explodes In Annoyance, “It’s Hot! Bring Me AC”

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Singer and actor Jang Keun Suk blew up in annoyance because of heat.

On June 1, Jang Keun Suk posted on his twitter, "Asia Prince touring in Beijing~ Beijing is way too big to abandon the car."

But in 3 minutes, he posted again saying "But it's so hot. Bring me the car, AC,” along with two pictures.

In the posted pictures, Jang Keun Suk is wearing a white shirt with shorts and sunglasses, in the streets of Beijing. But the annoyed face due to heat is evident through the pictures.

Internet users found it especially funny that he wasn't trying to act annoyed, but that he looked actually annoyed and commented, "That face is real annoyance", "Still so cute", and "So good looking.”

Photo: Jang Keun Suk Twitter

Super Junior Siwon’s Coffee Commercial Receives Much Love [VIDEO]

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Super Junior Siwon's Coffee Commercial Receives Much Love

Super Junior member Siwon showed off his smooth charm in a new TV ad.

Recently, Siwon became the new face of 'Caffe Latte.’

In the new advertisement, the combination of dark espresso and smooth milk was portrayed by the meeting of Siwon and the female lead of the ad. At the site of filming, Siwon received much praise from the staff for his charismatic charm and solid team work with the female model.

Those who saw the ad commented "I thought it was a movie", "I want to drink coffee with Siwon", and "Smooth man Siwon.”

Lee Hyori-Jang Bum Jun, Photo Shoot to Give to Charity

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Lee Hyori-Jang Bum Jun, Photo Shoot to Give to Charity

Singer Lee Hyori and Busker Busker's Jang Bum Jun met through a couple photo shoot.

Lee Hyori, Jang Bum Jun, Honey Lee, designer Yoni P, and other people coming out in 'Golden 12' decided to have a photo shoot called 'Heart for Eye' in order to raise money for the blind.

In the photo shoot, revealed through the fashion magazine '1st Look', Lee Hyori wore a brown shirt with a fedora and denim shorts, showing off her fashion skills. Jang Bum Jun wore a navy color shirt and held hands with Lee Hyori, revealing a friendly atmosphere.
The photo shoot has been a project that has been done 9 times already, and all the money raised goes to blind children.

Photo: 1st Look

Hanbyul of LEDApple to guest star on "Lee Seung Yeon and 100 Women"

It has been announced that Hanbyul, the volcalist for the band LEDApple, will guest star on one episode of the talk show "Lee Seung Yeon and 100 Women."

The show, often called the "Opera Winfrey Show" of Korea, invites 100 woman to come on the show and share their experiences.They talk about a wide range of topics, including current events, beauty and fashion, nursing, and more.

Hanbyul has much experience acting as an MC, the most recent of which includes his current position as the MC for Arirang TV's "Simply K-Pop." The singer has also appeared on Mnet's US M! Countdown, SBS Power FM "Kim Hyung Joon’s Music High," and on MBC Standard FM "Yoon Ha's Starling Night" as a fixed guest.

A representative from Hanbyul's agency gave the following statement: "Hanbyul is honored toMC the show with Lee Seung Yeon, who he likes as a fan

Girls' Generation, SHINee, U-KISS, & B.A.P to Take Part in K-Pop Nation Macao Concert

K-Pop hallyu wave leaders Girls’ Generation and SHINee, new hallyu icon U-KISS, and rising rookie group B.A.P come together in Macao.

On July 2, 8 PM CST, “K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012” will be held in Macao Venetian Hotel. The ticket sales opened through on May 31, 10 AM KST.

It will be in an omnibus form of mini concert, in which each group will have a chance to be closer to their fans. The concert will include closer interaction between the artist and the fans that wasn’t possible during a tour or a music program.

DBM Media personnel stated that, despite ticket sales happening overseas, phone inquiries from domestic fans basically paralyzed their operations.

MBC Plus Media also announced that they were “surprised by the response from domestic fans