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M.I.B. releases comeback photos for ‘Illusion’

As announced previously, hip hop group M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters) will be making a comeback with their mini-album ‘Illusion‘ on June 1st. Ahead of its release, the group has unveiled comeback photos to stir up interest for their upcoming promotion.

‘Illusion’ is reported to be filled with the “electro-hop” sound characteristic of M.I.B, and the title track “So It’s Only Hard For Me” has a unique melody and dramatic rap that complements the group’s music flavor.

The new mini-album holds a total of seven tracks in all, including their previously released single“Celebrate” and its accompanying remixes. M.I.B had to cancel activities this past April due to a tragedy.

Check out more photos below!

Source + Photos: Jungle Entertainment

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Hanwha mining marine life for Aqua Planet

Synchronized swimmers perform ballet routines in a water tank at 63 Seaworld in Yeouido, Seoul. Hanwha aims to create a cultural and exhibition complex by combining performing arts with the aquarium. JoongAng Ilbo

Hanwha Hotels & Resorts is expanding its aquarium business across the country with a total investment of 300 billion won ($257.7 million) this year.

It has already built the nation's largest marine exhibit in the form of Aqua Planet Yeosu, which opened to the public on May 12 in tandem with the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea.

The leading leisure industry company will trump that next month with another same-brand aquarium in Jeju that will rank as the largest in Asia, while also showcasing the island's female divers, or haenyeo, with dance performances.

Hanwha will add two more in Ilsan, Gyeonggi, and Daegu at a later date, it said

Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo Looking Like a Real Couple?

Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo appears like an actual couple in a photo recently uploaded by a fan.

Through the shooting of tvN‘s “Queen Inhyun’s Man,” Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo have had multiple chances to share intimate feelings toward one another. In addition, many people have witnessed these two spending a lot of time together even during breaks.

At first, due to many romantic scenes in the actual drama, Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo had to spend a great amount of time together to make sure they connect during the shooting. Now, they seem more than just amiable around each other. As seen in the photo, they are now close enough to give massages and feed one another.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “You guys must be dating,” “This isn’t part of the drama right? Their actions seem so natural,” “I’m not surprised – I mean they have a lot of intimate scenes in the drama, and they have also kissed each other so it’s natural for this to happen

’99% Chance’ of Mt. Baekdu Eruption by 2032

Japanese scientists claim there is a 99 percent chance that Mt. Baekdu on the border between North Korea and China will erupt in the next 20 years due to the impact of the massive earthquake in Japan in March last year. But experts here said the timing of an eruption is hard to predict, though Mt. Baekdu remains an active volcano.

Japanese media on Sunday reported Hiromitsu Taniguchi, a volcano expert at Tohoku University, has concluded there is a 68 percent chance of Mt. Baekdu erupting by 2019 and a 99 percent chance of an eruption by 2032.

Taniguchi based his inference on the historical relationship in timing between earthquakes in Japan and eruptions of Mt. Baekdu. Historical documents from Korea and China show that Mt. Baekdu erupted at least six times between the 14th and 20th centuries, Taniguchi said, and every time it followed an earthquake in Japan

A recent photo of Moon Geun Young showcases her youthful beauty

Actress Moon Geun Young‘s baby face hasn’t changed since.

On May 25th, actress So Yoo Jin tweeted a photo with a description that said, “Moon Geun Young visited the ‘Finding Kim Jong Wook‘ musical team! She is such an angel. The entire waiting room was in a fuss when she came! Ah… only 3 more shows left. I’m sad.

In the photo, Moon Geun Young is showing her usual youthful beauty. So Yoo Jin and the musical team members seem to be very happy by the visit of ‘Korea’s little sister’.

After seeing this photo, netizens commented, “Moon Geun Young always look young!“, “It seems like Moon Geun Young pressed the pause button for getting old“, and “She hasn’t been seen for a long time, but I’m glad she seems to be doing great!

Source & Image: So Yoo Jin’s Twitter

EXO-M thanks fans for enjoying the concert

EXO-M participate in their first ever SMTOWN concert, joining their sunbaes for the first stop for SMTOWN Live World Tour III.

The first stop was at the Honda Center in Anaheim (SMTOWN Live in LA) and on May 24th, the group left two pictures and a message for fans. They wrote, “[We like to express our] gratitude to those fans who came to the concert venue to enjoy the concert with us. [We are] also thankful to our Mainland fans for their support.”

While the first picture shows off six cute polaroid shots of the members, the second picture was taken during the actual SMTOWN concert as the EXO-M members mingled with their EXO-K brothers.

Source: EXO-M’s Official Weibo; Translation: me

Create Your Eco-Friendly Virtual Dream Home with LG

Like most kids who grew up playing house, I can talk about my virtual dream house forever. It will have a garden filled with roses and bamboo (weird combination I know), have a massive 3D television, a robot that does my laundry and cooking… I still daydream like this from time to time.

Thankfully, LG Electronics read my mind and started a special campaign to better connect with customers around the world. Its digital interactive campaign on Facebook, called My Eco Home, allows Facebook fans around the globe to not only create but share their own virtual dream house with friends.

You might think you've seen similar apps but My Eco Home doesn't stop at creating a virtual dream house. The company's smart marketing strategy is hidden! When you play the game you'll be introduced to LG's five core technologies that focus on helping make the world greener

(79) First American minister

On May 13, 1883, the USS Monocacy, an American warship, sailed into Jemulpo harbor. The Monocacy's arrival heralded two significant firsts. On board were Lucius H. Foote, the first envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of the United States to Korea, his wife, and several members of his staff including Yun Chi-ho ― a Korean he hired in Japan to serve as his Korean-Japanese interpreter. And, the Monocacy, which had taken part in the short Korean-American War of 1871, also was one of the first Western warships to fire a twenty-one gun salute with the Korean flag at its main ― "it was the first vessel of any nation to burn peaceful gunpowder in honor of the new flag".

Foote and his party set off for Seoul on the morning of May 18. A large number of saddle horses, sedan chairs, and pack horses were provided by the Korean government for their use and Foote "was provided with a large open chair, covered by a leopard's skin, and borne on the shoulders of eight men"

U-KISS in Malaysia for Fan Meeting

Idol group U-Kiss’s popularity in Asia is fierce. On May 25, they left for Malaysia in order to complete their fan meeting schedules overseas. After Malaysia, they will have their fan meetings for about two weeks in Asia by also going to places like Cambodia and Hongdong.

Earlier this month, U-KISS also got to confirm their popularity in Colombia. Their agency, NH Media, revealed, “Requests for concerts came in from Dubai, Chile, and of course, Brazil. At the moment, it is difficult to visit every country because of the already planned schedules overseas.”

In July, U-KISS will embark on their volunteer work in Cambodia and the Japan Hall Tour Concert. Before all that, however, they will release their album, “Summer Special,” in June.

G6 members compare their heights on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

The actual heights of the G6 members from ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ were revealed on the May 26th broadcast and has garnered much attention.

During the second half of the episode, the G6 members each poured out any worries and concerns they may have with guest appearances made by actor Park Sang Myun and 4minute‘s Sohyun and HyunA.

4minute’s Sohyun began by revealing that she worries over her height. “I have large hands and feet, but I’m short,” she said. “My profile on portal sites says my height is 162cm (5’4″), but I’m actually only 160.2cm (5’3″) tall.

To this, MC Boom looked towards Jewelry‘s Yewon, who was sitting beside Sohyun, and remarked, “How is that a concern? Look to your right