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Two More Accusers Step Forward for Go Young Wook’s Sexual Abuse Case

The Go Young Wook sexual abuse case is gaining momentum as the police recently reported that two more victims have stepped forward with allegations against Go Young Wook. 

On May 16, the police revealed that an additional two people have filed reports against Go Young Wook.
Go Young Wook, who is facing statutory rape charges, reported to the police station to be investigated on May 15. However, due to the additional allegations, the investigation time was significantly increased. It is reported that Go Young Wook was questioned for over nine hours.

Investigations on the two additional allegations have not been started yet so it is difficult to know if they are true or not. 

Stay tuned on Soompi for more news on this case.

Lee Seung Chul jokes about J.Y. Park’s judging style on ‘K-Pop Star’

Veteran singer and ‘Super Star K‘ judge Lee Seung Chul revealed his thoughts on ‘K-Pop Star‘ judge J.Y. Park‘s commentary.

On the May 15th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘, Lee Seung Chul jokingly poked fun at J.Y. Park who once said sound is most beautifully produced when it is comprised of ‘half voice, half air’.

J.Y., why did you do that?,” Lee Seung Chul asked. “Exactly what is half air and half sound?”, causing the audience to burst into laughter.

And in regards to J.Y. Park pointing out that singers should never make unpleasant facial expressions, Lee Seung Chul joked, “That’s like Kikwang calling someone short

Arts and Living : “Fine Dining Gala Week 2012″ to Run May 18-24

7 Best Restaurants Open to Public at Special Prices

Mr. Hugh Ahn (right), organizer of "Fine Dining Gala Week of 2012" talks with noted natural food stylist Yim Gi-Ho (left) at opening reception of "Fine Dining Gala Week 2012" held at Itaewon restaurant in Seoul on May 1, 2012. At the center is local food stylist Hong Shin-Ae.

Started in 2010, "Fine Dining Korea" has held a "Fine Dining Gala Week" every year to offer a chance to get the taste of delicious meals, which would've been at a heavy price, at discounted rates. This year the dining festival will involve the participation of the finest restaurants and the wine importing companies.

"Fine Dining Gala Week" presents Korea's seven finest restaurants that will serve prix-fixe meals with the special wines selected by the renowned wine importing companies

Lee Hyori to Release Book "Closer: The Story of Hyori and Soon Shim"

Lee Hyori will be releasing her very own book, "Closer: The Story of Hyori and Soon Shim."

This book will contain the story of Lee Hyori's pet dog, Soon Shim, who is now just as popular as its owner. Stories of Lee Hyori's other pet dogs and cats will be told as well. Anecdotes and episodes of their everyday lives, as well as Lee Hyori's animal protection activities will also be included. All of this will be written by Lee Hyori herself in her own special and honest way.

Lee Hyori will also reveal her story of how a barber's daughter climbed her way to the top to become a famous star. She explains how she became interested in animal protection and how she decided to become a vegetarian.

The book will also hold many photos taken by famous photographers and Lee Hyori herself

B1A4′s Sandeul to make his musical debut with ‘Brothers Were Brave’

Idol group B1A4‘s Sandeul will be making his musical debut with, ‘Brothers Were Brave‘.

B1A4 debuted back in 2011 and received distinctions such as the ‘Best Rookie Award‘ at the Seoul Music Awards. Sandeul is one of the members of the group, who is receiving attention for his outstanding vocal talent.

For this particular musical, Sandeul has been triple-cast along with Cho Kang Hyun and Sung Doo Seob to play the role of Joo Bong, the smart younger brother who is also very prideful and short-tempered.

Kim Jae Bum and Kim Do Hyun will be playing the role of the elder brother Suk Bong who is kind and naive, but cannot stand his ground

Korean Shorts

(Photo Courtesy: Director Kim Han-kyul)

The London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) boasted a host of cinematic treats including the grand opener Arrow (Kim Han-min, 2011) the acclaimed Sunny (Kang Hyeong-cheol, 2011) and a retrospective collection of Ryoo Seung-wan's movies, not to mention the bonus of a performance from much-adored K-pop legends Shinee. While these big events drew in the masses and were obvious crowd pleasers, there was a lot more to the festival than blockbusters and heartthrobs.

For me, the standout screening was the Mise-en-scene Korean Shorts programme. Born from a Korean initiative to produce new films "beyond the barrier of genre", this diverse bill of shorts, all of which were released in 2011, took London on a magical mystery tour through Korean cinema

JYJ MC Shane Yoon and Chrissa Villanueva of Mnet's "Hello Pop!" to MCSMTOWN 2012 Meetup in LA

Less than 5 days are remaining until fans will be able to enjoy one of the biggest SMTOWN concerts yet. SM Entertainment has brought the third world tour of SMTOWN to Anaheim, California this year, and will be performing at the Honda Center on May 20th at 7PM PST.

Prior to the concert, Koreaboo is hosting their 2nd SMTOWN Meetup at the Anaheim Convention Center at 12PM PST.

In 2010, Koreaboo held their first SMTOWN Los Angeles fan meetup with 10 of the most recognized SM artists' international fansites participating, as well as over 5,000 fans attending.

This year, fan communities such as SHINee Forums International (SFI), SJ-World, DBSKnights, Chocolyn, Code EXO, iheartfx, affxtion, F!Yeah THSK, and Pearl Aqua Ocean will be joining in the meetup festivities.

Koreaboo is also proud to announce that Shane Yoon and Chrissa Villanueva will be the SMTOWN 2012 fan meetup's official MCs

A Pink Hush MV & screencaps

A Pink has released their first full album.Below is the music video and also screen captures for their main promo track, Hush.

Credit: acubeent@youtube & JEJ (Korean)

Updated Korean Box Office for the Week-end 2012.05.11 ~ 2012.05.13

The number one movie this week is "Marvel's The Avengers"

Updated Korean Box Office - Admissions for the Week-end 2012.05.11 - 2012.05.13 (

# Films Release date Week-end Total 1 "Marvel's The Avengers"   995 128 5 447 696 2 "As One" (코리아) 2012/05/03 393 572 1 226 649 3 "Dark Shadows"   314 501 372 886 4 "Mirror Mirror"   123 445 477 872 5 "A Muse" (은교) 2012/04/25 99 917 1 226 750 6 "Everything about my Wife" (내 아내의 모든 것) 2012/05/17 91 546 96 409 7 "Architecture 101" (건축학개론) 2012/03/22 67 465 4 007 764 8 "Dr

"K-Pop Star" Kim Na Yoon Fell into Depression Due to Negative Comments

On the episode of "Strong Heart" that aired on May 15, "K-Pop Star" contestant Kim Na Yoon guest starred and shared her struggles over netizen's negative comments.

Kim Na Yoon expressed, "I almost wanted to give up while participating in this competition. In the beginning of the audition, I was called the 'Girl Genius" and received a lot of attention. But as time went by, I didn't show my skills enough so I received a lot of negative comments."

She continued, "As soon as clips of me crying were aired several times, netizens called me a crybaby and sad bad things about me. I even fell into depression over some of the really bad comments."

However, she bravely smiled and finished with, "But I think I was able to mature a bit more through 'K-Pop Star.' Even if I don't receive a call from an agency this time, I will keep trying in the future