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SWAG IS ON: Jay Park Rocks Singapore Showcase

Jay Park brought the club down with his ultimate SWAG during his New Breed Showcase in Singapore. The venue was packed with more than a thousand Jwalkerz singing along to Jay’s music videos prior to his appearance on stage. He started off with ‘Nothin On You’, his own remake with a korean touch.

“Beautiful girls, all over the world” croons Jay Park, pointing to the fangirls in the crowd.He went on to perform songs from his latest album New Breed; ‘I Got Your Back’, ‘Up and Down’, ‘Star’, ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Know Your Name’. The atmosphere was crazy, with fans chanting along and screaming for more. Jay Park’s powerful stage presence, sleek moves and rapping deserves an A+!

In the midst of the power-packed performances, 5 fans were prepping themselves for a once-in-a-lifetime debut stage with Jay! These 5 lucky contenders from a Facebook contest, surprised everyone with their very own New Breed half-painted faces

Jung Il Woo confesses that he does not like the size of his feet

Actor Jung Il Woo recently opened up about what he thought of himself.

On May 13th’s airing of MBC’s ‘Section TV‘, Jung Il Woo was asked on why he said that he wasn’t a flower boy. Jung Il Woo explained saying, “It’s true. In my opinion, I don’t consider myself a flower boy because there are many handsome sunbaes out there like Wonbin.”

The show then asked Jung Il Woo what he likes the least about himself. The star answered, “My feet because they are very small. I wear a size of 250mm so it is hard for me to find shoes.

Jung Il Woo was then asked what he likes the most about himself and he answered, “I like my fingers the best

(188) 2012 – a year of elections

By Janet Shin

"How do you foresee the French presidential election, especially the chances of Nicolas Sarkozy?" I have been continuously asked to foretell the chances of many global candidates. Among them, I delivered a negative prospect about Sarkozy after reading his saju. Before long, it was reported that socialist Francois Hollande defeated conservative incumbent Sarkozy.

Here is the reason I came up with this reading.

Sarcozy was born with the energy of yin earth. Earth energy usually symbolizes harmony and balance. So earth people are fair and try to keep balanced. However we also need to observe other elements surrounding the earth day master. Since Sarkozy was born in the month of cold earth, his saju requires warmth. He has adequate fire energy in the month stem and year branch

Koyote’s Shinji snaps a selca in the car

Koyote‘s Shinji revealed a new refreshing selca.

She uploaded this picture onto her personal Twitter on May 12th and along with it wrote, “I went to Kangroong today and now I’m heading off to Yeojoo! There’s traffic, but I feel good. With a smile, fighting!“ In the picture, Shinji is dressed casually in a shirt with her hair is tied up in a cute bun on top of her head.

The singer revealed last September that she is in a relationship with basketball player Yu Byung Jae. They say being in love makes people beautiful, and that might be why Shinji seems to get more beautiful by the day.

Fans commented on this picture saying, “Are you perhaps with your boyfriend?“, “You have gotten prettier“, and “You look so happy

miss A’s Suzy shares her thoughts about past kiss scenes

miss A‘s Suzy recently shared her feelings about her past kiss scenes with several actors.

On the May 12th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘, the show conducted a one-on-one interview with Suzy.

Starting from the day of her debut, Suzy has enacted several kiss scenes with actors such as Kim Soo Hyun, 2PM‘s Taecyeon, and Lee Jae Hoon.  In regards to this, Suzy simply replied, “I just do them as they come.

In addition, Suzy was informed that young actor, Yeo Jin Goo chose her as his ideal type.  Suzy shared, “He’s two years younger than me, but my heart flutters

2PM’s Junho & Chansung pose after working out

2PM‘s Junho shared a hot photo taken with fellow groupmate, Chansung during an intense workout.

On May 12th, the idol tweeted, “Ah, I’m working out!! Keke.  Today is a bright day like our Hottests [2PM's official fan club] who shine like the star.  So here’s a present.”

Wearing matching black tank tops, the boys revealed their masculine shoulders after a hot workout, doing justice to the group’s reputation as ‘beast idols’.

Fans were pleased by the eye candy, remarking, “They aren’t called Beast Idols for nothing“, “Ah~ My Junho is so cute“, and “I want to see you guys on the stage again!

Source + Photos: 2PM Junho’s Twitter

Lyrics of Norazo’s “Woman Person” were written by an 8 year old boy

It was recently discovered that the lyrics of “Woman Person“, the latest track from the eccentric male duo Norazo, were the work of an eight-year-old elementary school student.

On May 10th, a representative from Norazo’s agency shared with Star News, “The lyrics of “Woman Person” were in fact written by Lee Jung In, an eight-year-old. He built the lyrics on the basis of a conversation he had with the moon and stars. The lyrics are brilliant with the purity of young children.

Lee Jung In is is the son of Lee Young Jun, the lyricist behind “Superman“, a track that shot Norazo to fame a few years ago. The little lyricist, who participated in the album at his father’s suggestion, seems set to rise in the ranks of famed songwriters, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, Norazo recently performed their digital single on various music shows this week, and have been receiving positive reviews for the track’s beautiful arrangement of string, acoustic drums and guitar

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon transforms himself into the role of actress Uma Thurman in the movie Kill Bill

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon recently transformed himself into the role of actress Uma Thurman in the movie Kill Bill.

On the episode of MBC’s Sunday Night, cast members challenged action scenes in films.

The members extended themselves for excellence of the action scenes. The footage consisting of the action scenes was titled “The Ultimate Charlie’s Angles.”

Comedian Shin Bong Seon played the role of Won Bin in the movie The Man from Nowhere, A-Pink’s Eun Ji of Jet Li in Wong Fei-hung, comedian Jung Sun Hee of Heathcliff Andrew Ledger in The Dark Night, and Lee Joon of Uma Thurman in the movie Kill Bill. A yellow training suit and a wig helped Lee’s beauty stand out

Hello Venus officially dubs fanclub ‘Hello Cupid’

As one of Korea’s latest girl groups to debut, Hello Venus has been making a splash in the music industry with ‘Venus‘.

While getting ready for the ladies’ debut live performance on SBS ‘Inkigayo‘ last evening, leader Yooara posted on the group’s official Daum Cafe page with an important update. After greeting fans, Yooara cheerfully revealed, “After endless discussion! At long last, we’ve chosen a name for our fans!!!! What could it be? What could it be? What~~~~~~~~~~~~~*_*? It’s Hello Cupid!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Yooara went on to share, “I saw one fan ask on the fan cafe about “cupid” as our fanclub name in the past. At the time, we were thinking the same, so I’m glad

Jeju Island Strives to Become Carbon-Free Jeju is going green

Renewable energies currently make up about five-percent of the total electricity supply on Jeju Island.
However, the resort island named one of the new seven wonders of nature aims to stop using fossil fuels and use renewable energy sources to meet all the energy needs of its residents by 2030.
To do so, Jeju Province plans to build more wind farms and solar power plants and acquire 2 gigawatts of offshore wind power, 300 megawatts of land wind power, and 100 megawatts of solar power.
All cars, including commercial vehicles, will be replaced with electric cars which will be powered by the electricity generated by wind and solar energy.
To insure drivers will be able to recharge their electric cars, 225-thousand charging stations will be set up all across the island.
Jeju is currently piloting the use of smart grid technology, a digitally enabled electrical grid that acts on information gathered about the behavior of suppliers and consumers