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Baek Jiyoung releases jacket album photos and transforms into a sexy rocker

Baek Jiyoung's jacket album photos has garnered attention. On May 10th, Baek Jiyoung's agency, WS Entertainment, tweeted 3 jacket album photos, revealing her mini-album concept.

On May 7th, Baek Jiyoung released the first single off her mini-album, a ballad track called, "Voice." The poster for said single had then grabbed the attention of the public for her charismatic and intense appearance.

It has been revealed that the photo shoot for this latest round of jacket album photos was taken in Sydney, Australia. Baek Jiyoung can be seen in a funky, yet chic style as she gives off a rocker vibe.

She is also wearing torn stockings, a frizzy hairstyle while holding a guitar. Baek Jiyoung maintains her feminine charm nonetheless through the black-and-white photo.

Meanwhile, Baek Jiyoung's "Voice" is still receiving a lot of love and there is much anticipation for her mini-album release on May 17th at midnight

Kim Hye-young says money problems led to her divorce

Actress Kim Hye-young opened up about the reason behind her divorce, which was made apparent to the public just a few days ago.

On May 9, Kim talked to internet news Web site and admitted that she has been officially divorced since January this year but tried to keep the news on the down low.

"We've actually been living apart for more than a year, and financial burden was the reason for the split", said Kim of her two and a half years of marriage.

As it was both her and her actor husband Kim Seong-tae-I's second marriage, Kim said they took extra caution with their union.

"Despite how careful we were, it wasn't easy", the actress explained. "It was a mutual agreement that things weren't working out as we planned, and more so for him, I think he felt the financial burden as the head of the household"

Norazo’s new song “Woman Person” is written by an 8-year-old

It has come to light that the lyrics of Norazo’s new song “Woman Person” was written by an 8-year-old.

On May 10, the agency of the team stated, “The lyrics of song ‘Woman Person’ was written by 8-year-old boy Lee Jung In. He wrote the song based on the conversation he had with the moon and the stars. The lyrics are brilliant with innocence and purity of kids.”

The little lyricists is a son of Lee Young Jun, the lyricists of the group’s hit ‘Super Man.’ With the suggestion

by the songwriter dad, the son is set to join list of famed musician.

On May 4, the eccentric group Norazo gave the first performance of the single “Woman Person.” The members transformed themselves into the characters in the famous movie Leon (1994)—Jo Bin as Leon and Lee Hyuk as Mathilda

Stars Dazzle at the VIP Premiere of "All About My Wife"

The VIP premiere for the film, "All About My Wife" was held on May 10 at the Coex Megabox theaters in Seoul. 

Many top stars attended the premiere including miss A's Suzy, T-ara's Eunjung, Kim Soo Hyun, Bae Yong Joong, Song Yoon Ah, Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Min Hee, Nam Bo Ra, Kim Min Suh, Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Kang Hee, Jung Jae Hyung, Park Hee Soon, Bae Soo Bin and more.

"All About My Wife" stars Lim Soo Jung, Lee Sun Gyun and Ryu Seung Ryong. This rom-com about a man (Lee Sun Gyun) who is desperate to get rid of his beautiful but difficult wife (Lim Soo Jung) and asks a famous casanova (Ryu Seung Ryong) to try to win her over. 

The film is expected to release on May 17.

Check out the photos below:

T-ara's Eunjung looks hot and chic in a shoulder-less blouse with studs on the collar and tight skinny jeans

SBS ‘Running Man’ to re-visit Thailand in upcoming episode with soccer player Park Ji Sung?

Nearly one year after SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘ shot a dazzling race in Thailand, reports have surfaced that the popular variety program will be returning to the country to shoot another foreign episode! That’s not all, however, for the upcoming episode will also feature one of the biggest names in the soccer world, Park Ji Sung of Manchester United.

An insider confirmed the news, saying, “We are crossing over to Thailand on the 20th for a ‘Running Man’ shoot with Park Ji Sung,” he said. “The members will also be traveling to Thailand.”

The filming was scheduled to coincide with the 2nd Annual Asian Dream Cup, which will be held in Thailand on the 23rd. One of the reasons why ‘Running Man’ decided to film there was to spread the awareness of the Dream Cup, the insider revealed

ZE:A's Siwan chosen as "2012 Dream Concert" MC

Idol group member Siwan of ZE:A has been announced to be chosen as the MC for the upcoming "2012 Dream Concert." The news was revealed via the Dream Concert official website recently.

In addition, it was revealed that Siwan will have a specially prepared special stage for fans at the concert. In addition, the first teaser hinting at ZE:A's comeback will be revealed.

An official at Star Empire stated, "Following the 'Dream Concert,' a comeback hint will be revealed each week up to their comeback." This statement has had many fans' curiosity rise.

Meanwhile, Siwan is currently starring in MBC's "Standby."

Source: OSEN

Kim Beom leaps into Japanese market

Actor Kim Beom is set to make his debut as a singer in Japan with the release of a special album there next month.

"The album will be released in late June and will contain about eight tracks in total. Once it's been released, Kim will take to promoting himself over there", said a representative from King Kong Entertainment.

Although Kim has sung an odd song here and there for sound tracks of his dramas in Japan, this is the first time that he is preparing a Japanese album.

In 2009, he contributed to the song "I'm Going to Meet Her Right Now", which was part of the sound track for the hit drama "Boys over Flowers" that made it big in Japan. He also performed for the sound track of MBC's "The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry" (2010).

Kim is currently working on the movie "The Miracle", directed by Kwon Ho-young

Mighty Mouth successfully completes comeback showcase

Hip-hop group Mighty Mouth and Soya recently released their 3rd collaboration track together, "Bad Boy."

On May 10th, Soya attended Mighty Mouth's comeback showcase and performed "Bad Boy," "Fiesta" and "Tok Tok" together on stage. Soya made her debut in 2010 and is known to be singer Kim Jongkook's niece.

The showcase took place in Gangnam, Seoul at the Youngdong Hotel's "Club Holic" in Nonhyun-dong. Other celebrities who were spotted at the showcase included Rainbow's Jaekyung, Miss Korea Jung Sora, Marco, Jung Gaeun, and Kim Taewoo.

Mighty Mouth's "Bad Boy" music video collected interest when Soya, Kim Jongkook's niece, was spotted in the video with her glamorous body line, giving her the nickname of a bagel-dol.

What do you think of Mighty Mouth's and Soya's new collaboration track?

Source: Newsen (1, 2)

BEAST to team up with Janet Jackson's choreographer, Robert Steinbacher

Robert Steinbacher, one of the world's famous choreographer will meet with popular boy band BEAST next month in June.

Robert Steinbacher has worked as a choreographer with popstar Janet Jackson and Tony Braxston. He is also a national athelete as a gymnast for Germany and even as sports therapists in 15 different countries including the United States and countries in Europe.

BEAST and Robert Steinbacher are to encounter each other through "BEAST Body Art" DVD that BEAST will work on this upcoming summer. Robert Steinbacher, the founder of Body Art, will be coming to Korea in June and personally visit the set where BEAST will be filming. He will teach them the choregraphy that he had created.

Body Art is a program that includes yoga, stretching, pilates, along with breathing techniques.

Robert Steinbacher planned to also experience the K-Pop world during his stay in Korea

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany Reveal Childhood Photos

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica revealed their adorable childhood photos. The three singers came out on the May 10 broadcast of KBS 2TV "Happy Together 3" where they presented these photos. 

Jessica explained that her photos (top) were taken when she was four years old. We can see her sharp and cute expression in the right photo. In addiiton, she is smiling brightly with her younger sister, f(x)'s Krystal, on the left.  

Tiffany's photo (bottom left) gained a lot of attention as we can see that her trademark eye smile is evident and her lips are the same as now. Fellow guests who appeared on the show didn't hide their compliments. They gave her positive comments such as, "Even when you were younger, you were really pretty