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Supernova proves popularity in Japan with 70% of M!Countdown's attendees being fans

Hallyu group Supernova has proven their popularity in Japan once again after it was made public that about 70% of the crowd that attended last week's M!Countdown in Japan was in fact there to watch Supernova.

Last April 25th, Mnet held a one day even in Japan at the Saitama arena with an incredible line-up of various K-pop artists. Among them, was Supernova as they had just made their return to the Korean music scene with their latest release "Stupid Girl". Before their performance at the festival, a video of the group arriving at Haneda Airport already showed a heavy response from Japanese fans. When the group later performed at the arena, however, it was revealed that of an estimated amount of 10,000 fans, more than 6,000 were there to watch Supernova.

Though the group's popularity in Japan is well-known, even the organizers of the music show were surprised as they didn't expect such a big amount of people to show up

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha’s “Optical Illusion” Dress Looks Like Lingerie

Recently, the dress that Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha wore for the “2012 Hollywood Bowl” has been attracting a lot of attention for its “optical illusion” effects. On April 29, Narsha tweeted the photo with the message, “2012 Hollywood Bowl mc Son Ho Young, Narsha, it starts now.”

In the photo, Narsha is wearing a beige tone tube top dress with printing that almost looks like lingerie. She looks stunning in the beautiful dress, but netizens have made note of the “optical illusion” effects it had, calling it “Narsha’s lingerie dress.”

Netizens commented, “She looks amazing, but it’s funny in a weird way,” “Who designed that dress?” and “Another reason we call her ‘adult-idol.’”

How do you like her tube top dress?


So Jiseob models for sports drink Powerade

Actor So Jiseob has been chosen as the model for Coca Cola's sports drink, Powerade.

A spokesperson from Coca Cola said on April 30th, "So Jiseob has been our model since 2011, and we decided to work with him again this time. Ahead of the London Olympics, we will come up with a dynamic commercial that will push us past our boundaries."

The previous commercial showed off So Jiseob's tennis skills; this time, the focus is on his swimming and diving abilities. The dynamic scene shows him swimming against rough waves.

The spokesperson said, "From being a water polo athlete, to a model, actor, photographer, rapper and a magazine publisher, his charismatic ability to push his boundaries makes him a good fit with our brand image."

He continued, "We are extremely please with this commercial as he was able to display his swimming prowess and describe Powerade's characteristics well

Singer Hong Jin-young lands role on MBC drama

Singer Hong Jin-young has landed the role of a singer from Jeolla Province on the MBC drama "Lights and Shadows".

Core Contents Media confirmed on May 1 that Hong will play Ji-ae, a nightclub singer who performs songs from the 1970s and '80s.

Hong's character will also be one-third of a love triangle with characters Cho Tae-su (played by Kim Roi-ha) and Hye-bin (played by Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls).

"I can't wait to show off my acting skills to the public", said Hong.

Hong will make her debut appearance on the show's 43rd episode.

By Carla Sunwoo

Girl’s Day member Hyeri apologizes for her controversial t-shirt

Girl’s Day member Hyeri apologized for her shirt that sparked a bit of controversy.

Through her agency Dream Tea Entertainment, Hyeri remarked on May 2nd, “I bow my head and sincerely apologize for not being more cautious, and also for causing anxiety and concern. I will be sure that this does not happen again in the future.”

I just saw that it said ‘My Shirt Will Help Japan’, and I simply thought it meant that we should assist the victims of the earthquake in Japan,” she continued. “I did not recognize the pattern, and this is a blunder for which I have no excuse. I once again deeply apologize.”

The shirt was sent to Hyeri as a thank you gift from her overseas fans after Girl’s Day’s free performance in Sendai, Japan, which was held in response to the Japanese earthquake

Singer Ivy talks about her video controversy on "Strong Heart"

Singer Ivy participated in SBS's "Strong Heart" on May 1st, where she touched on the subject of her scandals and video controversy.

She said, tears welling up, "To be honest, I'm wary even about the topic of the video. It's shameful as a woman because of the negativity that is attached to the word. If you search for 'Ivy' on the internet, the related results turn up the word 'video'. I felt guilty because it wasn't just me, but my family members who were searched."

Ivy continued, "I can talk about it comfortably now. When the scandal broke, there were so many more articles on the existence of the video than on my relationship. People were even talking about videos of people who resembled me, or of cookies with the same name."

She emphasized, "There is no such video."

At this, MC Shin Dongyeop commented, "The very fact that you are sitting her talking about it proves that the video does not exist

Kim Ji-soo opens up about her younger man

Following the leak of their relationship back in mid-March, 41-year old actress Kim Ji-soo spoke to Ilgan Sports about her boyfriend, who is 16 years her junior.
"I changed my relationship status on Facebook because I wanted my friends to know, but I didn't think that others would take such an interest", said Kim.

"Regardless, it's public now and I don't want to live and love in secret", said the actress who is currently starring in the JTBC drama "Love Again", about a group of middle-aged school friends who have affairs with one another.
When the reporter asked Kim how she felt about being called "The Korean Demi Moore", Kim said, "Well they ended on a bad note, so it's not exactly flattering".

Kim also said that, because her boyfriend Roy Kim lives in Canada, they only see each other now and then

IU reveals a hand-drawn picture

Singer IU recently revealed a hand-drawn picture of a peach. On May 1st, she tweeted, "Provocative peach... look again with a clean mind!"

The photo shows a hand-drawn picture she had completed with colored pencils. She had titled the picture, which is reminiscent of a person's buttocks, "Provocative peach."

KBS announcer Jeon Hyunmoo said upon seeing the photo, "Dear IU, you have become an adult. You uploaded this kind of thing. Your uncle fans will be proud."

Netizens commented, "Sensual IU! Cute," "She's cute no matter what she does," "Her uncle fans will get excited," and "It's funny how proud Jeon Hyunmoo is."

Source: [url=""OSEN[/url]

IU ticket sales snapped up by “Uncle Fans”

Sales figures for IU's "Real Fantasy" concert coming up in June have surprised ticket sellers as the audience is comprised mostly of males.
When the tickets went on sale on April 17, all 6,500 seats were sold out within half an hour.

Sources from the music industry say that the concert itself will be a spectacle as "uncle fans", males in their 30s and 40s, are set to flock to the event.
According to the star's agency, 71 percent of ticket purchasers were male, which is quite rare for a K-pop concert.

Furthermore only 12.4 percent of tickets were sold to teens while those in their 20s, 30s and 40s made up 43.8, 24.2 and 19.6 percentage of ticket sales, respectively. The tour will be the singer's first solo concert since she made her debut back in 2008.

Ahead of her national tour, the 18-year-old singer is set to release a new single on May 11 entitled "Spring at the Age of Twenty"

Won Bin is more interested in acting than dating?

On the May 2nd broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, actor Kim Hee Won boasted about his unexpected friendship with Won Bin.

Won Bin is very quiet,” he began. “Even when we film, he sits in the corner all alone. He takes his work very seriously.”

One time we were in the elevator together, and he asked if I wanted to get a cup of coffee,” he continued. “It was about 1 or 2 in the morning, and we talked about acting and work until almost 10 in the morning.”

He has a lot of passion for acting,” he added. As Won Bin seemed to only express interest in acting, Kim Hee Won revealed, “I asked him if he dated, and he said that he didn’t