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Eom Seong-mo to marry girlfriend

Actor Eom Seong-mo is set to walk down the aisle in May with his girlfriend, who is five-years his senior. The 26-year old actor will get married at the Banyan Tree Hotel & Resort in Seoul to a woman surnamed Park, whom he met through a friend last year.

Eom's close celebrity friends Jang Keun-suk, Ju Ji-hoon and Gong Hyo-jin are expected to attend the ceremony.

Eom made his debut in 2003 through the movie "My Tutor Friend", and has been in hit movies such as "Princess Hours" (2003) and the drama "Princess Hours" (2006).
Apart from his achievement in the entertainment industry, Eom is best known for his family connections.

Eom's father owns various pediatric hospitals throughout the nation and Eom's brother operates a dermatology clinic in Apkujeong, southern Seoul

VIPs trend Big Bang’s Daesung on Twitter for his birthday

To celebrate Big Bang member Daesung‘s birthday, VIPs all over the world gathered together to trend Daesung on Twitter.

Fans are trending the hashtag, #BirthDaeWings, for Daesung and is currently gaining momentum on Twitter. The hashtag has already reached #1 on Japan’s trends and was featured on Twitter stories.

Happy birthday to Daesung! He turns 23 (24 in Korea) today!

Kim Soo Hyun’s Small Face in College Video Impresses Fans

Recently, a video of Kim Soo Hyun in college was posted on an online community board, under the title, “Kim Soo Hyun when he was a rookie, on stage to singing.” The video was taken when Kim Soo Hyun was a theater major at Joongang University, and shows the star actor hosting what looks to be his school’s spring festival.

Unlike the title that mentions singing, the video does not have any footage of him actually singing a song. But what really caught the attention of most fans is his incredibly small face, which is an important beauty standard among K-Pop fans. In fact, his face appears to be clearly smaller than the female host standing next to him, making this video one of the hottest keywords on Korean portal sites.

Netizens commented, “The guy can act, host a show, and even sing well. What can he not do well?” “I wonder how many girls he hooked up with in college,” and “I wish I had his face

Jeon Hye-bin to launch diet application

Actress Jeon Hye-bin launched a diet application for the iPad on April 25.
The application follows in the successful stead of the book Jeon published last year entitled, "Jeon Hye-bin's Stylish Body".

The application contains easy exercise tips and moves for the public to follow and is a first for a Korean actress. Pictures for the application's promotion were released a day earlier, generating much buzz.

Jeon is a well-liked entertainer who is known for her vibrant personality and affinity for exercise.

In many ways, the application was a natural follow-up the success of her fitness book.

By Carla Sunwoo

Available from the App Store

Hyori speaks directly with the driver of the ‘devil Equus’

Singer Lee Hyori who is a passionate animal rights activist publicly reacted to the ‘Devil Equus’ incident on Twitter, causing the alleged driver of the sedan to come forward and threaten to sue her for defamation of character. However, recently Hyori spoke directly with the driver, who claimed he never made such threats.

On April 25th, Hyori wrote via her official Twitter page, “Spoke with the driver of the Equus over the phone. He said exactly what was previously stated by the police, and expressed his sorrow and regret for the dog that passed. He also told me that because he is computer-illiterate, he did not know what was going on on the internet.”

She continued, “I asked if he saw my tweet and his response seemed to suggest that he did not even know what Twitter was

KARA’s Nicole and Han Seung Yeon Are Twins?

Girl group KARA members, Nicole and Han Seung Yeon, are gaining interest for their twin photo shoot.

In the "Elle" photo shoot pictures revealed on April 24, Nicole and Han Seung Yeon have identical hair and makeup styles as if they are twins.

During an interview the two singers stated, “Since all of the KARA members have different charms, we portray our own individual feel. We got to learn more about each others’ charms once again through this photo shoot.”

Netizens and fans who came across Nicole’s and Han Seung Yeon’s twin photo shoot pictures reacted with various responses: “They are really like twins,” “The vibe is daebak,” and “I did not know they both had this sort of charm to them.”

miss A’s Min takes a photo with famous American singer B.o.B

miss A‘s Min took a friendly photo with American pop star B.o.B.

On April 25th, Min posted the above photo through her Twitter and wrote the following:

With b.o.b at pentaport rock festival

— 2min0 (@missA_min) April 24, 2012

B.o.B’s charming smile exuding confidence and charisma in the photo drew much attention from fans, and netizens were glad to see that Min had such good taste in music.

“Wow! I can’t believe you took a picture with B.o.B“, netizens commented, while also writing “Your friendly appearance looks good”, and “The rock festival must have been fun.”

Source: Min’s Twitter

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon claims that SECRET’s Sunhwa is more clueless than he is

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon revealed that there is someone that is even more clueless than he is.

During the shoot for the April 26th episode of KBS2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3 – Rival Special‘, Lee Joon claimed that SECRET‘s Sunhwa was more clueless than he was.

Sunhwa was present at the recording and she expressed her discontent saying,

I was glad that my recent airport fashion made a big enough issue for my former clueless image to be forgotten. But it seems to be coming back now, all because of Lee Joon.

Lee Joon elaborated,

Sunhwa is far more clueless that I am… There was a time when I appeared on the same variety program, and the answer to a presented proverb question was ‘A dog´s fate is a fortunate fate’

Ailee Shows Off Her Sexy Body for "Fast"

Ailee showed off her sexy bodyline in a tight attire for a pictorial for "Fast" magazine. On April 23, the fashion magazine "Fast" revealed Ailee's feminine beauty with a pictorial.

In the photo, Ailee showed off her perfect S-line. She flawlessly pulled off the two opposite concepts of a sexy woman to innocent and feminine images. The attire shown in the photo resembles miss A's bandage dress, but it perfectly works for Ailee. The pictorial shows Ailee with a glamorous body, as if she's a pop diva, and male fans have been going crazy over it.

A person in charge of the pictorial said "I directed in a way to draw out varieties of her charms and styles. Fortunately, Ailee freely posed for each outfit and staffs were amazed by her talents."

Ailee is currently busy working on her new album

Drenched in Flowers, Sound, and a bit of Rain, Modern Folk Art exhibit opens at the Korean Cultural Center

In stark contrast to the whimsical flowers and comical faces inscribed on traditional hanji paper scrolls that were on display, the thunderous sounds of Samulnori-a four-piece Korean percussion ensemble-reverberated through the walls of the at the Korean Cultural Center Washington DC on Sunday, April 22.

Despite steady rain throughout the day, nearly 100 guests gathered for the opening reception of the Flowers and Sound exhibit, featuring works by 18 Korean artists who have reimagined traditional Korean folk paintings. The occasion was celebrated with a rousing performance by the Lee Young Gwang Percussion Ensemble.

"That was, for me, just about the most enjoyable event ever at the KORUS House", said guest Michael Zak. "Thank you for the event".

This exhibit, organized by the Korean American Cultural Arts Foundation, will remain on display through April 30, 2012