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JYP and BEG’s Ga In Release MV for Duet Track “Someone Else"

Jin Young Park (JYP) will be breaking away from producing for a little bit as he focuses on being a singer himself! He and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In recently collaborated.

At midnight of April 22 KST, JYP and Ga In released a duet track titled, "Someone Else." This is the first song JYP released in about two years.

A one minute teaser of the song was released on April 21 and garnered much attention. On this day, JYP tweeted, “Please look forward to ‘In the arms of another’ at 12 o’clock. The female singer I worked together with is my favorite soul voice.”

Before that, he tweeted on April 19, “Everyone, I am coming back as a singer after two years. The album is called ‘Spring,’ and it has five songs for my new lover. I will be releasing at 0’clock on April 22 a song called ‘Someone Else’ with a female singer, and the love story of a seemingly extravagant male celebrity and ordinary woman called ‘It's Only You

miss A’s Suzy and Shinhwa’s Eric become a new couple on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

The greatest ‘visual idol’ couple was created on KBS2‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘.

On the most recent episode of ‘Invincible Youth’, the members of Shinhwa made an appearance as special guests.

Though the Shinhwa members are much older than the G6 girls, the guys showed up on set riding a cultivator and put on an impressive and energetic dance performance.

On this particular episode, each of the G6 girls ate an apple, and the Shinhwa members were to guess which G6 member ate which. Leader Eric correctly guessed that the apple eaten in the shape of a heart belonged to Suzy, and hence, he and Suzy became a new couple.

The other G6 members expressed their envy saying, “They look so good together“, and “Good for them

2NE1 Humiliated by f(x) Sulli Because of Height Difference

An older photo of f(x)’s Sulli standing next to the members of 2NE1 and IU recently resurfaced online, and it is creating a stir.

On an online community board, a photo with the title “2NE1 gets humiliated by Sulli” was posted. The picture shows the six women standing side by side on an interview during SBS “Inkigayo.”

The picture was particularly interesting because Sulli was taller than Sandara Park even though Dara had spiked up her hair completely in the oh so famous “Vegeta” hair.

Netizens who came across the photo commented, “Sulli must be tall” and “Sulli is 169cm...,” implying that Sulli isn’t as gargantuan as the picture misleadingly depicts and further implying that 2NE1 might be vertically challenged

East Sea has stronger legitimacy than Sea of Japan

College students take part in a campaign at Gwanghwamun Square in central Seoul early this month to promote the East Sea ahead of the International Hydrographic Organization's general meeting in Monaco April 23-27. The organization will determine how to describe the body of water between the Korean Peninsula and Japan in the world's most creditable guideline for maps./ Korea Times file

Long-festering naming controversy to be debated in IHO meeting next week

By Park Chang-seok

"Until the East Sea's waves are dry, Mt. Baekdu are worn away, as God protects our land, our Korea lasts forever, manse!..." This is part of the Korean national anthem "Aegukka".

The "East Sea" ("Donghae" in Korean) is mentioned in the first line of "Aegukka", literally meaning an ode to Koreans' patriotism

Eunhyuk thanks fans for Super Junior's 5th album, "Mr. Simple," reaching 500,000 copies sold

Super Junior's Eunhyuk recently thanked his fans through his Twitter after news of the group's 5th album, "Mr. Simple," reached the half-million mark sold.

On April 21st, Eunhyuk wrote on his personal Twitter account, "This is a bit late, but I want to thank you! Our album (5th album, "Mr. Simple") sold over 500,000 copies, and we were speechless at first, but now I feel really proud! For those who bought the album, I want to thank you all~ We will work hard to prepare for our 6th album!!!! Bow (__)"

"Mr. Simple" was released last year in August, and the final tally was announced at the end of last month to be 502,830 copies sold. This has been the best record since 2008, following TVXQ's "Mirotic" that held the record of having over 500,000 copies sold. Prior to "Mirotic," Kim Gunmo's 8th album, "Hestory," held the record in 2003

JYP releases "Someone Else" ft. Brown Eyed Girls' Gain single + MV

JYP (J.Y. Park, Park Jinyoung) has made a comeback and released a new single on April 22nd, which features Brown Eyed Girls' Gain. After a 2-year hiatus, Asia's leading producer is finally returning to the stage.

His last album was released in December 2009 titled, "Sad Freedom," and since then, he has been busy as one of the three main judges for the popular audition show on SBS, "K-Pop Star." In addition, he has also been busy with drama filming for "Dream High 2."

Ahead of his comeback album release, JYP revealed the first single, a duet with Brown Eyed Girls' Gain. The track is a medium tempo R&B track and has increased the anticipation of JYP's return.

"Someone Else" was written and composed by JYP himself, while he had the help of Hong Jisang and Shim Eunji for the arrangement.

What do you think of their duet?

Source: jypark

Song Ji Hyo Will Not Be Leaving "Running Man"

Recently, there have been rumors of Song Ji Hyo’s imminent departure from the hit variety show “Running Man.” When the rumors initially arose, fans thought that she may possibly be leaving due to her most recent casting in “The Jackal is Coming.”

However, the producers of “Running Man” have clarified that Song Ji Hyo will not be leaving the show. The producers revealed in a phone call, “We’ve never heard about Song Ji Hyo leaving.” Additionally, “We have never discussed the topic with Song Ji Hyo’s representatives before.”

It’s good to hear that the “Ace” of “Running Man” will be staying!

Invincible Youth 2: Sinhwa’s Eric and miss A’s Suzy makes the hottest couple

Sinhwa’s Eric and miss A’s Suzy recently made the hottest couple.

On the episode of KBS2’s Invincible Youth 2 that aired on April 21, the legendary idol group Shinhwa made a special appearance and paired up with member of G6.

To pair up, the boys were supposed to choose one from apples half eaten by members of G6 without a clue of who had eaten which apples.

When it was Eric’s turn, all the girls of G6 yelled, hoping her own apple to be chosen by the knockout.

The lucky girl turned out to be miss A’s Suzy. On Eric choosing her apple, Suzy gave him a hug from his back—girls were supposed to do so to let her partner know that they became a pair—and there came one of the fabulous couples of our time.

Sadly, Shinhwa’s another heartthrob Andy reportedly yearend for being in a couple with Suzy, and Andy and Eric showed keen confrontation over the bombshell

Side B: Super Songs with Super Junior

Welcome back to another instalment of Seoulbeats’ Side B! This segment is dedicated to those hidden musical gems, the ones buried beneath our favourite artist’s overwhelming discographies. For today’s edition we look at one of K-pop’s biggest guilty pleasures, Super Junior!

Super Junior started off as Super Junior 05, a 12-member rotational group intended to serve as the gateway to Asian stardom — a platform for budding starlets to catapult themselves into the actual entertainment field, whether as actors, MCs, or actual musicians. That was until ELFs became emotionally attached, SM added a 13th member, one we now know as Cho Kyuhyun, and Super Junior 05 was turned simply into Super Junior, the band that we’ve all come to know today.

Needless to say, Super Junior was never intended to be a band revolving around music or talent, they were a group thrown together from the “leftover” SM trainees, and by good luck, willpower, and likability they managed to stay afloat despite an otherwise lacklustre discography

ZE:A successfully holds fan meeting in Dubai & showcase in Abu Dhabi

Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/Gulf News

The popularity of K-pop is growing in the Middle East.

On April 22nd, Seven members of boy group ZE:A held a fan meeting in Dubai, UAE. Thousands of fans arrived for a chance to receive autographs from ZE:A. Shortly after the fan meeting, the boys also held a special showcase in nearby Abu Dhabi. At this showcase, member Heechul received attention for stating that he loves Arab girls because they’re so beautiful. This was the second time a K-Pop star visited the region as Nine Muses and Korean pop star Seo In Young performed in Abu Dhabi last year.

Arabian news agency Gulf News recently attended the fan meeting / showcase and wrote an article titled “ZE:A at the top of the pops