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Tickets + teaser featuring Jay Park revealed for Verizon's APAHM Tour 2012

A couple weeks ago, it was announced by Verizon that Korean singer Jay Park would be headlining Verizon's APAHM Tour 2012. This year, the tour will visit Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. After revealing a teaser image featuring Jay Park on April 7th on their temporary website, Verizon Wireless launched their official website on April 14th.

Additionally, Jay Park will be having Meet & Greet sessions with his fans at each of the tour locations the day before the concert. Since the Washington D.C. concert is the day before the New York concert, Jay Park will be having his Meet & Greet session the day after the concert on May 21st. For the East Coast shows, Dumbfoundead and Viennie V. will be the opening acts. For the West Coast shows, AJ Rafael and Blush will be the opening acts.

Tickets for the APAHM Tour 2012 went on sale on April 20th

Current Status of Korean Pop Culture

In today's "In the Spotlight" segment, we take a closer look at the phenomenon of Hallyu , or the Korean Wave.
Now garnering attention globally, the Hallyu really got its start in the mid-1990s, When Korean dramas like "Winter Sonata", and "Dae Jang-geum" caught on first in Korea, then throughout Asia.

Now, of course, when we talk about Hallyu the dramas are only part of the story. K-pop, Korean food and Korean movies are all part of the growing Korean Wave.
Arirang News correspondent Park Ji-won joins us live from our newsroom to give the latest on this key Korean export.

Good evening to you, Ji-won. Let's talk about Hallyu.

Reporter : Park Ji-won Hello, Conn-young, Daniel.
Conn-young, hold that thought for one sec. - before we get into our in-depth talk about the Korean wave, why don't we try to get a broad sense of what it is, first K-pop's flashy dance moves, and catchy tunes

Wonder Girls Releases New App for Second Album

On April 20, SBS Contents Hub announced that the Wonder Girls released an app, called "Wonder Girls," for their second album, "Wonder World."

Through this app, people will be able to stream or download the second album, which was released last November. Also, they will be able to watch music videos and other bonus footage. Photos from the album can be seen and people can listen to SBS On-Air "SBS Inkigayo."

In addition, there are direct links to each member's social networking services, such as Twitter. Using the songs from the second album, a rhythm game was also made for people to enjoy. The app has various appealing contents in it that can be used with just a download.

The app "Wonder Girls" is made by SBS Content Hubs, who have made numerous apps for other stars and dramas

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In looks beautiful for ‘InStyle’

Possibly Jo Kwon's new wallpaper

Brown Eyed GirlsGa-In continues to wow fans with her fabulous pictorials, her most recent being a print and pattern focus for ‘InStyle‘ magazine.

Ga-In has dropped all of her fashion tips for the summer to help girls come up with the perfect style matches for flower prints, stripe patterns, and bright colors like orange in their wardrobe. She’s actually working as a temporary CEO of a promotional fashion company as the new focus of the popular reality program, ‘Launch My Life‘.

When asked about her upcoming second solo album, she expressed, “I’ve been known for my dark smoky eye make up and sexy concepts as an image, but I want to step away from that and show a more feminine side from deep within me this time

Kim So Eun from Happy Ending says, “My ideal type is Nickhun of 2PM”

Recently, actress Kim So Eun has revealed her ideal type to be 2PM’s Nickhun.

At the press conference of JTBC’s new drama series Happy Ending (written by Kim Yoon Jung, directed by Kwak Young Bum) which was held at the Imperial Palace in Gangnam, Seoul on April 20, Kim So Eun mentioned her ideal man.

When a reporter asked about her ideal type, the actress answered, “It is 2PM’s Nickhun. I’ve had a chance to work with another member of 2PM, Jun Ho, lately. Looking back, I had spent much time with ‘idol’ members, and it makes me very happy.

I’m honored to shoot several works with original ‘idols.’ I worked with Jang Woo Hyuk in China and now with Kang Ta in Korea. Some of my fans say whether I had saved the world in a previous life

Two Korean Movies Invited to Compete at Cannes

Hong Sang-soo's "In Another Country" and Lim Sang-soo's "The Taste of Money" have been invited to the 65th Cannes Film Festival next month. This marks the fourth time that two Korean films have been selected for the official competition of arguably the world's most prestigious film festival in the same year.

Hong has set a new Korean record for having his works featured at Cannes eight times, starting with "The Power of Kangwon Province", which appeared in the event's Un Certain Regard category in 1998. "Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors", "Tale of Cinema" and "The Day He Arrives" were also among those to be screened at the festival.

As for Im, this will be the second time his film has featured in the official competition after "The Housemaid - 2010"

Jungshin will focus on studying music during CNBLUE’s hiatus

Earlier, CNBLUE announced that they would be concluding their promotions for their third mini-album, ‘EAR FUN‘, this weekend.

The members will be focusing on individual activities during their hiatus, and although the future plans of three members were previously revealed, Jungshin was left out, leaving fans wondering how he’ll be spending his time.

Jungshin’s known for his model-like proportions and his participation in the ‘2011 F/W Seoul Collection Fashion Show‘, so some speculated that he might go down that route during the hiatus.

Representatives, however, revealed, “He’ll be investing time into studying instruments and composition for the next album’s production

Dorothy Nam Never Runs Out of Energy

Dorothy Nam, host of the EBS radio talk show "Star English", helps listeners learn English with appearances of English-speaking celebrities, telling their life stories and sharing tips for improving English. Her outgoing and cheerful character makes the show both fun and easy to approach.

Her professional credentials are backed by the many English education programs she has hosted. She already demonstrated her skills with her previous music show on Arirang FM "Evening Groove", which she hosted live for six years. "I started hosting 'Star English' last summer", Nam said. "The timing was perfect for me. I'm in my early 40s now and I have a lot of experiences that I'd like to share". She said she finds guests for her current show by tapping into her long list of contacts.

Nam came to Korea when she was in her late 20s and decided to stay for a couple of years to learn about Korean culture when she was asked to teach a course on speech communication at a university in Daejeon

Kim So Eun Picks 2PM’s Nichkhun over Junho as Favorite Idol Star

Kim So Eun picked 2PM’s Nichkhun as her favorite idol star, disappointing many fans that were hoping for her MBC “Music & Lyrics” relationship with Junho to happen in real life.

On April 20, during the press conference for JTBC’s new drama, “Happy Ending,” Kim So Eun was asked, “Who’s your favorite idol star?” Since she created many sweet moments with 2PM’s Junho in MBC “Music & Lyrics” as a couple until just recently, fans were expecting her to mention Junho’s name.

However, Kim So Eun surprisingly responded, “I like 2PM’s Nichkhun.” Her explanation for picking Nichkhun over Junho has not been reported yet, but it definitely brought down the hopes of many Kim So Eun-Junho fans.

Netizens commented, “Was she just flirting with Junho?” “Nichkhun is mine, don’t even try Kim So Eun,” and “Both guys are just too hot

miss A prove their excellent fan service by eating together with their fans

The four ladies of miss A treated several of their fans (say A) to a meal at a restaurant.

On April 20th, Suzy uploaded the above photo of the gathering on Twitter and wrote, “Finally uploading the photo we took with our say A. Find miss A!

The members are seen sitting together with their fans and enjoying a meal while quickly posing for the camera. Suzy, in particular, seems to be imitating comedian Shin Bora with both hands up in the air. The photo shows a lot of male fans and even a foreign fan, it seems everybody had a great time.

Netizens expressed their envy towards the fans that were in attendance commenting, “I wish I was there!“, “When was this?“, “Is Suzy imitating Shin Bora?” and “Lucky fans