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Shinhwa to bare all on a special documentary broadcast

Longest-running idol group Shinhwa will be baring it all for their fans.

On a special ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ documentary, which will air on jTBC on April 14th, Shinhwa will be revealing their never-before-seen everyday lives to the public.

In order to show the most honest, down-to-earth sides of themselves to the fans, the Shinhwa members took part in creating self-recorded videos.

Leader Eric will be revealing his personal bedroom, and the rather risque sleeping patterns of the other members, while Minwoo will be singing Shinhwa’s new hit song “Venus” in the shower.

Like so, the six members will each be unveiling a few of their own never-before-revealed secrets, and talk about the planning process behind their concert that took place back on March 24th and 25th

Girls’ Generation members look petite next to actress Park Si Yeon

Old photos of Park Si Yeon posing next to the members of Girls’ Generation are belatedly receiving attention

A post was recently added on an online community board with the title, “Park Si Yeon’s professional actress pose, Girls’ Generation all-kill“. The post revealed several pictures of the Girls’ Generation members standing side by side with actress Park Si Yeon.

The photos were taken at the 2007 ‘Golden Disk Awards‘ where Park Si Yeon wearing a mature, revealing one-piece presented the Rookie Award to the Girls’ Generation members who were dressed in youthful, charming outfits.

The pictures displayed the significant height difference between Park Si Yeon and the Girls’ Generation members

B.A.P and Secret’s overseas outing to be aired

Boy band B.A.P and girl band Secret's joint fan meeting in Singapore last month will be aired on SBS on April 12 and 13.

Two episodes titled "SBS-MTV 'B.A.P Diary'" will run for 30 minutes each night and will focus on the two bands' first overseas trip. Both bands belong to TS Entertainment.

The program will run in an informal manner much like a video diary, as camerawork was done entirely by B.A.P members.

In addition, as it was B.A.P's first trip abroad, the boys' excitement will be evident through the show.

Behind-the-scenes footage of the bands at various interviews and press conferences as well as at fan meetings will tell a tale like fans have never seen before.

By Carla Sunwoo

Jung So Min Confesses Weight and Diet

Actress Jung So Min revealed her weight and her diet plan on the radio. On April 12, she appeared on MBC FM4U "Jung Yup's Blue Night," where she was asked if she was dieting by DJ Jung Yup. She answered, "I lost 10kg."

Jung So Min confessed, "Over a period of one and a half years, I slowly lost 10kg. It took so long because I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. I really tried various methods. I cared about what I ate and also worked out hard with yoga. In order to lose the fat in my legs, I even went to get acupuncture done. I don't recommend methods like surgery to lose weight, because it ruins your health. Being healthy is much more important than becoming prettier."

In addition, Jung So Min revealed her weight after her diet success. She also expressed her distress from her job by saying, "When I was filming the drama, "Playful Kiss," I gained 10kg from my normal weight

Lee Joon’s appearance on ‘I Need a Fairy’ well received by fans

MBLAQ member Lee Joon made a lasting impression on the viewers of KBS2‘s ‘I Need a Fairy.’

Lee Joon appeared on the April 12th broadcast of ‘I Need a Fairy’ as a trainee for fictional 2H Entertainment and brought out much laughter as he showed a different side of himself and set a very unfamiliar atmosphere.

On this episode Cha Kook Min (played by Park Min Woo) got approval to study drama and theater from his father Cha Sae Joo (Cha In Pyo) and was allowed to enter 2H Entertainment as a trainee.

Lee Joon appeared as a trainee sunbae to Kook Min. For their first meeting, Lee Joon was silently meditating when Kook Min and Hani (Rainbow’s Woori) entered the room

Ji Sung shows off his good-looking face on the street

Actor Ji Sung recently released a picture of himself taken with some staff members during the outdoor shooting.

On April 12 around 5:00 p.m., Ji Sung uploaded a picture on his me2day account with the comment, “I’m now with some staff members, shooting a scene near Hongik University. The scene I’m shooting now is one that I’m walking on the street, crying in the crowd. Many people helped me a lot so that I could shoot the scene well.”

In the picture, Ji Sung is staring at the camera with some staff members. In the crowd, he’s showing off his clean skin and good-looking face and captivating his female fans with his gentle smile.

People responded: “I miss you so much. You look really nice when you work,” “Please be careful not to catch a cold because it’s going be chilly at night,” “I’ll look forward to seeing you soon on screen

Jay Park and John Park to pair with Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee‘s partners for MBC TV‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘ were discovered through some detective work by netizens.

Although MBC did not officially reveal the male counterparts for Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee, netizens have discovered the identity of their partners through social networking sites and online communities. Since April 11th, netizens began posting the photos that they themselves took, after spotting Lee Si Young and Jay Park filming in Hongdae, as well as Park Jin Hee and John Park filming in Insadong.

‘Music and Lyrics’ is a reality program created by MBC, where an actress is paired with a male singer/songwriter. The two must then write and compose a love song together in a given amount of time

Singer Woo Seung-min caught up in tsunami danger zone

Woo Seung-min from the All Lies Band has assured fans and friends via Twitter, public concern over the singer's safety while honeymooning in Thailand's Phukhet.

On April 12, Woo tweeted, "Thanks for all your concerns, but where I'm at in Phuket, the tsunami warning has been lifted. The airport will reopen from 7 a.m. and we are set to return tomorrow. I pray that the more than 2,000 honeymooners in the surrounding area will be okay".

Straight after an 8.6 magnitude earthquake struck off Indonesia on April 11 and raised fears of a tsunami in the coastal regions of surrounding nations, Woo was quick to tweet that he was in the danger zone with his new wife.

"There's been an earthquake near Bali in Indonesia and a warning has been issued here in Phukhet. The airport is closed

Lee Seung Gi, “Working with Ha Ji Won is a dream come true”

On April 11th, MBC‘s ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ posted an interview conducted with Lee Seung Gi on their official website.

Lee Seung Gi who plays the role of South Korean prince Lee Jae Ha said, “In the beginning, the drama gave a review of the characters, the situation between North and South Korea, and how different it is from reality, in order for the viewers to better understand the story. It revealed the evil yet important characters Yoon Jae Moon and Lee Soon Jae, how they would serve as obstacles for Jae Ha and Hangah, how they would be able to become unified, and more.”

The more the drama unfolds, the more intense it gets,” he added.

In regards to working with his co-star Ha Ji Won, he said, “I’ve always wanted to work with Ha Ji Won, my dream came true

SNSD’s Jessica for Coming Step

Around a week ago, SNSD’s Jessica’s photoshoot for the brand Coming Step was revealed and finally I got the motivation to review it. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now, because the photo shoot is lovely and Jessica looks great in it. The choice of using her as the model was a good one; Jessica’s appearance and mannerisms fitting better with the “cool city girl” concept the brand is trying to convey. You may not call Jessica the best model in the world — you could even say she tries too hard to model — but she looked virtually flawless in this endorsement.

The idea is basic and unoriginal, but effective. Here you have a pretty girl walking around the city, eating at cafes, and shopping in cute outfits, looking every bit like a high-society, fashionable city girl