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Maybee’s contract with IS Entertainment expires + Dalmatian’s comeback in May

It is being reported that singer Maybee‘s contract with music label, IS Entertainment, has expired.

On April 4th, a representative of the singer revealed, “MayBee’s exclusive contract with IS Entertainment has ended.  MayBee has decided to continue her activities without an agency for the moment.  If she gets an offer from a good label, she will consider establishing a new contract to sign.”

IS Entertainment who has ended contracts with MayBee and SG Wannabe is planning to stick with their existing artists and give them full support, rather than scouting new artists under their label.

MayBee, who debuted as a signer back in 2006, also started her acting career by appearing in the drama, ‘Pink Lipstick‘ back in 2010

Baby VOX Re.V star announces her wedding date to fans on Faceboo

Former Baby VOX Re.V member Hwang Yeon-kyung will wed her choreographer boyfriend in October after five years of dating.

Hwang used her Facebook to alert fans, saying, "The date has been set. The wedding will be on Oct. 21".

Hwang met her fiance while she was part of the girl group, which made its debut in 2007, and the two have been dating since.

In her prime, Hwang appeared in dramas such as "My Mom, Super Mom" (2007). When two members of the girl group, Yang Eun-ji and Ahn Jin-kyung, dropped out of the band in 2009, Hwang left the entertainment industry for good.

Meanwhile, a day earlier, news spread that another former member, Park So-ri, was pregnant and due to give birth in July.

"Park got married in January, and the due date is in July", said a representative of Park

"Love Rain" Is Very Detail Oriented and Historically Accurate to Boot!

The drama “Love Rain” is very detail-oriented and historically accurate! The following is a screen short of a letter that YoonA’s character “Kim Yoon Hee” wrote on the April 3 episode of “Love Rain” that was broadcast.

The following contains spoilers: “Kim Yoon Hee” had to leave for the U.S. in order to fix her disease and she gives a letter saying goodbye to “Seo In Ha.” (Jang Geun Suk’s Character)

The letter reads, “With my grandmother I am leaving for the U.S where my uncle lives. Thank you.” In a glance, it looks like the letter contains spelling errors written in Korean. However, it was actually not a spelling error and is the way that Korean was written in 1970. For the commonly used words, the letters changed around 1988

J’Kyun releases “Hot MC” featuring Block B’s Zico

Ahead of his new mini-album release, ‘hip hop prince’ J’Kyun has released his single “Hot MC“, featuring Block B‘s Zico!

Zico was reportedly more than willing to feature in his senior artist’s newest track, and like the title suggests, the collaboration between the two boys is fresh and ‘hot’.

J’Kyun won’t be returning with his new mini-album ‘These Days‘ until April 12th, but “Hot MC” should hold fans over in the meantime.

Give it a listen below!


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Kim Soo Hyun Spotted Filming “Taxi”

Recently, several photos of Kim Soo Hyun filming the upcoming episode of tvN’s “Taxi” was posted online. In the photos posted under the title, “Kim Soo Hyun the most popular one showed up,” Kim Soo Hyun is seen with the show’s MC, Gong Hyung Jin, and is surrounded by the surprised crowd.

Despite the bad quality of the photos, Kim Soo Hyun’s charming facial features are clearly visible and his small face has impressed many fans that have only seen him through TV dramas. It’s reported that Kim Soo Hyun talked about behind-the-scene stories from his latest drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” and answered questions about his personal life.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “I wish I was there,” “He’s easily noticeable even from far away,” and “You are my king Soo Hyun!”

The episode starring Kim Soo Hyun will air on April 5

Jang Dong Gun’s new drama ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ to go up against ‘Gag Concert’

Jang Dong Gun will make his triumphant return to the small screen after 12 years. However, it’s being reported the drama is going up against a popular variety show in the same time slot.

Actor Jang Dong Gun has decided to make his comeback to television in SBS’ new drama ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘, which will share 40 minutes of overlap in broadcast time as the popular comedy program on KBS2, ‘Gag Concert.’

The last time drama the actor appeared in was 12 years ago on MBC’s ‘All About Eve‘. ‘Gentlemen’s Class’, which will air its first episode next month on May 26th, is gaining a lot of interest because of associated names like screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and PD Shin Woo Chul, who worked on hit shows like ‘Secret Garden‘ and ‘City Hall

Cast of new drama ‘Rainbow Rose’ speaks at conference

The cast and crew of the new drama "Rainbow Rose" intended for Japanese TV attended a press conference in Tokyo on April 3. Ahead of the show's debut on April 13, multiethnic stars of the show took turns to speak about the drama.

"The drama has a cast from Korea, Japan and the United States, and we all gave it our best to create a colorful body of work", said the director, Kim Soo-ryong. The director added that despite the short filming time in Korea, actors worked hard, which dissipated any cultural barriers that may have otherwise slowed production.

Meanwhile, Kara member Kang Ji-young said that she fell in love with her character, causing much laughter among her family members.

"At home I'd sing and dance just like the character Yuri would, and my mom thought I was delusional", Kang said

T-ara’s Jiyeon evokes netizens’ envy with her long, sexy legs

T-ara member Jiyeon‘s legs are a hot topic of conversation online.

The photo above recently surfaced on an online community site with the title, ‘Jiyeon’s reflection in the mirror‘.

It wasn’t Jiyeon’s shawl or her pigtails that had netizens flocking to the community board to see the photo, but rather the reflection of Jiyeon’s legs in the mirror behind her.

Her sexy, shapely legs juxtaposed her adorable facial expression, earning Jiyeon the highest praises of adoration from her fans.

My eyes only see her legs,” her fans wrote, in addition to “She’s both sexy and cute,” and “I wish I had those legs.

Source & Image: StarToday via Nate

SM Entertainment releases 3rd teaser video for upcoming film, ?I Am?

I Am‘, the upcoming film featuring the stories of SM Entertainment artists BoA, TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee, and f(x) has released a 3rd teaser video.

This newest teaser video mentions that they will be opening an official fan cafe in May. This official cafe will be a place where fans can get informaiton about their favorite SM Entertainment artists.

The film features the day and events surrounding SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR in Madison Square Garden back in October of 2011. Fans can look forward to everything from stage performances of ‘SM Town Live World Tour in New York’ to some of their day-to-day activities

Yoo Ah In Is the "Trash King?"

Recently Yoo Ah In’s fans visited the set of “Fashion King” and gave gifts and snacks for 100 individuals. The fans succeeded in reenergizing both the actors/actresses and staff members. Recently the gallery board for “Fashion King” on DC Inside’s website posted a picture showing the aftermath of the visit from the Yoo Ah In fans.

Yoo Ah In is shown sitting among all of the plastic bags provided by the fans. On the plastic bag fans printed an interesting message. It reads “If you decide to throw away Yoo Ah In, we will happily take him away.” Yoo Ah In took a picture among the plastic bags as a reply to this sentence!

Yoo Ah In’s agency stated, “Yoo Ah In returned the favor by taking the sensible and funny picture. He was very thankful for the love from the fans when he saw the staff members being happy because of all the gifts and snacks