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Dara confesses 2NE1 has a phobia of variety and talk shows

Just prior to the broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’, Dara of 2NE1 revealed a surprising phobia on her me2day March 27th.

Dara posted, “Ah, what is this! What is this! What do the expressions on the faces of the seniors behind me mean. 2NE1 has a phobia of variety and talk [shows]. And me! Though I tried to work hard, cuts of me are probably few and far between… I couldn’t offer much in fun, but I enjoyed being with my [senior singers]! YG Family!”

She went on, “We can’t do talk or variety very well, but we kill on stage. I’m trying to make myself feel better. When your confidence falls through, let’s all listen to ‘I Am the Best‘! Fighting!”

Fans commented, Seungri‘s closing his eyes and feeling [it],” “Psy has the smile of a happy Dad,” and “I hope 2NE1 is the best on today’s program

Psy reveals that T.O.P knows how good looking he is

Singer Psy revealed that Big Bang‘s T.O.P is well aware of his dashing good looks.

On the March 27th broadcast of SBSStrong Heart‘, Psy remarked, “I used to think T.O.P wasn’t aware of how good looking he was.”

In the past, I would joke and say to him, ‘You’re really good looking’, to which he would bashfully respond, ‘No, I’m not’“, he continued. “But I didn’t know if he really didn’t know how good looking he was, or if he was just pretending not to know.”

“However, at the recent YG concert, I saw him looking at himself in the mirror, so I came up behind him and once again told him that he was a good looking guy

Who Wore It Better: Yoo Ah In vs. B.A.P.’s Himchan

Are you ready for another round of "who wore it better?" This time it's actor Yoo Ah In versus B.A.P.'s Himchan. Recently, a post was made on an online community forum titled, "Yoo Ah In and B.A.P.'s Himchan Wears Same Clothes with Different Feeling." Both photos of Yoo Ah In and Himchan are from different magazine pictorials.

Both are sporting a black and white, Neil Barrett houndstooth print suit with slightly cropped slacks. Though they are wearing the same suit, they maintain their own uniqueness with different hairstyles, poses and facial expressions.

Yoo Ah In's cut is in black and white, which gives him a slight vintage feel. On the other hand, Himchan's cut is in color, which draws eyes to his dazzling platinum blonde hair. On this particular post, another photo of the actual model who wore this suit down the runway for the Neil Barrett 2012 spring/summer fashion show was posted

Shinhwa and 2PM gain interest for having many similarities

Original idol group Shinhwa and 2PM are gaining interest from fans for their similarities.

On the March 26th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News,’ it was revealed that there were many parallels between sunbae (senior) group Shinhwa and hoobae (junior) group 2PM.

The first point of parallel between Shinhwa and 2PM that the show uncovered was titled the “3 2 1 law,” and it involved the birth years of the members of each group.

In Shinhwa, 3 of the members (Eric, Hye Sung, and Dong Wan) were born in 1979, 2 of the members (Minwoo and Jun Jin) in 1980, and 1 member (Andy) in 1981

The movie ‘Architecture’ 101 is expected to be a mega-hit

The movie Architecture 101 is expected to be a mega-hit although it has been released only for just two weeks.
According to a source from a movie industry, the movie recorded a booking share of 25.8% on March 22. After it spread through word-of-mouth and SNS, it topped the Korean Box Office with a land slide share of 37.4%.

When it came to the number of viewers, the movie recorded 66.000 viewers on March 22, and 78,000 viewers on March 26. The number of viewers on March 26 is incredible considering it was Monday, which does not normally draws a huge number of crowds.

Netizens’ ratings on Naver, one of the biggest portal site in Korea, have also increased to near 9, while recording 8.77 on March 27. Noticeably, male fans for the movie have been giving higher score than females

Daniel Choi joins the cast of Ghost

Daniel Choi (The Musical, Baby-Faced Beauty) has now joined the cast of upcoming cyber investigation drama Ghost, due out this May He’ll be playing So Ji-sub’s friend, which already confuses me, since I thought So Ji-sub was playing the gruff genius anti-social guy who HAS NO FRIENDS Based on what I’ve seen of Sign though, I don’t think they’re going to veer much away from the dramatic procedural in toneLine ‘em up! I’ll watch for the army of adorable nerdsSo… cyber cops investigating cyber crimes — that’s the name of the game

Hong Soo Ah and B.o.M. in Couple Photo Shoot for "Instyle Wedding"

Actress Hong Soo Ah showed off a doll-like beauty.

Hong Soo Ah recently took part in a couple photo shoot with male group B.o.M. for the April issue of "InStyle Wedding." Hong Soo Ah modeled several different wedding outfits for this photo spread. She sported items such as a chic, see-through black dress, a lacy, white wedding dress, and more.

Sources from "InStyle" commented, "Hong Soo Ah, who is currently cast in a historical drama, is receiving a lot of love, especially for her single-eyelid beauty. It makes her look innocent and sexy with an exotic, Asian charm. She also has a trendy feel to her look, making her one of the top fashionistas in the industry. This photo shoot will once again emphasize her charms."

Meanwhile, Hong Soo Ah is playing the role of the warm-hearted and bright Princess Mi Kang in the KBS drama, "The True Colors

SHINee releases a dance tutorial video for “Sherlock”

Idol group SHINee recently made an explosive comeback to the K-pop scene, and the meticulously synchronized dance moves to their new song “Sherlock” became an instant hit with fans.

In order to assist fans who are practicing the dance at home, the boys have released a new video in which they carefully teach the various steps to the key moves of the dance.

Check out the clip (and Jonghyun‘s ‘Dragon Ball Z‘ triceps) below. Unfortunately, the now-famous roll of toilet paper from their rehearsal video is MIA in this video.

Shinhwa releases a rehearsal video of “Venus” for ’2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul’

On March 25th, legendary idol group Shinhwa held ‘2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul: ‘The Return‘, their first concert in four years at Seoul Olympic Park. The six members showcased their seamless dancing and singing with a variety of performances.

Performing a total of 24 hit songs including “T.O.P“,“Hey, Come On“, “One More Time“, “Destiny of Love“, “It’s Ok“, “The Solver“, and their comeback song “Venus“, Shinhwa showed the crowd everything they acquired over the last 14 years of being in the industry.

To commemorate this event, a video of the group rehearsing for the concert was recently shared on Shinhwa Company‘s official YouTube channel

2PM will hold a fan meeting on April Fool’s Day “Really?”

2PM will be meeting the fans through an official fan meeting.

On March 27, their agency JYP Entertainment revealed, 2PM plans to hold a fan meeting ‘2PM’s The Hottest Party’ with their official fan club ‘Hottest’ on April 1.

This event will be for the third class of 2PM’s fan club, Hottest. 2PM will provide entertainment and give a powerful concert that many fans will look forward to.

A representative of JYP Entertainment reveals, “All the members are working hard to prepare for the fan meeting. This will be the best fan meeting ever, providing plenty of entertainment and giving laughs. I hope many fans cheer us on and look forward to it.”

2PM’s fan meeting will be held on April 1 at Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University.

Source: Starnews