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HyunA and Jo Kwon make Siwan jealous on ‘Birth of a Family’

ZE:A‘s Siwan‘s jealousy is grabbing the viewers’ attention.

On last week episode of KBS‘s ‘Birth of a Family‘, Siwan and HyunA enjoyed a stroll with their pet Cherry. Before the outing, Siwan was seen styling HyunA’s outfit, giving off a couple vibe.

However, Siwan had to leave during the stroll due to his schedule. When he came back, instead of finding HyunA alone, he found her having fun with Jo Kwon, who had come to visit while he had been gone.

Unable to hide his jealousy, Siwan commented, “I see another man was here while I was gone,” making viewers laugh at his cute jealousy towards the two.

Source+Picture: Star News via Naver

U-KISS Soohyun reveals solo digital single

U-KISS leader Soohyun is vocally venturing out with his first solo digital single. Entitled 눈사람’ (Snowman), it is set to be digitally released on 16 March.

Prior to the release, U-KISS members have been tweeting and spreading the word out regarding their leader’s digital single. Member Kevin reached out to international fans by tweeting in English, “Make sure to check out our leader SooHyun hyung’s solo digital single ‘눈사람’ (Snowman) at 12AM! Fighting!

The song is said to be a slow sad ballad about waiting for love to come back. With his strong vocals, Soohyun brought out the emotions in the song.

Take a listen below, but remember to purchase it off music stores and support the artiste!

Source: Asiandreammusic, Kevinwoo91

Jang Jae In is happy with her melancholy image

Jang Jae In commented that people are surprised when they meet her.

Jang Jae In stated on the recent episode of ‘Happy Together 3‘, “I’m comfortable with the melancholy image I have. People saw that kind of vibe from me on the audition program so when they find that I have a bright personality, they’re surprised.”

The singer went on to explain that she enjoys her melancholy image commenting, “When I’m feeling tired due to traveling from promotion to promotion, there are times I perform listlessly after just waking up from sleep, but people [don't really notice], and think that’s just the way I am. That’s why I think of it in a positive light.”

The star went on to entertain the guests on the show using her native Jeollado twang and upbeat personality

f(x)’s Luna shows off her beautiful smiling face

f(x)’s Luna released a picture of herself smiling beautifully.

On March 16, Luna uploaded a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “It’s raining now. On rainy days like today, I usually want to listen to Shim Hyun Bo’s ‘One Day.’”

In the picture, Luna is staring at the camera with a beautiful smile on her face. Although the weather is cloudy, her smile is shining.

People responded: “Luna is so pretty!” “That’s the best song for rainy days,” “You’re so pretty now. You’re always pretty!” “Luna is becoming prettier!”

Source: Starnews

SHINee’s Jonghyun displays his artwork

SHINee‘s Jonghyun gave a little something for the fans to have fun with while they wait for SHINee’s highly anticipated comeback with “Sherlock.”

Earlier today, Jonghyun tweeted, “Yep, that’s right. It’s the handsome charismatic Minho. It’s so obvious right? ^^ So easy” along with the picture below.

The picture shows Jonghyun’s hand drawing of his fellow SHINee member Minho.

Shortly after posting the picture, Jonghyun tweeted, “You guys, don’t tell Minho. This is a little secret between us. Shh! …. Bye Minho.

But he wasn’t done expressing his artistic side. He posted up another drawing with a tweet, “I think I’m good

2AM Explains Why They Didn’t Use Park Jin Young’s Songs in Their New Album

2AM revealed why Park Jin Young’s songs are not in their new album.

In MnetWide Entertainment News-Open Studio” that was broadcasted past Thursday, 2AM was the main guest.

2AM members all shook their heads when they got a question, “JYP abandoned 2AM?” MCs said that it seems like the rumor started because compared to those of other JYP agency’s singers, 2AM’s new album has a lot of other songwriters’ songs in it. To this, 2AM replied, “We usually choose Park Jin Young's songs as a title song, but not when there is another song that’s especially good.”

And they continued, “Four of us have never thought that we were abandoned. We think it’s a little bit overinflated. JYP and Big Hit both are our companies. We feel like we have both mom and dad

K-pop: Changing Perceptions

When I first got into K-pop many actions were incredibly strange and foreign to me. Sometimes I couldn’t understand why they did the things they did and that was understandable considering the cultural difference. As I continue to immerse myself into the world that brings me K-pop, I begin to understand the thinking a little more. Of course it’s not possible for me to gain the absolute understanding that I would if I lived in Korea, but as a person who has been interested in the genre for the past few years it began to skew my thinking. By skew I don’t mean negatively, just differently.

One thing that has changed is the way I view people who wear short outfits. Before I almost always connected it to wanting attention or promiscuity, but after seeing it being worn all the time amongst women young and old(er) in Korean society my views have somewhat changed

Yoo Jae Suk voted by elementary students as the #2 most admirable person

Not only is the nation’s MC Yoo Jae Suk loved by adults, but he is also popular among elementary students.

The “national grasshoper” MC Yoo Jae Suk was recently added onto one of the quiz questions on SBS‘s ‘100 Million Quiz Show‘. The question for round eight was, ‘Who did elementary students choose as the 2nd most admirable person?

The multiple choice answers to the question were: 1.) King Sejong the Great, 2.) Parents, and 3.) Yoo Jae Suk.

Viewers were surprised to see MC Yoo Jae Suk on the list of answers, they were even more surprised when it was revealed that the correct answer was #3, Yoo Jae Suk!

After the answer was revealed, singer HaHa, who is currently working with the MC on ‘Infinity Challenge‘, expressed his admiration by yelling out, “Yoo Jae Suk is the best!” He continued, ”I know exactly how elementary students feel

2AM’s Changmin takes a photo with Sunny

2AM‘s Changmin recently shared an awkward photo with Girls’ Generation member Sunny during the recording of KBS‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘.

On March 16th, Changmin tweeted, “Invincible Youth! I pray that 2AM’s album will be daebak. Here’s a village fishing couple shot. We’re going to work now!

The photo displays the two idol singers dressed in working suits and getting ready to head out to the mudflat. Fans couldn’t help but sense the awkward atmosphere between the two as they struck a stiff pose. Sunny is seen as if she was forced to smile, whereas Changmin is staring blankly into the camera with his hands over her shoulders.

Fans wrote, “You guys are cute“, “The photo looks like an uncle and his nephew“, “SNSD fighting! 2AM fghting!“, and “Smile oppa!

Source: Changmin’s Twitter

miss A’s beauty Suzy look bloody tired but looks fabulous

miss A’s Suzy is in the limelight for a picture of herself looking bloody tired taken in a beauty salon.

On March 16, Suzy tweeted the picture with the comment, “I’m in the process of transformation at a beauty salon.”

In the picture, the smashing beauty sits on a chair while closing her eyes and supporting her chin with her right hand. She looks fabulous with her squeaky clean complexion and long straight hair even though she looks exhausted. However, her tired look made her fans feel sorry for her.

Netizens responded: “She’s getting more and more beautiful.” “I’m really looking forward to watching her movie.” “She looks tired. She mustn’t have got enough sleep.” “How come she has such a clean complexion?”

Her new movie, Architecture 101, is to release on March 22