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The Film Set of "The Moon that Embraces the Sun" Is Now Off Limits, Why?

The film set for the drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is now “off limits” to the public and also entertainment agency employees. Even actors/actresses are being restricted on entering the filming set.

Currently, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” only has 4 episodes left. Usually, a popular drama of this sort will make the filming set “off limits” in order to stop leaks about the storyline and ending. However, the storyline for “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is based on a novel and can be accessed easily. Then what is the reason for the restricted access on the filming set?

The reason is to increase the focus of actors and actresses. Currently, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” has a type of “Live Broadcast System” where filming will take place on the same day of broadcast

Miss A Suzy “The Kiss with Kim Soo Hyun was Most Memorable”

On the 28th of February, an episode of "Strong Heart" featured artists like SNSD Seo Hyun, Se7en and Miss A's Suzy.

In the episode, Suzy stated, "I'm still underage but I already had 4 kiss scnes in drama." and began her talk. 

In the KBS 2TV drama "Dream High" Suzy kissed Taek Yeon of 2PM and also Kim Soo Hyun and then Woo Young at the end. And in a recent movie, she kissed Lee Jae Hoon. Lee Jae Hoon is the handsome charismatic actor from the movie "Go Ji Jun".

Out of all of her kiss scene partners, Suzy stated, "The most memorable kiss scene was with Kim Soo Hyun for the bus kiss scene. Kim Soo Hyun taught me how to get the right angle for kissing so I was able to do it well."

Miss A's Suzy has recently played a role in a movie that will be released in early March. The movie is called "Introduction to Architecture

Chinese Member Increase in K-pop Idol Group

Number of foreign members in k-pop idol group has been increasing. Compared to the past when there were more 2nd generation Korean involved in the group it seems now there are more non-Korean members such as Nichkhun (Thailand, 2PM), Joy (Thailand, RaNia), Tomo (Japan, A’st1). Now there are more Chinese members in idol groups.

The first Chinese member to join an idol group was Han Geung who joined Super Junior from 2005 to 2009. A’st1’s Hai Ming from China, U-Kiss’ Alexander from Hong Kong, f(x)’s Victoria from China, miss A’s Zia and Pei from China and Hong Kong.
Super Junior launched a sub-unit as Super Junior M to target Chinese market with Henry and Zhou Mi joining the group. There are group such as E.X.O. under SM that is targeting multiple countries with two sub-unit groups E.X.O-K and E

Se7en Auditioned for JYP in a Hotel Room!

On the 28th of February, an episode of "Strong Heart" was aired. In the episode, Se7en revealed that after an event in the past, he was celebrating with Yang Hyun Suk, JYP, and Psy in a hotel room.

Se7en asked JYP for a song while they were in the hotel room and after a long period of thinking, JYP let Se7en listen to a song which was "Even if I can't sing."

Se7en stated, "Right as I heard the song, I knew I had to have that song no matter what it takes" and revealed that Yang Hyun Suk and Psy also tried to get the song from JYP.

However, JYP said that he was saving that song for himself and kept hesitating. In order to convince JYP, Se7en began to sing and dance in the hotel room. He basically auditioned at the spot.

Who will Lee Jeok marry? “Park Ha Sun, Baek Jin Hee or Jung Soo Jung?”

On the episode of MBC TV’s High Kick, Short Legs Counterattack that aired on February 28, Lee Jeok had his delicate feelings hurt by women who only like him because of his money.

One day, Lee Jeok were shocked and depressed during a date with a woman because she was only interested in his money and not himself.

Later on, Ha Sun, Soojung, Ji Won took Lee Jeok to an expensive hotel and tried to rip him off to pay back for what he did to Jin Hee. Even though he kept drinking wine to soothe his wounded heart, Lee Jeok ended up stomping out of the room.

When Ha Sun saw Lee Jeok this angry she apologized, “I’m really sorry. I set this whole thing up. I was angry when I heard what had happened to Jin Hee. I lost my temper at that moment.” When Lee Jeok saw Ha Sun apologizing, he saw a completely new side of her

Eun Ji Won explains why he decided to leave ’1N2D’

On the February 28th episode of KBS2‘s ‘Win Win‘, guest Eun Ji Won shared his thoughts on leaving ‘1N2D‘ after five long years.

The singer who decided not to join the second season remarked, “My wife, my family, and others around me asked me if I was crazy,” and admitted that he gave the second season a lot of thought.

My character is stubborn and whiney, but I suddenly realized that I too had matured,” he said, explaining his reasons. “There’s a limit to how much you can push that kind of image. Thinking about doing it again just made me laugh.”

A piece of me wanted to stay, but I have no regrets,” he continued

Girls Generation Seo Hyun “We Weren’t Going to Perform at Letterman at First”

On the 28th of February, an episode of "Strong Heart" featured top stars like Seo Hyun of the Girls' Generation.

Regarding the SNSD appearance on the David Letterman show, Seo Hyun stated "When we were asked to perform on the David Letterman show, Tiffany who used to live in America, cried from happiness since it's such a huge show but at first we thought we shouldn't perform on the show."

She stated that, although the David Letterman show was such a huge program, they thought they wouldn't be able to show the American audience the best performance the girls of SNSD could offer. Seo Hyun said, "The Letterman show is a talk show so the stage is pretty small. All of us couldn't even fit into a line so we thought we wouldn't be able to show people our performance".

The second reason was their music. She stated their concern about the type of music the people in America are open to

Park Ha Sun Transforms Into a Black Swan

A picture of Park Ha Sun's transformation into a Black Swan has been revealed. 

On February 27 through her me2day Park Ha Sun posted, "High Kick's 100th episode is finally airing tonight! I am laying in bed and kind of ill after tonight's episode. I truly tried my best to become a charismatic 'Black Swan' please watch the TV show in a favorable light. High Kick! We only have 20 episodes left." 

In the picture Park Ha Sun is seen in a completely different image from her usual innocent look with thick smoky eye makeup. Her eye makeup which resemble swan feathers is gaining much attention. 

Netizens have responded to her post, "Only 20 episodes left? What am I supposed to watch in the evenings now," "Even though the makeup is thick you still look innocent," "Please don't be ill! If you are sick, we fans feel sick too

After School leader Kahi becomes a college student

After School leader Kahi (31) is going back to school.

According to her agency Pledis on the 29th, Kahi enrolled at SeoKyung University as a Film & Theater major.

Not only did Kahi attend the matriculation ceremony, she also captured the fans’ attention after attending her new student orientation.

Though the singer is busy promoting with After School and acting as a cold and charismatic professor on ‘Dream High 2‘, she is reportedly showing her strong determination to study hard.

An insider from her agency remarked, “Kahi wants to study acting in-depth as a film & theater major in order to broaden her horizons.”

In related news, Kahi and the rest of the AfterSchool members will be embarking on a three-city independent Japan tour starting this April

Big Bang’s Mini 5th Album ‘All-Kills’ Online Charts

On the 29th of February, Big Bang released their songs on Melon, Bugs, and etc and shot right up to the top as soon as it was released.

Big Bang's "Bad Boy", "Love Dust", "Blue", "Fantastic Baby", "Ain't No Fun", "Wings", and "Intro (Alive)" all placed number 1 to 7 on the charts. Even the intro song "Alive" has placed on the 7th in the charts.

The song "Blue" which has been released about a week ago, remained in the first place mostly throughout the week. The reason their album is becoming so popular is because their album contains songs of different genres. From hiphop to electronic, it is an album that everybody can listen to.

The album was produced by G-Dragon and Teddy as well as powerful producers of YG Entertainment.

The music video for "Bad Boy" was also released today