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SNSD Jessica Short but Best Dressed

Jessica, may be one of the shortest members of SNSD, but she is one of the best dressers of SNSD.

KARA Koo HaRa Sponsored Fashion Statements

Koo HaRa wearing clothes that are sponsored by fashion brands.

Davichi Min-Kyung Kang Makes Her Scenes On ‘Immortal Songs 2′

Posted: February 11, 2012 6:20 PM EST


The ballad group, Davichi's member Min-Kyung Kang gave a splendid comeback to KBS 'Immortal Song 2' on Feb. 11, 2012. She sang the guest legend Young-Nam Cho's "Life like a waterwheel" with spangling dress. She took a short break after winning the contest twice, and this time, she came back with her captivating voice and cute waterwheel dance.

Left and right, both the audience and the other guests in the backstage danced along as she was performing on the stage.

When her performance was over, the legend praised her saying that there had been many female artists who sang this song, but she had became the most outstanding one of all.



IU Falls Again But Still Looks Cute

Singer IU performed at the "2011-2012 KB KoreanCard Pro Basketball" event.

While trying to make a shot in the basket, she misplaced her foot and ends up completely falling. Even after the fall she smiles even more brightly and still manages to look gorgeous.

JYJ Kim JaeJoong Shows Up At Noel Concert

On the 12th, Kim JaeJoong of JYJ, updated his twitter. The update included a photo with the words "I went to the Noel concert with JaeYoung. Noel members are seriously the best." Noel members held their concert at the Seoul Yonsei University on the 10th and the 11th called "Noel Valentine's Day Concert Sweet Proposal."

In the picture, Kim JaeJoong had brown hair, black shirt with a leather jumper and wearing sunglasses.

Netizens exclaimed "He looks like he's really having fun", "Seems like people next to him don't know he's Kim JaeJoong of JYJ", "An idol star who knows how to appreciate concerts", "His expression is cute" and etc

Miss A Suzy Big-Foot of GwangJu

On February 11th, a KBS 2TV show "Chung Choon Bul Pae 2" featured "G8." 

"G8" consists of Sunny of SNSD, YeWon of Jewelry, BoRa of Sistar, Suzy of Miss A, Kang JiYoung of Kara, Ko WooRi of Rainbow, and Amber of f(x). 

The members of "G8" were having a wrestling contest to honor one member for being the best worker. On the episode that was aired on the 11th, all the members were teasing Suzy for being unexpectly strong. Members called her "SuzyStrong" and "Giant Suzy" to tease her for being so strong.

The host of the contest, Lee SooGeun suddenly pointed out how big Suzy's feet looked. He said her feet looked like they were about 285mm (28.5 cm) and made everybody laugh. 

Suzy won the contest and received the honor of being the best worker. 

Im Tae Kyung Wins After Rules Change on ‘Immortal Song 2’

Posted: February 11, 2012 5:45 PM EST

immortal song 2

Crossover tenor and musical actor Im Tae Kyung won SBS ‘Immortal Song 2.’

The ‘Immortal Song 2’ that aired on February 11 consisted of Cho Young Nam’s songs. This is the first broadcast after the rules changed in ‘Immortal Song 2’ by selecting a winner based on the judge’s score after each performance.

The performance of ‘Now’ by Im Tae Kyung was reminiscent to Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal The World’ with arrangements of colorful chorus. Im Tae Kyung was able to reproduce ‘Now’ with his own distinctive vocals.

Other performers of show shared “This is the best performance among Im Tae Kyung’s.”

Watch his performance below

TVXQ’s “Live Tour: 2012: Tone” Concert in Fukuoka Marine Messe

Posted: February 11, 2012 3:23 PM EST

tvxq, dbsk

Below are the photos taken before and during the concert at Fukuoka with 15,000 fans on February 11, taken the fans response on Twitter as well. Due to overwhelming amount of fans, Avex Group also sold limited view seats which sold out under a minute.

The concert at Fukuoka will continue on till Sunday at February 12. Next concert performance will be at Niigata on February 18.

Here are the fans tweet from Fukuoka.

(cr:ceciluknow) Yunho's hair color was changed to dark brown. I think that for Honey Funny Bunny, golden hair is better ( ̄ロ ̄;)

(cr:chamishino) Finished~♪( ´▽`) Changmin's spirits were so high! In the first half, he was grinning.. he was saying during the MC "I'm feeling so funny even if there isn't anything

SNSD Yoona and Sunny get into a catfight?!

The two SNSD members got feisty in the boxing ring.

In the JTBC show "SNSD and the Dangerous Boys", the two led a game where participants were asked to relieve stress on the sandbag. During the process, Yoona and Sunny 'fought over' the sandbag, and Yoona whined to Sunny "It's not fair that you always pick on me!"

This caused them to leave the sandbag and 'throw punches' at each other instead, putting on a feisty little cat fight.



Sandara Park “Even if I can’t be cute…Even when I turn 30….”

Sandara Park's cute parody of Se7en's title track is keeping many fans amused.

On the 10th, Sandara Park posted a picture of herself on Twitter commenting "What I really want to ask is that even if I can't act cute, or wear a short skirt, or do crazy stuff, or turn 30, will you love me for just being me?"

The comment was modeled off the lyrics of Se7en's "Even if I can't Sing." The comical remake coupled with Sandara Park's 'agony' portrayed in the picture has amused many netizens.

The phrase "Even if I can't be cute DARA" splashed on the photo made it seem almost like an album cover.

Se7en, who found this picture to be hilarious, retwitted it along with many other fans.

The 2NE1 member is currently vacationing in the Philippines.