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Se7en Ranks 5th On Billboard World Albums Chart

Se7en’s new mini album placed fifth of Billboard World Albums Chart.

Billboard announced the ranking on February 10, the single “When I Can’t Sing” ranked fifth.

The single released on February 1 also topped US iTunes R&B/Soul Chart and ranked second on Canadian iTunes R&B Chart.

Se7en held a movie date with his fans February 5 and will hold signing today on February 10 in Seoul.

JYJ’s Yoochun Shows He’s OK Amidst Naked Photo Scandal

On February 10, JYJ’s official Facebook page released an surprise picture of Yoochun making a funny face, despite the naked photo allegation that surfaced all over the web earlier today.

He wrote, “I’m the Prince of the Chosun Dynasty. Posting Yoochun’s surprise proof shot from the first filming site. Can you feel the force of the prince?” with the photo at the bottom. The image is taken at the filming site of Yoochun’s upcoming TV drama series, “Rooftop Prince.” Wearing a warm padding jacket, Yoochun is seen stressing his eyes to make it look more defined, giving a good laugh to all his fans.

Netizens commented, “Loving your deeper double eyelid,” “Can’t wait for the ‘Rooftop Prince,’” and “I guess the recent scandal doesn’t really concern him

Operation Proposal: Episode 2

So Baek-ho travels back in time to relive his high school days. It’s his first shot at fixing his wrongs and turning them into rights. We get a few more clues from his past which speaks more about his present. Will he be able to identify what went wrong between him and Yi-seul or will fate get in the way of his desire to change his present? You’ll have to dive in to find out what happens next.


Now back in 2001, Baek-ho does a little happy dance of glee and then – smack! He turns and Yi-seul teases him about his earlier outcry on stage (“NO!!”).  She reminds him that she was left to do the morning duties by herself, but cheers up after telling him about the new movie theater, adding that she’ll forgive him if he takes her

Sexual assault with fans scandal Christ Golightly calls for press conference

Christ expressed his thought on the sexual assault scandal revolving him and his fans.

Mnet 'Super Star K3' Top 11 member Christ Golightly called for a press conference in Seoul cafe.

On this day, Chris showed up with his Korean friend and a translator.

During the duration of the whole interview, Christ repeatedly said that it was the 'culture difference' that brought upon the misunderstanding. He also commented that he has no shame in anything he's done.

However, when asked how many 'girlfriends' he'd had since being in Korea, he answered 'no comment'.

During the 30 minute long press conference Chris kept repeating that he simply met many people because he's an extrovert.

Christ seemed to be not taking much responsibility over the situation and brushing things off as 'culture difference'

Special video of IU’s Japan showcase released!

IU's time in Japan was captured in a video.

On the 10th Loen Ent uploaded a video of IU's showcase which took place on the 24th of last month named 'IU Japan Premium Live' along with IU's journey in Japan.

The video of IU that captures the curiosity of a young girl caught the eyes of the viewers.

Loen commented "we prepared the video for those who show continuous support for IU. Please continue to show her a lot of love".

Photo Credit: Loen

To watch:

f(x) Luna blinding in pure white wedding dress

f(x) member Luna transformed into 'White Bride'.

Luna wore this wedding dress during her appearance on drama 'Saving Go Bong Shil'.

Luna is wearing a white dress and a bright smile in the photo.

Netizens who saw the photo commented "so cute and pretty", "prettiest bride I've ever seen", "she's going to gain a lot of fans", and etc...

Photo Credit: 'Go Bong Shil'

John Park’s friend Sam Goo knocks on the door of ‘Voice Korea’

On the 10th broadcast of Mnet 'Voice Korea' Sam Goo sang Lyn's 'We loved' in a blind audition.

Sam, who is also from Chicago has only been in Korea once. He commented "I've never seen any asian singing on TV. I wanted to be the first but John Park came out first".

'Super Star K2' runner up John Park has already gained much popularity in Korea. Sam, who said he was motivated by John also commented "We ate together but I was just jealous that he was on stage".

Sam awed the judges Baek Ji Young and Shin Seung Hoon with his deep soulful voice.

He chose Shin Seung Hoon as his voice mentor.

Photo Credit: Mnet

2NE1′s Sandara and SHINee Feat. in Etude

Cosmetic brand Etude House selected two top stars to help endorse their products this year. Etude released making-of video with SHINee and 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

Fans saw both stars singing and exhibit goofy antics for the camera.

Watch the video below.

T-Ara And 4Minute Beautiful Girl Groups of Korea Shine in Paris

February 8th, Music Bank in Paris began their show at Bercy Stadium. 

Around 10,000 fans showed up to show support for the K-Pop stars.

T-Ara, SNSD, SHINee, 2PM, Beast, 4Minute, UKiss, Sistar showed off all their talents on stage by creating special performances together.

Through KBS World, Music Bank in Paris will be aired in 72 different countries. 

Music Bank will be heading to Jakarta in May, U.S. and Brazil in September. 

The concert in Paris is scheduled to air on the 18th of February as a special.

Lee Jun Ki To Hold Fan Meetings And Release A New Single

Posted: February 9, 2012 5:29 PM EST

Lee Jun ki

Lee Jun Ki is getting released from the military in seven short days!Longing fans- long no more. Starting March 16th Lee Jun Ki is going to hold fan meetings all across Japan. Now the exciting news that he is also going to release a new single!

The new single is called ""Deucer"" and will be released in Japan. "Deucer" is referencing his post war career as a brand new one, or second one. This is the first album he is releasing since 2009. The album will be released on February 16th!