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K-Pop Aids The Ailing Japanese Music Market

Home Archives Music Photos Stars Videos kpopstarz TV K-Pop Aids The Ailing Japanese Music Market Print This Article Send This Aricle Tweet by KpopStarz ReporterUpdated: January 31, 2012 8:28 AM EST K-Pop has been spreading all over the world like wild fire has now been reported to have helped improved the economically depressed Japanese music market.Girl group KARA’s Japanese DVD has ranked fourth by selling over 270,000 copies according to the Oricon in DVD yearly sales in 2011.As the girl group is following right after the Japanese popular idol groups Arashi and AKB48, the Japanese people mention this is a meaningful record.According to Sankei, a Japanese newspaper, it was reported on January 30 that although number of music CDs, DVDs or blue rays are decreasing there were over 60,000,000 video products produced last year in Japan. It was noted the video software were increased and improved due to AKB and Hallyu

Sung Yu Ri’s Dress Dangerously Short

Sung Yu Ri, press conference, Dinner of the Gods, dangerously short dress

Actor Sung Yu Ri attended the press conference for the MBC drama "Dinner of the Gods" on January 31 at the Grand Ambassador Hotel in Seoul, Jangchung-dong.

"Dinner of the Gods" is about Korea's best Korean restaurant called Arirang. The drama's background is based on cooking and it is about the battle between Jun Young (played by Sung Yu Ri) who is naturally talented in cooking and In Ju whose skills in cooking is lacking but works really hard to try to win Jun Young. The drama will first air on February 4. 

Won Bin’s Photo Shoot

Won Bin, photo shoot, S/S season, outdoor brand

Actor Won Bin's photo shoot was revealed.

There was a photo shoot for the outdoor brand's S/S season line in which Won Bin is a spokesmodel. The photo shoot took place at a studio in Seoul, Nonhyun-dong.

In the photo, Won Bin is doing his own hair which makes the Netizens reminiscent a scene from the movie "Mister". 

It has been reported that during the photo shoot, Won Bin carefully monitored each photo and interacted with the photographers to make the photo shoot a success.

Meanwhile, Won Bin will be leaving Korea to film a TV commercial early February.  

Seven and GD on Set of “Even Though I Can Not Sing” Music Video Shoot

Seven, Big Bang GD, music video, cameo

Seven expressed his affection for G-Dragon who appeared as a cameo in his music video.

On January 31 at 1pm, Seven wrote on his Twitter "On set for the shooting of 'Even Though I Can Not Sing' music video. With GD who came to appear as a cameo. Love u GD!!!!! PS. The MV wil be released tonight at 12!!" and posted photos of him and GD. 

In the photo, Seven and GD made funny and playful faces and showed their close relationship. In particular, GD displayed his unusual fashion sense with his big sunglasses and unique ring.

Netizens commented, "I'm going to watch the music video", "You guys are so cute. GD, you seem like you lost some weight" and etc. 

Meanwhile, the collaboration project between Seven and Park Jin Young is getting a lot of attention

Jeong Ryeo Won’s Face as Small as a Coffee Cup

Jeong Ryeo Won, coffee cup, small face

The size of Actor Jeong Ryeo Won's face is the talk of the town.

On January 31, a photo titled "Shocking, Jeong Ryeo Won's face as small as a coffee cup" was posted on an online community's forum.

In the photo, Jeong Ryeo Won is holding a coffee cup in the cold winter weather. Netizens were surprised to see that the size of the cup she was holidng was no different than the size of her face.

Netizens commented, "Her face seems smaller than most celebrities", "She's great in 'Cho Han Ji'" and etc.

Currently, Jeong Ryeo Won is appearing on SBS drama "Salary Man, Cho Han Ji" as Paek Yuh Chi.

Hyun A Shows Off Her Milky Skin

4 Minutes, Hyun A, milky white skin

4 Minutes' Hyun A showed off her milky white skin.

On January 31, Hyun A posted a photo with a message that read, "Hello?".

In the photo, Hyun showed her innocent charm with her long black hair and white skin. Unlike her usual sexy image on stage, her cute and innocent image brought smiles to the male fans' face.

Netizens commented, "Your skin seems like a baby's skin. It looks like someone painted white paint on it", "I didn't know you have a cute side to you. Come back soon", "Hyun A is both cute and sexy at the same time. You are so pretty" and etc. 

Yui’s ALL KILL Figure

After School, Yui, killer body, slippers

After School's Yui's figure is getting a lot of attention from the Netizens.

Recently on an online community's forum, a photo was posted of Yui showing off her curves during a shoot for a commerical.

In the photo, Yui is wearing a tight, short mini skirt showing off her slender legs while wearing non-heeled slippers.

Netizens commented, "You have great body proportion", "How is it possible to have that kind of legs without heels?", "You have the best figure out of all the girl groups", "I am still at shock", "You got prettier after you lost weight", and "You're a nature. I'm so jealous" and etc. 

Currently, Yui appears on KBS 2TV's weekend drama "Ohjakgyo Brothers" and also MCs for a music program called "Music Bank"

Lee Dong Wook and Jessica’s Kiss Scene

Lee Dong Wook, Jessica, kiss scene, Wild Romance

Actor Lee Dong Wook and Girl's Generation's Jessica's kiss scene was revealed.

On January 31, a lovely kiss scene between Lee Dong Wook (Park Moo Yul) and Jessica (Kang Jong Hee) was showed during the previews for KBS 2TV drama "Wild Romance".

In the scene, Lee Dong Wook and Jessica are sitting side by side enjoying a glass of wine. As the atmosphere builds up, their eyes meet and they share a deep kiss. Lee Dong Wook is wearing a white shirt and Jessica is wearing a pink blouse. They seems like real sweethearts. 

Netizens commented, "I would have never guessed the kiss scene to come so soon", "I'm going to definitely watch it on TV", "The kiss scene is too deep", "Please, don't do this", "OMG, What about Lee Si Young?", "I'm jealous because you guys go well together" and etc

Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo reveals new video teaser for “Dirty”

Brown Eyed GirlsMiryo has been on a roll with her numerous teasers for her upcoming solo album. On January 31st, she released her new video teaser for her title song, “Dirty“.

While the other clips were longer, this video is no less dramatic. It starts off peacefully enough, but the atmosphere quickly takes a turn for the creepy as the woman lying in bed has no response to touch or her surroundings.

What happens next? Find out in the video below.

Instiz releases chart rankings for the fifth week of January

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it’s what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an “All-Kill”.

Check out the chart rankings for the fifth week of January below!


Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Lyn – “Over Time” – 27,131 Points

2. T-ara – “Lovey Dovey” – 19,598 Points

3. Hyorin – “I Will Love You” – 12,524 Points

4. B2ST – “I Knew It” – 11,802 Points

5. 10cm – “Sorrow” – 7,647 Points