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'Double Park' Dara-Bom, Parody of Yang Hyun Suk "Bring Me Your Boyfriend"

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double park tv imitates yang hyun suk Group 2NE1's Dara and Bom released the first episode of their 'Double Park TV,' revealing their weird sides.

Today, the two members released 'Double Park TV' for the first time through YG's blog, revealing their talking skills. They caught much attention with the weird ways they speak.

The two had been released from the dating restrictions but they revealed that there are still unspoken pressure from CEO Yang Hyun Suk. They imitated Yang Hyun Suk saying, "If you have a boyfriend, bring him to me so I can XX him," arousing laughter.

As the first guest into their taxi, they invited Kang Seung Yoon and said, "Our role model is Kim Goo Ra. We will be as blunt as possible."

The first episode of 'Double Park TV' is divided into 3 parts, and the 3rd part will be uploaded later today.

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F.CUZ sing about 'The Words I Wish to Say To You' in MV for Dara's 'Missing Korea' drama

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F.CUZ sing about 'The Words I Wish to Say To You' in MV for Dara's 'Missing Korea' drama

You"ve observed the long teaser for F.CUZ"s new OST "The Words I wish to Say To You". Now it"s time for the total MV! Featuring the soothing vocals of F.CUZ in addition scenes of 2NE1 Dara and Kim Jung Hoon in the drama "Missing Korea", here's a will have to watch video.

Also, we want to point out, doesn"t Dara glance similarly beautiful whether she"s in complete makeup and dressed up or dressed in slightly any makeup in a uniform? The song suits perfectly with the scenes shown in the drama.

Are you playing the drama "Missing Korea"?

F.CUZ sings 'The Words I Wish to Say to You' for Dara's drama 'Missing Korea'

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F.CUZ sings 'The Words I Wish to Say to You' for Dara's drama 'Missing Korea'

The MV for the primary OST for Dara and Kim Jung Hoon"s "Missing Korea" drama is now out!

The sweet, dramatic ballad is sung by ability of F.CUZ whilst the MV presentations shots from their drama that would bring a grin to everyone"s face since the two leads are simply too lovely in it.

The drama specializes in the competitor for the leave out Korea festival who represents North Korea, played by the beautiful Dara. Their chemistry is not any joke!

Lee Min Ho And AOA's Seolhyun Welcome Visitors To Korea With President Park Geun Hye

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(Photo : Cheong Wa Dae/Blue House Facebook ) Lee Min Ho and rising acting idol Seolhyun attended the official Visit Korea proclamation ceremony on November 6, presided over by President Park Geun Hye.

The Visit Korea event was held in honor of the 2016-2018 period and recognized the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Pyeongchang.

Seolhyun and Lee Min Ho accompany President Park Geun Hye. (Photo : Cheong Wa Dae/Blue House Facebook ) The Blue House, which is the location of the executive offices and residence of President of South Korea, shared photos from the ceremony, through its official Facebook page.

Lee and the popular AOA star were a splendid pair, throughout the ceremony. Seolhyun was beautifully clad in a hanbokwhile Lee sported a black suited look.

Lee Min Ho and Seolhyun attended the Visit Korea proclamation ceremony. (Photo : Cheong Wa Dae/Blue House Facebook ) The "Gangnam 1970" actor continues to increase his profile, as the representative face of Korea. He followed his successful campaign for the Korea Tourism Organization, with an appointment as the honorary ambassador to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

His appearance at the Visit Korea ceremony was tied to his responsibilities as an honorary Olympics ambassador, as it was an event which actively encouraged international tourists to visit the nation.

Meanwhile, the Hallyu star has started filming the highly anticipated Korean-Chinese co-production, "Bounty Hunters." "Bounty Hunters" marks his second movie rolefollowing "Gangnam 1970," which continues to receive attention through the foreign film festival circuit.

Seolhyun continues to draw attention for her variety show appearances and recently starred in the webtoon adaptation, "Orange Marmalade." Her appearance with Lee holds significance, as she also starred in "Gangnam 1970," which marked her breakout film role.

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Gorgeous Sandara Park for lacking Korea

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Gorgeous Sandara Park for lacking Korea

Sandara Park showcases her amazing figure for her upcoming drama lacking Korea.

She"s noticed posing with the script of the drama in her newest photos, garnering much attention with her slender figure.

Fans commented, "she"s 30? dont lie to me", "simply easiest Dara" and etc READ MORE

Sandara Park Is a North Korean Attractiveness in “Missing Korea” Stills

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Sandara Park Is a North Korean cosmetic in “Missing Korea” Stills 2NE1‘s Sandara Park is an absolute stunner in the maximum recent stills and behind-the-scenes photos of KBS’ internet drama “Missing Korea.”

Looking flawless in her bright red robe and voluminous hairdo, the actress has reworked into her role as Li Yeon Hwa, a normal North Korean worker. suitable for the beauty festival theme, she offers a chic wave to the target audience and tops it all off with a bright smile. She could also be observed posing with her script backstage.

Set in the fictitious year of 2020, “Missing Korea” follows the comical occasions that take position after a crew of North Korean beauty pageants gets combined up with a staff from the Kaesong Business Complex. The latter is in the long run sent to represent North Korea at the 1st Unified Miss Korea Competition, held to promote further reunification efforts.

Sandara Park plays the feminine lead alongside male lead Kim Jung Hoon.

The first episode aired thru Naver’s television forged on November 3, and the KBS premiere has been scheduled for November 13.

2NE1′s Sandara Park Transforms into Pass over Korea

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2NE1′s Sandara Park Transforms into Pass over Korea

--> Sandara Park has remodeled into Omit Korea.

2NE1′s Sandara Park posted a photo on Instagram on November 3 with the caption, ′The first episode of lacking Korea is after all out! Will former soldier Lee Yeon Hwa grow to be Miss Korea? Let′s cheer her on together! Calling all observe personnel! Where did everybody go...?! taking a look around."

The photo captures Sandara Park′s transformation into Miss Korea for KBS′ Missing Korea. She turns heads with her good looks in a tiara and stunning gown.

Sandara Park stars as Miss Korea′s North Korea representative Lee Yeon Hwa in the internet drama Missing Korea, which aired its first episode as a one act drama on KBS today.

Missing Korea is a romantic comedy set in the year 2020, in which the North and South are operating against unification via non-governmental exchanges and economic cooperation, resulting in the first-ever ′North-South Joint Miss Korea Pageant.′ it is going to air on KBS 1TV on November thirteen at midnight.

Photo credit: Sandara Park′s Instagram

HanCinema's Korea Joa Park Bo-yeong Q&A for 'The Silenced' + 'Oh My Ghostess' OST Giveaway

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HanCinema's Korea Joa Park Bo-yeong Q&A for 'The Silenced' + 'Oh My Ghostess' OST Giveaway

Director Lee Hae-yeong was once eloquent in all of his answers. one of the most questions posed targeted at the difficulties he faced when running on the script for the film. Director Lee spoke back that it changed into the adjustments and transformations in the genres and in the characters, the very thing that interested the lead actresses about the script. There were a lot of genres represented in the movie that had to be well-balanced in the film itself and with the jobs he"d given his lead actresses. all the manner through the film he repeatedly revised to script to easiest have compatibility the changes in genre and in the characters. This makes sense as it was Director Lee"s first foray into the thriller/mystery genre.

Park Bo-yeong"s personality Joo-ran no longer most effective is going via emotional and intellectual changes, yet she also undergoes some hefty physical changes as well. Her character has as some way to select up heavy things and they showed the hot skill in her character"s consumer with tight shots on her face. In the ones shots you'll be ready to actually see the resolution and fury that were distinctly missing at the start of the film. The emotional avenue that Joo-ran has to take was well-talked out with the director because there has been such a lot for Bo-yeong to believe and notice when venture a role that encompasses a lot enlargement and change.

One of the largest disputes among critics is regarding the ending. Was the remaining scene truly necessary? Director Lee cites it as a troublesome question, but concludes that he sought after to leave the target market with a satisfied moment between the 2 teenage girls. He concerned about that time when operating the script. Looking at "The Silenced" is like watching two or 3 films, he said, and he idea challenging about what affect to leave audiences with after one of these diversified viewing experience.

The Q&A lasted for kind of twenty mins and was well-received by those in attendance.

You can to find all of our Korea Joa 2015 policy on this page.

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Park Shin Hye Takes On Paris In Glamorous ELLE Korea Pictorial

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(Photo : ELLE Korea ) Park Shin Hye says, "bonjourmes amis" or hello my friends, in her pictorial for the November 2015 issue of ELLE Korea.

On October 22, ELLE Korea released the first photos from the upcoming editorial, which depicts the "Pinocchio" star as the latest muse for renown clothier, Chanel.

Park Shin Hye takes on Paris. (Photo : ELLE Korea ) She embraces the casual, yet emotionally detached attitude of Parisian locals, as she lazes about on a park bench and emerges from a small shop.

Park Shin Hye takes on Paris. (Photo : ELLE Korea ) Park Shin Hye takes on Paris. (Photo : ELLE Korea ) In the preview, ELLE Korea notes her ability to connect with the people she is modeling with, on a deep emotional level.

Taken during her recent trip to France as the Asian representative for Chanel at 2016 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week, each photo captures the essence of her stylish appearance.

Through her relationship with Chanel, Park is elevated to the level of stars like Big Bang"s G-Dragon, who continues to garner attention from international fashion media, as a muse of the renown designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Park Shin Hye recently appeared alongside Girls" Generation member Sooyoung at the Jain Song runway show for 2016 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. Their brilliant, head-turning style generated widespread attention, as photographers noted their carefree interaction and the potential for a budding friendship.

Her attendance at Seoul Fashion Week followed confirmation that she would join EXO"s D.O. (Do Kyung Soo) and Jo Jung Suk in the highly anticipated film, "Hyung."

The full pictorial and feature editorial of her adventures in Paris will be published in the November 2015 issue of ELLE Korea.

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Dara Is Givenchy's Goth Muse In W Korea

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Dara Is Givenchy's Goth Muse In W Korea

2NE1"s Dara was a special guest at Givenchy"s 2015 Spring/Summer collection show during New York Fashion Week. While in New York, the star celebrated her invitation with a special photoshoot at the Williamsburg Bridge.

For the November issue of W Korea, Dara modeled 2015 Fall/Winter creations by the brand. According to Creative Director Riccardo Tisci, the goth yet elegant clothes were inspired by the "Victorian-chola." Dara"s makeup and hairstyle fit the theme and she rocked pink pigtails and glued-on gems.

Dara"s wardrobe was full of all-black combinations, like a see-through top with diamond cutouts and a matching skirt. The look opened the S/S show and included ankle-high leather boots and pearl shaped dangling earrings. The outfit can be seen below during the show.

Another great look, that was more appropriate for the cold of winter, had a red jacket and long skirt. The jacket had no buttons and was kept in place with a black belt and the skirt had a thigh-high slit. The look can be appreciated below.

To represent evening sophistication, Dara wore a classic dress inspired by peacock feathers. The piece has asymmetrical ruffles and can be seen below on the runway.

To check out Dara"s style during Givenchy"s latest show, click here!

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