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K-Pop "It Item" Alert: Park Shin Hye, Dara And Gong Hyo Jin's $1,240 Crop Top

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K-Pop "It Item" Alert: Park Shin Hye, Dara And Gong Hyo Jin's $1,240 Crop Top

Miu Miu is known for its youthful, fun collections with rebellious inspiration. The brand"s Spring 2015 line was no exception, taking its style cues from the 1974 dark comedy Female Trouble and all-girl punk bands. The latest Miu Miu spring item to take magazine pictorials by storm is a ruffled crop top straight from the runway.

Pinocchio actress Park Shin Hye donned the designer piece in her London fashionista pictorial for the April issue of InStyle.

(Photo : EsquireMarie Claire Taiwan) 2NE1"s ageless beauty Sandara Park modeled the recognizable article in the April issue of Esquire. The photoshoot made headlines after Dara posed with two male models, Kim Young and Park Hyeonseop, for the very first time.

Finally, the most recent star to wear the crop top was Gong Hyo Jin. The It"s Okay, That"s Love actress looked radiant in the piece for the May issue of Marie Claire Taiwan.

According to online boutique MyTheresa, "Tap into Miu Miu"s frivolous femininity with this ruffled silk crop top. To complete the look, team the textured, sleeveless design with full skirts and strappy sandals, showing a hint of skin at the waistband."

You can shop for the coveted top below!

Miu Miu Silk Crop Top ($1,240)

(Photo : MyTheresa) To find out about even more trends and "it items" in Korean fashion, click here!

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2NE1"s Dara reveals her unlikely friendship with comedian Park Ji Sun

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2NE1"s Dara revealed her unlikely friendship with comedian Park Ji Sun.

Dara posted the above photo to her Instagram on April 25th as well as the message, "My friend Ji Sun who I can meet when I go to KBS~. Isn"t it a shame that we only meet once a year... We decided to meet more often in the future! It was good to see you, my friend~." Both Dara and Park Ji Sun were born in November of 1984, so they"re same-aged friends.

Fans responded, "I love the both of you," "So charming," "Good to see your friendship," and more.

In other news, Dara will be starring opposite Kang Seung Yoon in the web drama "We Broke Up", which is premiering in June.

Dara dines in with Park Shin Hye!

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Dara dines in with Park Shin Hye!

2NE1 Dara"s very secretive when it comes to her celebrity acquaintances.

Who would have thought that Dara and actress Park Shin Hye are close? At least that what we can assume in the photo where the two dined together.

According to the tweet of Lee Hyo Sup who uploaded the photo, they were eating together with Etude"s CF director Kwang Kwingie and some managers. It happened that Dara and Park Shin Hye were Etude"s models before. The photo was taken at Park Shin Hye"s family restaurant according to fans.

Fans are trying to figure out it the two are up for a collaboration project or just is it just a simple friendly gathering to catch up. Either way, fans are very delighted to see them together.

Sandara (Dara) Park and Thunder (MBLAQ) Show Their Sisterly Love.

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2NE1 member Sandara (Dara) Park and Thunder (MBLAQ) show their sisterly love.

Lately, Thunder (Chundoong) of MBLAQ and his group mates made their comeback with a mini album, “Winter”; Dara has cheered for her little brother.

On November 25th, MBLAQ released their anticipated album, “Winter”; Dara immediately left her sister brother a encourage message on her personal Twitter account, which read, “Sigh..ㅠ.ㅠ,” alongside an emoticon of a thumbs-up sign, as well as “Doong songwriter…the song is so good. wow…” with three more thumbs-up emoticons. Posted with both of these tweets were screen captured images of Dara streaming the tracks “Spring, Summer, Fall, and…” and “The Words, It Will Be Okay.

As this new mini album is composed of self-composed songs by the MBLAQ members themselves, the 2NE1 member especially complimented the work of her younger brother, who took part in composing “The Words, It Will Be Okay.”

Known to have a very close sibling relationship in the music industry, Dara once again proves to be a supportive older sister for Thunder with these encouraging messages.dara twitter mblaq 2 dara twitter mblaq

Yang Hyun Suk discusses future plans for WINNER + Park Bom and Dara"s variety show talents

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Yang Hyun Suk discusses future plans for WINNER + Park Bom and Dara

On August 6, the launching show "2014 S/S GRAND LAUNCH" for WINNER"s debut album took place at the Grand Ballroom at the Conrad Seoul Hotel where Yang Hyun Suk spoke about his future plans for the group in front of the media.

He said, "Kang Seung Yoon appeared on MBC sitcom "High Kick 3," and I thought he was good at acting. Honestly, I think YG is branded as a company that is immensely tight fisted when it comes to variety programs. There was that tendency in the cases of Big Bang and 2NE1.

For WINNER, I want to open more pathways. In the case of Jinwoo, he practiced acting for many years in YG and I am considering how it would be if he acted as a part of his personal activities. Taking off the YG veil up to now, WINNER"s true career is singing, but it is their producer"s dream to guide all of their talents by opening them up to every opportunity."

As Park Bom appeared in SBS"s "Roommate," Yang Hyun Suk was asked, "Did Park Bom appear on variety because she personally wanted to?"

Yang Hyun Suk replied, "In Park Bom"s case, she was someone who was very funny in the reality program "2NE1 TV." Park Bom and Dara always expressed their wish to go on a lot of variety shows. I think that"s how she came to be on a program in which the camera follows her around. Dara says she wants to go on a lot of variety shows, but in my opinion, Dara isn"t that funny."

Are you excited to see the WINNER boys take on more than singing once they officially launch their career as an idol group?

Park Bom, Dara & Lee Sora has a surprise call on LSR Radio

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Park Bom, Dara & Lee Sora has a surprise call on LSR Radio

Park Bom, Dara and Lee Sora had a surprise call on LSR Radio.

A man called and introduced himself saying, "I'm a 34 year-old man living in Seoul Seongbukdong. I'm now living with Lee Sora and Park Bom. I'm filming in Kangwondo and heard Lee Sora's radio so I sent this. I miss you guys."

Bom responded saying, "I miss you too."

The man continued to tease. He said, "Dara-yang... Dara visit us. This is the song I want to request. 2NE1's Baby I Miss You"

Eventually, Bom realized that it's actor Lee Dong Wook.

Lee Dong Wook, Park Bom and Lee Sora are part of SBS' 'Roommate.'

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Park Yoochun to meet Japanese fans of 2012 drama 'Missing You'

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Park Yoochun to meet Japanese fans of 2012 drama 'Missing You'

Even though the MBC's drama 'Missing You' was originally aired in Korea in 2012, it is still making a noise and getting more followers until today.

Particularly, Park Yoochun's character as Han Jung-woo was well-received by the drama's Japanese viewers. With that, Yoochun will hold a fan meeting event on July 9th in Japan.

Anticipate his presence and performance for the avid viewers of 'Missing You.'

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2NE1 Bom, Falls In Love With 'Doom Dara Park' "Please Take A Picture With Me"

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Girl group 2NE1"s member Bom revealed a picture with her member Dara. (Photo : instagram) Girl group 2NE1"s member Bom revealed a picture with her member Dara.

Yesterday, Bom posted on her Instagram, "I said "I joined your fan club after falling in love with you at the YG family concert. Please take a picture with me~" and Doom Dara so willingly accepted my request. I am a fan" along with a picture.

In the picture, Dara is dressed as Big Bang"s member TOP from his song "Doom Dada", making a serious look. She had a big bow in the front of her outfit with a red fur mustache on her face, doing a parody of TOP. Behind her is Bom with a big mic, posing for the camera.

Internet users who saw this commented, "They"re so cute", "She looks good in that outfit", and "2NE1 is such a unique group".

Photo Credit: Bom Instagram

J.Y. Park to debut another girl group in 2012?

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J.Y. Park to debut another girl group in 2012?

The JYP Entertainment team seems to be making big moves. With a mysterious teaser featuring J.Y.Park playing the piano and a title of JYP introducing, there were hints at the possibility of a new artist debuting in the near future.

The teaser was released on the 26th via JYPs official homepage as well as J.Y. Parks Twitter page. He wore a black suit and sat before a grand piano, playing a melodious ballad piece. On his Twitter, he also wrote, Its my first project of 2012. Whose song do you think it is?

Some circles around him are speculating that he may be creating a second generation of Wonder Girls. Like Wonder Girls and miss A, they expect his new girl group to become just as talented and established in the music industry.

And as the Wonder Girls are currently promoting in the States, the fans are eager to see a JYP girl group in Korea as well.

JYP Entertainment remarked, This is first line up being unveiled by JYP in 2012. We feel a lot of people may be surprised. We ask you to look forward to this new project, for which J.Y. Park devoted his heart and soul.

Whatever it is, it sounds exciting. Stay tuned to allkpop for updates!

2NE1 Bom and Dara Reveal World Tour Plans and Upcoming New Single at Double Park Press Conference

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2NE1 Bom and Dara Reveal World Tour Plans and Upcoming New Single at Double Park Press Conference 2NE1 members Dara and Bom hold press conference on Nov. 18 After sparking curiosity among their fans by announcing an urgent press conference, 2NE1members Bomand Dara(affectionately referred to as Double Park) finally let everyone in on what is coming up for their group.

The hilarious press conference parody video was uploaded to the official 2NE1 YouTube channel in which Bom and Dara announce several big things including a world tour, new song, and a solo single from Minzy.

Double Park first revealed that 2NE1 will embark on a world tour in March 2014 that will being in Korea and take them across Asia making stops in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan.

The next announcement was that the girl group will drop a new single "I Miss You" at midnight on November 21.The song, according to Dara, is good for the nighttime, which is why they are releasing it late.

They also detailed that they both cried during to the recording process for "I Miss You" and Dara added that one member's outfit had no cost, leaving many to wonder what that could be about.

Bom and Dara showed off some teaser images that were difficult to see, and Dara joked she prepared the photos as such because she heard the reporters have really good eyesight.

In a final bit of exciting news, Double Park revealed that another 2NE1 member, Minzyrecently recorded a new solo track and will be releasing it soon.

The press conference video ends with a teaser for the "I Miss You" music video.

You can watch the Double Park press conference below and stay tuned for the teaser images and upcoming new single from 2NE1 later this week.