Dara gives fans a glimpse of her very own ‘Dara TV’!

Dara gives fans a glimpse of her very own ‘Dara TV’!

Shortly after opening up her very own YouTube channel, former 2NE1 member Dara will finally be greeting fans with her very own ‘Dara TV’!

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YG Entertainment artists are known for their ‘TV’ series, including ‘2NE1 TV’, ‘WINNER TV’, and more. In a brief introduction of her new YouTube series, Dara said, 

I’m finally back with Dara TV today July 7, 2017 !! 

This channel is all about my daily life.

I will show you my everything which 

I couldn’t show you through On Air before, 

more friendly, freely, and extremely.

I’ve missed u guys so so much…!!

I hope this channel could be a connection between me and you,

so please be with Dara TV!

You can catch footage of Dara from all the way back during her pre-debut days, to right now in 2017, through ‘Dara TV’, the first clip of which you can watch above!

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