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Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney and more have reportedly confirmed their participation in this year KCON taking place in LA

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Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney, Son Ho Jun and Ki Hong Lee To Attend KCON 2015 LA Exciting new for K-Drama fans who will be going to KCON 2015 in LA. It has been announced that Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney, Son Ho Jun and Ki Hong Lee will be attending the event!

Kim Soo Hyun, who has recently wrapped Producers has become one of the biggest names in K-Drama in the past few years. Other notable dramas include Dream High, Moon Embracing the Sun, and My Love From Another Star.

Daniel Henney, who had his start in the Korean drama My Lovely Sam Soon, has went on to star in US television programs such as Three Rivers, Hawaii Five-0, and movies X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Big Hero 6.

Son Ho Jun is best known for playing the character Haitai in the drama Reply 1994. Since garnering numerous Best New Actor nominations for the role, he has appeared as a regular member and guest star in some of the most popular Korean variety shows including Three Meals A Day, Youth Over Flowers, and Running Man.

Ki Hong Lee is a Korean American actor who is most known for his role in the US movie The Maze Runner.

KCON LA is a three-day convention that features concerts, celebrity panels, autograph sessions, workshops, and more. It will be held from July 31 to August 2 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Saturday and Sunday nights will features concerts at the Staples Center.

Visit their official site for more information and tickets.

Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney and Son Ho Jun Confirmed for KCON 2015 LA

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Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney and Son Ho Jun Confirmed for KCON 2015 LA

--> Some major names in hallyu are heading stateside for KCON 2015 LA!

On July 9, KCON announced through a press release that Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney and Son Ho Jun will be making an appearance at the LA convention, which will be held over three days, from July 31 to August 2, at the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center.

KCON also revealed that these stars will be among 90 celebrities in the drama and musical worlds that are set to make an appearance at the festivities this summer.

From the K-Pop world, AOA, Block B, GOT7, Monsta X, Red Velvet, Roy Kim, Shinhwa, SISTAR, Super Junior and Zion.T & Crush will be performing at KCON 2015 LA, while AOA, Girls′ Generation, Teen Top and VIXX will be taking to the stage at KCON 2015 NY.

Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney, Ki Hong Lee And Son Ho Jun Will Appear At KCON LA

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Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney, Ki Hong Lee And Son Ho Jun Will Appear At KCON LA

(Photo : Semir ) North American K-Drama fans, rejoice! "Producer" star Kim Soo Hyun has been added to the lineup of KCON LA, along with Daniel Henney, Ki Hong Leeand Son Ho Jun.

On July 9, KCON 2015 USA organizers announced the addition of the four stars to the lineup of the upcoming event, which will be held in Los Angeles from July 31 through August 2.

Kim Soo Hyun recently led the cast of the KBS docu-drama, "Producer," along with Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun and K-pop solo vocalist IU. Prior to his portrayal of Baek Seung Chan, the 27-year-old star captured the hearts of K-Drama fans as Do Min Joon in the pan-Asian hit, "My Love from the Star."

Korean-American actor Daniel Henney recently provided the voice for Tadashi Hamada in the Academy Award-winning film, "Big Hero 6." His K-Drama career was launched with his breakout role in "My Lovely Sam Soon," despite his limited ability to speak Korean. In Fall 2015, Henney will star in "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders."

Actor Son Ho Jun won the hearts of viewers as Haitai in "Reply 1994." The role led to appearances on popular variety shows including "Three Meals a Day" and "Running Man."

Korean-American star Ki Hong Lee is the breakout star of the 2014 film, "The Maze Runner." He went on to generate buzz for his portrayal as Dong Nguyen in the Netflix comedy, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt."

Tickets and schedule information can be obtained through the website for KCON USA. To learn more about Daniel Henney and Ki Hong Lee, check out their exclusive interviews with KDramaStars.


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Daniel Henney Talks About ‘Big Hero 6’ And His Upcoming American TV Show [Exclusive Interview]

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Daniel Henney provided the voice acting for Tadashi Hamada in (Photo : Walt Disney Pictures ) Daniel Henney has an extensive acting career which originated in Korea when he captivated audiences as Dr. Henry Kim in My Lovely Sam Soon. Henney provided the voice for Tadashi Hamada in the Walt Disney Pictures animated film, Big Hero 6.The film has received numerous honors since its U.S. theatrical release in November 2014, including the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film and the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. KDramastars spoke to the actor during a phone interview where he talked about his voice role in Big Hero 6, and his experiences as an Asian American star in Hollywood.

He is a lifelong Disney fan who enthusiastically joined the cast of Big Hero 6 voice actors which included Ryan Potter, Jamie Chung, T.J. Miller, and Damon Wayans Jr. Henney passionately expressed his joy over the project, To have the opportunity to participate in the 54th animated film from Disney was a huge blessing for me. I did not realize that it was going to be such as special film.

The animated film has received strong support from the Asian American and Asian communities abroad, for its nuanced portrayal of characters like Tadashi and Hiro Hamada. While the 1998 animated feature Mulan emphasized Chinese culture, Big Hero 6 provides an Asian American perspective through its plot and setting in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. Henney weighed in on these themes and impact of film has had on Hollywood, There were a lot of themes in the film that I was proud to be a part of. The Asian theme and its prevalence in the movie, I think it was a first. It was a point of pride for me to see that this was film that could open doors and could move us forward.

Big Hero 6 premiered amidst increased interest from Hollywood in the Asian community. While the ABC romantic comedy Selfie failed to attract ratings, the network has experienced success with the family series Fresh Off The Boat. The Korean-American actor reflected on the increased opportunities have emerged within Hollywood. He stated, Everything is becoming more globalized. The movie business and the TV industry is changing. There is a huge Asian presence in the United States. People are now realizing that. With movies like Big Hero 6, even though it is animated, doors are opening.

He continued to explore the issue, These projects wouldnt have been there, years ago. There are so many doors that are opening now. I think that its a natural progression. I think it is important for us, as Asian Americans and Asians, to make sure we are ready.

Daniel Henney provided the voice acting for Tadashi Hamadi in (Photo : Walt Disney Pictures ) Henney thought that the filming experience was a liberating one, as compared to scripted live-action projects. His Korean movie roles have included the 2006 romantic comedy Seducing Mr. Perfect and the 2013 espionage comedy, The Spy: Undercover Operations. The opportunity to make his Hollywood debut came through a role in the 2009 action film X Men Origins: Wolverine. He had previously provided voice acting for smaller roles in Korea but had never contributed to a large-scale animated film.

Daniel Henney provided the voice for Tadashi Hamada in (Photo : Walt Disney Pictures ) He explained the process behind his Big Hero 6 role, There really is no script when you are doing an animated movies. There is a basic layout, theres a storyboard. The producers and the directors know where the movie is going. Every time you go in [as a voice actor], you get different pages. I hadnt seen the movie in its entirety until after I had finished. So, I was super excited when I watched it.

His enthusiasm about the film came through when he began to explore in role in-depth. He stated, Every time I would go in, I would let loose. Playing a guy like Tadashi, who was neat, pure and such a good young man, made me a better person. I was very proud of the experience.

Big Hero 6 received strong support from fans throughout the world but Henney was touched by the warm reception of audiences in Korea. The film faced stiff competition when it debuted in Korea, facing off against the colossal domestic film Ode to My Father and the Lee Min Ho crime flick Gangnam 1970. Henney spoke about the fierce competition the filmed faced and his Korean promotional activities, I went with producers to Korea, to promote the film. The response was absolutely incredible. By the second week, we were the biggest film in Korea. We held the top spot for awhile, which is not easy to do.

He continued to addressed the film industry in Korea, What I love about Korea, is that they love their Korean movies. They love to watch their dramas and their movies. For Big Hero to come in and do as well as it did was pretty special. Around the world, the response has been incredible. It feels good.

While he continues to maintain strong ties with Korea and its entertainment industry, his next project will be aimed at American audiences. He explained, I am starting a TV show, here in the States. Its important for me, if we shoot for a show for six or seven months, to leave the latter months aside for a project in Korea. I am always looking for the right one. I dont ever want to do something just for the sake of doing it.

Korea served as the launching pad for his acting career, a point whose significance is not lost on Henney. His fondness for the nation is expressed through his time spent in the country, when he is not filming in the United States. He continued to speak about the Korean entertainment industry and his pursuit of quality projects, For all the great dramas that come out of Korea and all the great movies, there are tons that dont make an impact. I want to make sure that the one that I do is a good project. It is important to me and I want to do something soon, in Korea. It is a very special place to work, I owe everything to the country.

His parting message for his fans emphasized the importance of supporting Korean and other Asian actors of other nationalities. He said, For all of you who are lovers of K-Drama, movies, and Korean actors: Keep supporting us. Give constructive criticism but we appreciate your support. At the end of the day, we are all trying to fight the same fight and hustle for new work. We love your support; we read what you have to say and we see it. We are very proud to be doing as well as we are now.

The accomplished actor then provided information about his upcoming American television program, which is a spin-off of the CBS crime procedural drama Criminal Minds. He enthusiastically spoke about his role on the show, My next project in the United States is a Criminal Minds spin-off with Gary Sinise. For the first time, Im getting to play the American stud, which is a pretty big step forward for Asian Americans. My character is a married father who has served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. This type of role has never been done by an Asian American. I am hoping you guys and support that. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen.

Daniel Henney has experienced many triumphs since his career began with My Lovely Sam Soon. He continues to serve as a bridge between the entertainment industries in Hollywood and Korea. As more roles for Asian and Asian American actors are created, the untold stories of countless people will be explored.

Criminal Minds is currently in development but KDramastars will continue to track the progress of the series. Big Hero 6 is currently available on Blu-Ray and Disney Movies Anywhere.

Daniel Henney Is Sophisticated In S/S 2015 Pespow

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(Photo : Pespow) Actor Daniel Henney is ruggedly handsome in his latest pictorial for the Lotte Home Shopping brand, Pespow.

In the photos, the star is dressed in a mix of casual and business wear. Grey cross-hash slacks are paired with a red sweater and white button-down shirt to create an effortless look. The jeans featured in the shoot make a fashion-forward statement.

(Photo : Pespow) He maintains a regal presence throughout the shoot, highlighting the layered looks presented by Pespow. Sparse interior and exterior shots provide an emphasis on the limited color scheme incorporated in the pictorial.

His pictorial was chronicled in previously released behind-the-scenes footage.

Henney recently provided the voice of Tadashi Hamada in the award winning animated film, Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 received the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature on February 22 and was previously honored with the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Daniel Henney for Pespow. (Photo : Pespow ) Daniel Henney for Pespow. (Photo : Pespow ) Tadashi Hamada is the big brother and mentor of Hiro Hamada. He is also the creator of Baymax, a personal assistance robot.

Big Hero 6 created a unique opportunity for Henney, who has enjoyed an extensive career in Korean entertainment and Hollywood. His breakout K-Drama role was in the 2005 romantic comedy My Lovely Sam Soon. He portrayed Dr. Henry Kim, a physician who was hopelessly in love with Yoo Hee Jin (Jung Ryeo Won.).

He followed My Lovely Sam Soon with the Korean film, Seducing Mr. Perfect. Seducing Mr. Perfect also starred actress and K-pop vocalist Uhm Jung Hwa (A Witch"s Romance).

Brian Park of “Superstar K” decided to sign up for the agency that made Daniel Henney popular

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Brian Park of “Superstar K” decided to sign up for the agency that made  Daniel Henney popular

The talented contestant of Superstar K Season 6”  Brian Park has made decision to sign uo for the prominent entertainment agency Apple of the Eye.

This agency has been known to succesully create new stars such as  Daniel Henney who plays in the Hollywood film called"Wolverine” and CBS drama show  “Three Rivers,” and another star named Kane Kosugi.

A representative for the agency explained, “Brian Park was studying clarinet at a famous music institute, Mannes College of Music in New York. But he will not be going back to school, and will instead stay in Korea to pursue a career as a musician and entertainer.”

The spokesperson added, “The combination of his unique musical style and his huge star potential can help us to begin a new era of entertainment business in Asia and beyond.”

The agency also mentioned that fans could expect Brian Park to work with famous music producers from Korea and abroad, and noted, “We will add our full support to ensure great results for him.”

Daniel Henney reveals he practices speaking Korean with his dog on "Entertainment Relay"

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Daniel Henney reveals he practices speaking Korean with his dog on

Daniel Henneygreeted fans in Korea for his animated film "Big Hero 6" on the January 17th installment ofKBS 2TV"s "Entertainment Relay"!

When asked, ""Frozen" surpassed 10 million viewers [in Korea], becoming the first animated film to do so. If this movie surpasses 10 million viewers [in Korea], do you have a commitment you would fulfill to return the love?",Daniel Henney shared, "If it reaches 10 million viewers [in Korea], I will go to a movie theater and hug the entire audience."

Daniel also revealed how he communicates with his dog Mango, sharing, "I practice speaking Korean with Mango. That"s why I"m not improving."He then gave a video shout-out to his dog, saying, "Mango yah! Are you okay? Are you doing well? Stop calling me. My phone bill is getting too expensive. You don"t have much to say anyway. Ok. Be good. See you soon. Bye!"

He also revealed that he wants to do a production in Korea this year.

‘Big Hero 6’ Is Coming To Blu-Ray, Features Voice Acting By Daniel Henney, Jamie Chung

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Daniel Henney (Photo : ) Disneys animated film Big Hero 6 will be released digitally and on Blu-Ray this February. The 2014 hit film included voice acting by Daniel Henney (My Lovely Sam Soon, The Fugitive: Plan B) and Korean-American actress Jamie Chung (The Hangover II).

Big Hero 6 features characters from Marvel Comics and focuses on the tale of Hiro Hamada, a fourteen-year old robotics wizkid. Hiro lives in San Fransokyo, a futuristic city that is a mashup of Tokyo and San Francisco. Robotics are Hiros hobby but his brother, Tadashi, believes he is capable of more than tinkering in a makeshift workshop.

Daniel Henney provides the voice for Tadashi. Tadashi mentors Hiro by bringing him to his college robotics lab, where Hiro is introduced to Baymax. Baymax is a specialized healthcare robot created by Tadashi.

Hiro develops a greater passion for robotics, through his interactions with Baymax and Tadashis friends Fred, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and GoGo. Jamie Chung lends her voice for GoGo Tomago. GoGo is one of the Marvel Comics superheroes who were included with Big Hero 6. She is explosively hyperactive and fiercely athletic.

The prevailing theme of Big Hero 6 is that robots can be created for the better good of humanity, if they are properly made and utilized.

Big Hero 6 will be released on Digital HD and the Disney Movies Anywhere distribution platform on February 3. The film will be released on Blu-Ray on February 24.

Daniel Henney Makes Comeback To Silver Screen In Hollywood Movie

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Daniel Henney Makes Comeback To Silver Screen In Hollywood Movie

At the press conference for the Disney and Marvel collaboration movie "Big Hero 6, " the half-blood prince Daniel Henry talked about his upcoming Hollywood movie.

A representative of Daniel Henney told the press, "It is true that there are limitation in the roles [that he can take]. In Korea, there's a limit in the roles that are offered. It's limited to roles such as a person who came from America. If he were able to develop a character from the beginning like in a movie, then it would be okay."

The actor also added  that he is currently working on producing a new American drama series that deals with the hardships that Asian actors may face working in Hollywood. He said, "I can"t tell you much in detail, but I am preparing an American drama right now. A writer, who I've work with in the past, is currently writing the script. We were thinking about how to work through the limited roles that Asian actors have in Hollywood have and see how it can be solved as a protagonist [in the drama]."

He also revealed that it will be an action drama and hinted that his role will be "cool," garnering much attention for its release.

Meanwhile, you can catch more of Daniel Henney's soothing and warm voice through the hit Disney and Marvel collaboration film, "Big Hero 6".

Daniel Henney Left Onlookers Swooning With His "Perfect Man" On "GQ" Magazine

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Daniel Henney Left Onlookers Swooning With His

Actor Daniel Henney has once again left onlookers swooning with his manly showed off through his latest  pictorials for “GQ” magazine.

Flaunting his incredible height and proportions and chiseled jawline, the actor definitely embodied the perfect man of every girl"s dream! The pictorial was shot in LA and the actor fit right in looking stylish from head to toe.

You can check out the full pictorial with Daniel Henney in the December issue of "GQ Korea"