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JYJ's Jaejoong Looking Good for Fashion Week

TV personality Hong Suk Cheon recently shared a photo of handsome JYJ member Jaejoong at Fashion Week.

The photo was shared on Hong Suk Cheon’s twitter with the following message, “My younger brother Jaejoong who made a fabulous appearance at Seoul Fashion Week. He kept his promise to Lee Sang Bong and looks stylish to boot- really looking forward to hearing your album! I’m having fun taking photos like a paparazzi. Doesn’t Jaejoong have a marvelous fashion sense?” Hong Suk Cheon and Jaejoong appeared to be close friends, seeing as how Hong Suk Cheon affectionately referred to Jaejoong as his non-blood related sibling. 

In the photo, Jaejoong is seated by the runway wearing a dalmatian print sweater and sunglasses. Jaejoong and Hong Suk Cheon attended the “2013 S/S Seoul Fashion Week” featuring designer Lee Sang Bong’s collection

DMTN's Daniel Sentenced to 1 Year in Jail

DMTN’s Daniel Sentenced to 1 Year in Jail

Daniel Choi, member of K-pop group DMTN (formerly Dalmatian) and former MC for Pops in Seoul, has been sentenced to a fine and one year of jail time for his role in distribution and selling of marijuana.

Daniel, along with five others, was first indicted earlier this year in March for selling, introducting, and using the drug. Daniel admitted to all charges and though the prosecution asked for one year of jail time, his lawyers argued for leniency. Unfortunately, leniency was not granted and Daniel will be spending the next year in jail.

On a related note, Cha No-ah, son of actor Cha Seung-won, also received his sentence for his usage of marijuana and was sentenced to two years of probation

Most Epic K-pop Album Covers of All Time

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Album covers are equivalent to a person's face. It's the first thing you see, you judge, and you notice. Without an album cover no one knows what you are about or who you are as an artist. It is the introduction to your entire album, it represents your music and your songs and the more epic and knowing your cover is, the chances are that someone will pick it up and give it a listen. Let's take a look at some of the best K-pop album covers of all time!

Jay Park's "New Breed" was dope to say the least. Dressed in a crisp suit with a skeleton face painted on, "New Breed" was a whole new Jay we hadn't seen before. It's definitely one of my favorite covers of all time.

Dalmatian's first self-entitled album is one of my favorite covers of all time but only because "101 Dalmatians" was my one of my favorite Disney films growing up

Fantasy K-Pop Collab: B2ST Yoseob + Robin Thicke

B2ST, Yoseob, collaboration

Yoseob + Robin Thicke

The point of Fantasy K-Pop Collab is to bridge the gap between K-Pop and mainstream music around the world to show that while there are a lot of unique elements, music of all forms and genres can easily mix together.This is especially true when you are combining artists who are not only very talented, but who have something different and intriguing to share with the world.

This week our imaginary mashup features two incredibly gifted singers from opposite sides of the world, but who share the same kind of mesmerizing performance quality and equally impressive pipes: B2ST's Yang Yoseob and Canadian-American singer-songwriter Robin Thicke.

The two singers may be a generation apart, but their unique voices and creative presentations have attracted fans around the globe

Who’s best on shows? Camera-ready canines

Eunshil the Lhasa Apso was picked to appear in "The Tower" for her luxury appeal.

Inside every dog owner lies a notion that their precious pooch may have what it takes to be the next Lassie.

And it's not hard to see why. The world is doggone mad about the four-legged creature that we call man's best friend. You need not look very far to notice the little outfits, the strollers and the rise of organic pet food you see everywhere, often costing more than human grub.

Animal programs are a huge hit, and in line with this phenomenon, there is a demand for camera-ready canines.

Some dogs can earn hundreds of thousand won for an appearance, whether it is for fashion catalogues or TV shows.

But behind such super dogs are even more exceptional owners that invest their time, money and all that they have to the cause of making their dogs superstars, or close to it

DMTN Member Daniel Arrested on Marijuana-Related Charges

DMTN member Daniel was arrested for being involved in drug trafficking.

Police announced on March 12 that it had questioned Daniel on drug-related charges, and had decided to take the case to prosecution.

Daniel was originally under suspicion of smoking and selling marijuana with his friends between September and December in 2012, but after drug tests turned out negative, was only charged for trafficking the drug. The singer admitted to a part of the charges during questioning.

DMTN′s agency, 2Works, issued a press release on March 12 to clear up the charges being pressed against the singer and to apologize.

"DMTN member Daniel was put under investigation on related charges from March 9, and was then sent home. He is being charged for the recruitment and placement [of drug traffickers]," the release read.

The agency added that Daniel had initially come under suspicion of smoking the drug, but hair, urine and dope tests turned out negative

K-pop Review: Safety Zone by DMTN

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Safety Zone


DMTN, formerly Dalmatian, made a bit of a surprise comeback with single, "Safety Zone."

"Safety Zone" is a good song, its catchy, and I love it. This sound is what I think will become DMTN's signature. I am thrilled that despite the change in agency DMTN is continuing with this 'beastly-esque' image, and more R&B genre, because this is the style of music fans will remember DMTN for, more so than what they did for the first year of of their debut prior to "E.R."


I did have problems with line distribution

DMTN releases extended version of "Safety Zone" MV

Currently promoting their comeback track "Safety Zone," DMTN unveils the extended version for their official music video.

On February 12th, 2Works Entertainment released an extended version for the music video, highlighting the additional cuts not included in the original music video. The second version contained more solo shots of the members and extended footage of their full fight scene. The extra cutswere released solely to the delight of their loyal fans.

DMTN, formerly known as Dalmatian, returned with their newest single "Safety Zone" last January and is now promoting under 2Works Entertainment. What do you think of the extended clip?

Source: 2WorksEnt

Top 20 Best Selling K-Pop Idol Albums of All Time? ‘Rankings for Idols Since Debut’

K-Pop, Idol

Top 20 Best Selling K-Pop Idol Albums of All Time? Rankings for Idols Since Debut Top 20 Best Selling K-Pop Idol Albums of All Time? Rankings for Idols Since Debut

Here are the numbers for the K-Pop idol groups best selling albums.

While numbers are not that important when it comes to which idol group sold better, it is always nice to see how well a certain group is doing.

When looking at the top selling albums around the world, it seems that the idol groups that have been around longer will most likely be on the list rather than rookie groups.

This list was based on an online community board that was created by an online user.

Here is the list for the 'Top 20 Best Selling K-Pop Groups of All Time'

1. TVXQ - 11,152,585


DMTN unveils “Safety Zone” MV

The idol group formally known as Dalmatian is returning with a new name ‘DMTN’ and a new single.
After much teasing, the group finally unveiled the full music video for “Safety Zone”. It is a medium-tempo track produced by Duble Sidekick, who also worked with the boys for “E.R”.

DMTN recently left IS Entermedia Group and decided to sign with a new label, 2Works Entertainment. Stands for “Desire, Motivation, Timing, Now”, the name was thought up of by member Daniel, and indicates a new chapter for the group.

Check out the MV below: