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Find out who is in the reputable '2015 MAMA' line-up!

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Find out who is in the reputable '2015 MAMA' line-up!

To say '2015 MAMA' is an expectedfinish of the year awards display is an understatement. It is amassivematch with performances by skill ofthe head stars which make headlines each year. 

But which celebrities are going to be officially a section of this year's 'Mnet Asian Tune Awards'? Let's to find out below!

The reliable line-up of artists showedthus far are (in alphabetical order):

BTS (first comeback performance)

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

Pet Shop Boys (foreign act)

Lineup of presenters representing film, drama, music and diversity are (in no specific order):

As up to now announced, FNC artists CNBLUE, F.T. Island and AOA, in addition EXID may now not be attending the event.

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What do you suspect of the 2015 line-up?

Review: Superstar Makeup Artist PONY’s Makeup Line PONY Effect

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Review: Superstar Makeup Artist PONY’s Makeup Line PONY Effect

Following the luck and approval for her makeup collaborations with global cosmetics corporate Memebox, superstar makeup artist PONY has introduced her very own makeup line called PONY Effect! We attempted out the hot products ourselves to offer an in-depth and truthful review for Soompiers.

“That Girl” is PONY’s first collection for her new makeup line. This collection comprises an eyeshadow palette, contour palette, 3 lipsticks, and 4 nail polishes. Each product has gorgeous and graceful packaging whole with the stylish PONY Effect logo. maximum products come with PONY’s signature purple and purple colors.

Since PONY’s old eyeshadow palettes with Memebox are her most neatly liked products, let’s get started with her That lady Fever Shadow Palette. The palette involves three matte, four shimmer, and two glitter eyeshadows. They truly are sleek and silky whilst being simple to blend. The packaging could also be truly convenient as it'll are compatible into the palm of your hand and incorporates a massive reflect during which you'll view all of your face. With some K-pop encouraged names like Overdose, Pretty Liar, and Just 10 Seconds, the shadows are ideal for daily and special occasions. We integrated swatches (from left to appropriate beginning with the primary row) for you below! The shadows are if fact be told more colourful and wonderful in person. under the affect of alcohol Dial, in particular, is a excellent looking duochrome blue-brown.

Strobing is all of the rage in each unmarried place the world. And for smart reason why too! Highlighting and contouring is helping you accentuate your features, create dimension, and slender your face. That Girl Luminous Contour Palette makes it more straightforward by way of combining two strobing sun shades and two contouring shades in one at hand palette. those powders also are silky mushy and the palette is a similar length as the eyeshadow palette (including the huge mirror!). This palette is most fitted for folks with a gentle to medium skin tone and excellent for a herbal glow. That you may also use them as eyeshadows! See our swatches (from left to right) below:

No makeup glance is comprehensive without a lip color. PONY designed That Girl Outfit Lipsticks to counterpoint three other outfits/occasions. Noble Brunch is a warm pink nude compatible for any instance and wonderful to pair with darker eye makeup. pricey Dinner is a flattering berry red. Lastly, Vivid Club is a stylish plum burgundy. These lipsticks are all very moisturizing, complete coverage, and feature a pleasant satin finish. They are very best to take merit of for the ever popular gradient lip as they are relaxed and straightforward to layer. Best of all, the lipsticks have magnetic packaging which guarantees that you won’t get lipstick right through your stuff as the lids close magnetically. have a look at our swatches below:

That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer is optimal for iciness and the holidays. The jewel-toned colours are ambitious and dazzling. Birthday celebration Fever is a shimmery plum purple, Sensual Seduction is a shimmery middle of the night blue, Be mind's eye is a shimmery woodland green, and Illusion Glass is apparent with chunky opalescent cellophane foil. We swatched them on our nails for you. The opalescent glitter may also be used as a height coat for a modern foil nail look.

All of the pieces in the line are actually top of the range and utterly covet-worthy. Which products are you most interested in?

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Fever Shadow Palette

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Luminous Contour Palette

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Outfit Lipsticks

Buy PONY Effect That Girl Illusion Nail Lacquer

Ji Sung returns as Yona to meet his love line with Park search engine optimization Joon in parody 'Yona was once Pretty'

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Ji Sung returns as Yona to meet his love line with Park search engine optimization Joon in parody 'Yona was once Pretty'

Move aside, Hwang Jung Eum!  A parody has been unveiled online to people"s delight, combining "She Was Pretty" and "Kill Me, Heal Me."  Park Seo Joon stars in both, and in the latter, had slightly of a romance (or in all probability a bromance) with one of the most seven identities of Ji Sung"s character, a prime faculty lady named Yona, who beaten on him.

The parody is known as "Yona was Pretty," and presentations Yona going after the affections of the bloodless Park Seo Joon from "She Was Pretty."  It"s pretty lovely and funny - now not to mention, incredibly smartly edited.  If you were keen on either dramas, you no doubt wish to test it out above!

Krystal jokes with Kim Woo-bin's 'You're so pretty' line

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Krystal jokes with Kim Woo-bin's 'You're so pretty' line

Krystal was once fairly stunned at the mention of Kim Woo-bin.

f(x) Krystal starred in the SBS Vitality FM radio display "Two O"Clock Cult Two Show". Kim Tae-gyoon said, "Park Hae-jin, Lee Jong-suk, Kim Woo-bin and masses of other male celebrities have stated that you"re their ideal type".

They teased her saying, "Didn"t you assert Kim Woo-bin changed into your ideal type?" and Krystal said, "We never shared a non-public communique whilst making the drama. I did make a shaggy dog story with his line, "You"re pretty" in the drama".

Jeong Chan-woo added, "She"s red in the face" and Krystal said, "It"s so embarrassing being concerned with like that".

Meanwhile, f(x) Victoria, Amber and Krystal seemed as visitors at the "Two O"Clock Cult Two Show". Luna was absent for the musical "In The Heights".

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Jessica printed to be new face of upcoming makeup line J.ESTINA RED

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Jessica printed to be new face of upcoming makeup line J.ESTINA RED

Jessica has been revealed to be the hot face of the impending makeup line J.ESTINA RED by style emblem J.ESTINA.

The former Girls" Generation member will get started endorsing the makeup line as the exclusive version on November 7 when she"ll also hang a fan signing event. A rep from J.ESTINA RED commented, "Jessica introduced her own brand "BLANC & ECLARE", and she has a prime working out of style in addition numerous hobby in beauty. She"s a classy icon no longer best locally yet internationally, and she"ll be suggesting daily, smart makeup to everybody as an exclusive model."

J.ESTINA RED may be reported to be making plans to collaborate with Jessica"s own brand BLANC & ECLARE. 

In similar news, Jessica and her boyfriend Tyler Kwon were currently reported to be beginning up a makeup brand.

SEVENTEEN’s Rapper Line Is an attractive Hip-Hop Unit for Cosmopolitan

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SEVENTEEN’s Rapper Line Is an attractive Hip-Hop Unit for Cosmopolitan

The type mag Cosmopolitan makes a speciality of the 13 member boy band SEVENTEEN. Cosmopolitan sat down with the hip-hop unit members Wonwoo, S.Coups, Mingyu, and Vernon for a photo shoot and interview.

Check out the transcript of the interview below:

Q: You got here back to unencumber your 2nd mini-album “Boys Be” a month after you released your first album “17 Carat.” Isn’t that the shortest quantity of time spent between freeing albums when put next to other idol groups?

S.Coups: We don’t think that’s too short of a timeframe. We would have liked to reintroduce ourselves to each person once possible. A month felt too long.

Q: There are 3 other gadgets inside of SEVENTEEN. Cosmopolitan chose the hip-hop unit. Why do you're thinking that is?

Wonwoo: in all probability we’re the most fascinating group?

Mingyu: You understand how Cosmopolitan is “sexy and hot?” In that sense, our hip-hop unit is well suited with Cosmopolitan.

S.Coups: We at all times say the hip-hop unit looks after the visual essence of SEVENTEEN, haha.

Q: What differentiates SEVENTEEN from other idol groups?

Mingyu: We’re filled with energy! Whilst you see us, you turn out to be happy, you laugh, and feel energized.

Q: It should be tough to sing their own praises your personal charm jumbled together among 13 members. What form of charm would you need to have to attraction for your fans?

Vernon: I for my part would like to sing their own praises more rapping. I don’t feel like I’ve in reality conducted my all.

Wonwoo: That’s our not unusual purpose as the hip-hop unit.

S.Coups: each and every of has more preference for rap. We all have alternative styles. We wish to display our own authentic spin.

Mingyu: SEVENTEEN conveyed a bright, boyish thought for the first and moment album. I would like to turn off more sexy and masculine aspect folks in the future.

Q: No wonder you all were striking sexy poses.

Mingyu: That’s right, I know anything about our team’s sexy charisma, haha.

Q: The identify song of the second one album “Mansae” is set shouting hooray when your ideal lady looks at you. What kind of woman brings SEVENTEEN contributors to shout for joy?

S.Coups: a lady who is pro and works hard in her field. My ideal variety of woman is Nicki Minaj those days. It’s amazing to glance at her rap passionately on stage.

Wonwoo: I have my romantic symbol of a woman. A woman who is sitting through the window in cushy sunlight reading a book. Like a scene out of a music video. I believe I’ll fall for a lady like that.

Q: what kind of date do you will have to move on with your ideal woman?

Mingyu: I need to go back and forth to lovely places. I’ve consistently sought after to travel with any individual I love.

Vernon: My dream is to also travel around the sector with someone I love. I be mindful what Tom Hanks stated once. He said once you have someone you actually love, check out traveling the area with that person. At the finish of the trip, if you’re still in love with that person, it’s true love. I wish to enjoy that.

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Im Si Wan Signs On For 'On Line'

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Im Si Wan Signs On For 'On Line'

Im Si Wan has confirmed his participation in the film currently titled "One Line." That means he gets to play a bad guy this time. He will play the leader of a ring of con artists who attempt to pull off a major case of insurance fraud.

Im Si Wan has played a determined office worker, a tortured book club member and a sometimes, slightly evil, younger brother. But he"s never played an out-and-out criminal before.

It should be interesting.

According to the Korean media outlet OSEN, the actor and former Z:EA singer has already signed a contract to appear in the film. The role was also offered to Lee Jong Suk, although it is not known whether Lee declined the role or it was ultimately decided in Im Si Wan"s favor. Im Si Wan won much praise and a few awards for his role last year in the surprise hit cable drama "Misaeng." In that drama he played Jang Geu Rae, a former baduk player who tries to make it in the cutthroat office environment of a trading company. Jang Geu Rae sturggles against impossible odds to make a life for himself. His quiet desperation was easy for viewers to identify with.

Im Si Wan won several awards forplayign Jang Geu Rae, including a Baeksang Arts Award. The 27-year-old actor also earned praise for his role as an unjustly accused prisoner in the film "The Attorney." Im also recently finished shooting the film "Thoughts Of Older Brother."In that film he plays a second lieutenant during the Korean War. His character becomes close to a children"s choir that he wants to protect.

Appearing in "Misaeng" did not just earn Im Si Wan awards. He earned endorsement deals of almost $2 million and offers to appear in other productions.

His new film "One Line" focuses on insurance fraud and it gives Im the chance to play a criminal. He will play the leader of a group of con artists.

Yang Kyung Ho, who previously won a short film award, will direct. Supporting actors are currently being cast and filming is scheduled to begin in December. The film will be released in 2016.

USA 'Northern Prohibit Line' Blu-ray and DVD Giveaway

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"Northern restrict Line" DVD and Blu-ray giveaway for US citizens only.

SynopsisJune 29th, 2002. As the voters of South Korea celebrate the FIFA global Cup, the North Korean military sends two patrol boats to a disputed border in the Yellow Sea. The wonder attack on Battleship 357, now remembered as the Struggle of Yeonpyeong, honors the men who bravely fought for freedom - at the Northern Limit Line.

Website : http://www.wellgousa.com/northern-limit-line

Available to reserve from Amazon

DVD US (En Sub) DVD US (En Sub) Blu-ray US (En Sub) Blu-ray US (En Sub)  

Northern Limit Line Blu-ray

Northern Limit Line DVD

DinDin would put his lifestyles at the line for a female friend like pass Ara?

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DinDin would put his lifestyles at the line for a female friend like pass Ara?

On October 16, rapper DinDin and Sanchez listened to somebody"s worry on SBS radio powerFM"s "Choi Hwa Jungs Vitality Time".

The consumer relayed, "My girlfriend who resembles Go Ara assists in keeping chatting with me with the mindset that we"ll wreck up." That sounds find it irresistible would be stressful.

Sanchez responded, "There are girls like that. There are those that envelope themselves with two spoonfuls of despair and communicate like that. when you love her, you simply want to settle for it."

DinDin then added, "If it were me, and she resembled Go Ara, I may just even put my life on the line," making each person laugh.

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Upcoming boy crew Snuper divulge their primary vocal line

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Upcoming boy crew Snuper divulge their primary vocal line

You"ve met the rapper line of WIDMAY Entertainment"s upcoming boy organization Snuper, now it"s time to fulfill the major vocal line!

Get yourself presented to Snuper"s 1993-er Sangil and 1991-er Suhyun via having a look at their respectable photo and profile! all of the individuals are truly pulling off that rainy hair look.

Stay tuned for the reveal of the ultimate two members and their debut in the path of November.

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