Here's The total Artist Line-Up For JYP Country In Korea 2016 Concert This August

Here's The total Artist Line-Up For JYP Country In Korea 2016 Concert This August

JYP Nation JYP Nation in Korea 2016(Photo : Jo Kwon Instagram)Mark your calendars, JYP lovers in South Korea!

Artists from the preferred entertainment firmcould beacting in Jamsil Indoor Stadium at the first weekend of August -- that is August 6 and seven - as a phase of the biennial JYP Nation concert series.

A new poster for the JYP Nation in Korea 2016 concert publishedthe overall artist line-up, adding J.Y. Park, veteran ladystaff Wonder Girls, Jo Kwon, 2PM, Min, Fei, Baek A Yeon plus the more youthful acts like Park Ji Min, GOT7, Bernard Park, G.Soul, DAY6 and TWICE.

While the line-up is star-studded, fans were fastto indicatelacking idols comparable to Suzy of omit A and Baek Yerin, one-half of the 15 duo.

Best minute and Fei from miss A will be joining the concert, with Suzy significantly missing in the line-up, with hypothesis that she most likely has every otherprimarymovie or drama assignment scheduled at the time that she can't miss.

Fans were also expressing their sadness that they are going tonot existin a positionto look former member Jia, who currently chose now notto resume her contract as element of miss A and has left JYP Entertainment.

Non-Korean fans that can't fly to the development likewise left comments requesting the JYP Nation concert to be held in their countries like in old iterations. In 2014, for example, the agency brought their circle of relatives concert to Asian countries like Hong Kong and Thailand.

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New train line to North Korea

New train line to North Korea

The new DMZ Train will operate along the Gyeongwon Line once a day starting this August, linking Seoul and Baengmagoji Station in Cheorwon. (photo: Jeon Han)

Created by a 2-kilometer deep strip of land that straddles both the south and the north of the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), the 4-kilometer wide Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) divides the Korean Peninsula. Uninhabited since the Korean War (1950-1953), however, it now ironically has one of the most well-preserved ecosystems in the world. In the past, this area has been strictly off limits to the public, but this past spring, Korail introduced its Gyeongui Line DMZ Train which offers travelers an opportunity to see some ecological sections of the DMZ. Korail has plans to launch a second DMZ Train -- the Gyeongwon Line -- this August. Unlike the existing DMZ train, which goes to the DMZ in Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province) to the west of Seoul along the Imjingang River and to Dorasan Station, the new DMZ train will bring tourists to a section of the DMZ in Cheorwon-gun (county) and along the Hantangang River of Gangwon-do (Gangwon Province). The original 223 kilometer Gyeongwon Line was built initially in 1914 to transport agricultural produce from Cheorwon and seafood from Wonsan. Due to the Korean War, however, the railroad was cut and shortened to 94 kilometers, linking Yongsan Station in Seoul with Baengmagoji Station in Cheorwon County.

Departing Seoul Station, it takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to Baengmagoji Station, the northernmost station in South Korea. The name of the station was derived from the name of a small hill in Cheorwon that was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Korean War, the Battle of Baengmagoji.

After hopping on a bus at Baengmagoji Station, passengers will find a large field where birds of all kinds enjoy the peaceful air. Cheorwon was once a large, prosperous city at the heart of the 35,000 hectare Cheorwon Plain, which used to produce plentiful amounts of grain. The war, however, turned the city to ashes. About one third of the city was located within 2 kilometers of the ceasefire line, and so fell within the DMZ. The city has many traces of modern and current Korean history, showing symbolically the reality of the divided Korean Peninsula.

Tourists walk along the Geumgangsan Mountain Electric Railroad Bridge (the Kumgang Mountain Electrical Railway Bridge). (photo: Jeon Han)

The view of the Hantanggang River as seen from the Geumgangsan Mountain Electric Railroad Bridge (the Kumgang Mountain Electrical Railway Bridge). (photo: Jeon Han)

After passing through a military checkpoint, the bus arrives at the Geumgangsan Mountain Electric Railroad Bridge (the Kumgang Mountain Electrical Railway Bridge). This bridge was built in 1926 as part of the Kumgang Mountain Electrical Railway. When standing on the bridge, the scenery is dominated by the Hantangang River flowing underneath. "The railroad is cut. Ninety kilometers ahead lie the Geumgangsan Mountains", is written on the side of the bridge. The 117-kilometer long railway was used to exploit underground resources during colonial times. North Korea also used it to transport war materials during the Korean War, but any operations have now been stopped due to the ceasefire.

After leaving the bridge, the bus enters a military base, passing through another checkpoint. After ascending a hill, a military observation point greets the visitors. Here, people can learn more about the Battle of Baengmagoji. It took about 20,000 lives from both sides, all simply in order to win a small hill during the war. The ownership of the hill changed hands 24 times. The hill got its name as it lost its original shape as a result of the artillery and gun shots, and looked like a white horse, a baengma, lying down.

The observation point from below. (photo: Jeon Han)

The view from the observation point, toward the south. (photo: Jeon Han)

The bus then heads to Woljeongri Station, a small train yard where rail stock was stored or shunted before leaving for Wonsan, now in North Korea. Visitors can find the remains of a train used by the North Korean army and which was bombed by U.N. forces. The windows of the train car are twisted toward the sky and the frame and the body of the train are crooked and rusty.

Woljeongri Station (photo: Jeon Han)

The remains of a train used by North Korea sit at Woljeongri Station. (photo: Jeon Han)

The highlight of the tour is the North Korean Labor Party Cheorwon Office Building. This building was built by the North Korean Labor Party in 1946 using a Russian architectural style. Visitors can only see the foundation and frame of the three-storied building. The damaged surface of the building shows traces of bombings from the war. In fact, human bones and tools used for torture have also been found in and around the building, including an air raid shelter. This building has now become a venue for peace and hope and it now hosts functions wishing for peace between the two Korea. One such function, the "Cheorwon DMZ Peace Concert -- Concerto for Peace", took place in June 2013 to mark the 60th anniversary of the armistice.

The North Korean Labor Party Building in Cheorwon. (photo: Jeon Han)

Cheorwon is also home to the Cheorwon Crane Park, where visitors can learn more about the various ecosystems found in the uninhabited DMZ and about the monument to the Battle of Baengmagoji, where commemorative event are held every October. Visitors to Cheorwon can also see how prosperous the city was in the past, before the war, by seeing the sites for the Cheorwon Agricultural Products Inspection Center, the Cheorwon Ice Storehouse and the Cheorwon Financial Association, all remnants of the city"s bygone agricultural prosperity.

Many tourists today visit Cheorwon to bird watch, as the city is also known as a haven for migratory birds. A variety of birds flock to the city"s natural areas, including some rare species which face extinction, such as certain species of cranes, geese, eagles and swans. As part of its eco-friendly image, Cheorwon hosts a special bird-watching event every January 1.

Cranes are often spotted in Cheorwon. (photo: Jeon Han)

A car attendant paints the hand of a passenger on the new DMZ Gyeongwon train. (photo: Jeon Han)

Korail"s new Gyeongwon DMZ Train will operate once a day starting this August. The train departs Seoul Station at 9:27 a.m. and arrives at Baengmagoji Station at 11:44 a.m. From Baengmagoji Station, visitors can choose whether to take a security-themed tour or a city tour of Cheorwon, both by special tour buses.

The train departs for Seoul from Baengmagoji Station at 4:06 p.m. and arrives at Seoul Station at 6:35 p.m. A one-way ticket costs KRW 12,400 for adults during weekdays and KRW 12,800 during weekends. The return ticket costs KRW 23,000.More information about the train is available at the Korail homepage in English, Japanese and Chinese. Yoon Sojung Staff Writer[emailprotected]

Crew members and passengers prepare to depart Seoul Station on board the new DMZ train that runs along the Gyeongwon Line. (photo: Jeon Han)


G-Dragon records the most friends in Korea on the chatting app ‘LINE’

G-Dragon records the most friends in Korea on the chatting app ‘LINE’

G-Dragon records the most friends in Korea on the chatting app LINE

G-Dragon has made a record for himself in number of friends on the LINE app.

He opened his official account only 10 days ago on the 15th, but he has already recorded 215,000 friends on the application in Korea, and almost 800,000 friends all over the world. Not just that, he had an event inviting a few fans to the rehearsal and the standing area for his One of a Kind world tour, and over 800,000 fans applied to the event.

Recently, he wrote, Daesung, hyung is really sorry that I cant go to your Japanese tour, and added on a cute sticker, to the delight of many fans. G-Dragon has also been checking the messages that he receives through the application.

Currently, G-Dragon is preparing for the first dates of his One of a Kind solo world tour on March 30 and 31. Hell be going to 13 different cities in 8 different countries, performing in front of a total of 550,000 fans. Also, hell become the first Korean solo artist to have a 4-Dome tour in Japan.


Artists line-up for the 14th Korea-China Music Festival revealed

Artists line-up for the 14th Korea-China Music Festival revealed

Lineup for the ’14th Korea-China Music Festival’ revealed

The artists line-up for the ‘14th Korea-China Music Festival‘, to be held at the Yeosu Expo Digital Gallery on August 25th, has been revealed!

To be held at the Yeosu Expo Digital Gallery on August 25th, the full artists line-up for joint concert has been revealed such as Girls’ Generation, KARA, IU, 2PM, Sonya, Kim Tae Woo, Supernova, B1A4, EXO-K, and Rania will represent Korea while Tan Jing, Sa Dingding, Ning Jing, EXO-M, and more.

Sonya, who has been receiving a lot of love for her weekly performances on ‘Immortal Song 2‘, will be performing a cover of Boohwal‘s hit song “The More I Love“. EXO-K and EXO-M have been sparking interest as well because they’ll each be representing different countries at the music festival.

‘14th Korea-China Song Festival’ will commemorate the 20th anniversary since establishing the diplomatic relationship between Korea and China. The concert will air on September 2nd on the Korean network KBS and Chinese network CCTV.

Source + Image: Sports Seoul via Naver


TEEN TOP performs for maiden voyage of Korea’s first cruise line “Harmony Cruise”

TEEN TOP performs for maiden voyage of Korea’s first cruise line “Harmony Cruise”

TEEN TOP performs for maiden voyage of Koreas first cruise line Harmony Cruise

TEEN TOP held a show on board a cruise ship for the celebration of the maiden voyage of South Koreas first cruise line, Harmony Cruise.

The cruise, which departed from Osaka on March 17th, had Jeju Island as a port of call before reaching its final destination in Incheon. TEEN TOP was on board as Hallyu idol representatives, and successfully completed their show and fan-meeting in celebration of Harmony Cruises maiden voyage. Their fans, who went all the way to Osaka in order to be on board for their show and special fan-meeting, couldnt hide their joy at sharing such a unique experience with TEEN TOP and having the opportunity to personally ask their favorite idols questions.

TEEN TOPs cruise appearance not only caught the attention of their fans, but also the Japanese media, such as Asahi TVs Morning Bird. The cruises fan-meeting organizers revealed why they chose TEEN TOP as their Hallyu idol representatives, stating, Usually people who go on cruises are people of the older generation.  In order to reach out to the younger generation, we enlisted the help of TEEN TOP, who is being recognized as the next generation of Hallyu stars in Japan.

When asked about their cruise experience, TEEN TOP revealed, It was a unique experience to put on a show and meet fans on board a ship. We will continue to meet our fans through different and unique shows.

TEEN TOP will soon be heading to Toronto for the 2012 Canadian Music Festival on the 21st, widening their promotional stage from just Asia to also include North America.

TEEN TOP performs for maiden voyage of Koreas first cruise line Harmony Cruise

Source + Image: Sports World via Nate + cruiseline


Photoshopping little one  pictures of INFINITE’s Hoya becomes viral sensation in Korea

Photoshopping little one pictures of INFINITE’s Hoya becomes viral sensation in Korea

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEditing toddlerpictures of INFINITEHoya into hilarious scenes has change intorather of a viral sensation in Korea, with many lovers jumping in at the hilarious trend. 

After seeing old youngster photos of Hoya in appealing and original poses, inventive fans made up our minds to edit the little Hoya into contemporaryphotographs of the Limitless members, growing hilarious and unusual situations. With some actuallydifficult to understandeffectsequivalent to baby Hoya riding a dog at the sea coast and baby Hoya joining in on a huddle between the members, the craze has reallywasa favourite among web communities.

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Heize & Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in “And July”

Heize & Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in “And July”

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_4Heize Dean Toe the Line Between Love and Hate in And JulyWritten by capability of Chelsea On July 24, 2016Its been a busy a year of collaborations for either Dean and Heize. Whilst Heize received aid teaming up with both Chanyeol and Chen of Exo, Dean featured in Taeyeons Starlight as neatly every bit Dok2s Bad Vibes Lonely. Back in June, the 2emerging artists got herein combination for the jam, Close Up and Groove. Keeping the momentum in their collaborative good fortune going, Heize and Dean have teamed up once back alongside the reduction of DJ Fritz to offer the lead unmarried of Heizes debut album, And July.

If it were any individualwith the exception of Dean, I'd exist wary of the reality that both of Heizes post-Unpretty Rapstar singles feature the similar artist. However, Heize and Dean have a differentmore or less musical chemistry thats advantageous for either one of them. Here'sprincipallyon account ofthe style they balance with one another and can play off of each and every other effortlessly. Theres a herbal  almost playful synergy between them, and this isnot moretransparent than in And July. Together, they organize to convey a complex relationship that ft the line between affection and loathing.

Weve come to be expectingexcellent things from Digipedi productions, and And July does now not disappoint on that front. Whats interesting more or less the MV is that the lyrics say one thing, while the visuals apparentlyput acrossanything entirely different. Or do they? Theres a wealthy layer of complexity between the sentiments of the tune and the movements of Heize and Dean on screen that creates more questions than answers: are they looking to confess their affections or their ambivalence? Are they enthusiasts or enemies? Do the ones two things must be mutually exclusive?

And July plays much like a throw-back hip hop confessional of an adult playground rivalry; Dean pulls Heizes metaphoric pig tails, and she figuratively kicks him in the shin in retaliation. She doesnt need him to peer her react, now not when he pours sugar into her coffee or when he passes her chewed up gum in its place of the hoop she anticipated. Heize continues to play into their childish game because its more straightforward than acknowledging that perhaps she in truth cares about him that hes in some way wormed his way into her heart.

Did someone put medication in it?

(I acknowledged it’s) killin me softly

Dean, too, struggles with communicating his affections and frustrations. Where she acts ambivalent, he acts out to stay her attention. He knows its not healthy, what theyre doing, yet he also fears that speaking about the elephant in the room may ruin everything.

But today, it’ll be different

All the feelings onedriven back

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_1Where Heize wonders how to admit her emotions without coming off too eager, Dean needs to promise her the sectoras long as she recognizes that they could be more than friends. Somehow, they both achievethe realization that July is the easiest month for the verbal exchange to take position if they are ready to survive until then.

I used to be denying it, announcing I don’t know

Then two seasons have passed us

Even in this moment, I omit you

If the MV is any indication, their courting is a ticking time bomb. All the insecurities of the lyrics translate into a live-action edition of Spy vs Spy, complete with quite so much of food, toothbrushes in puts they shouldnt be, dead-pan stares, and button-pushing. How things escalated this some distance is unclear, but what is obvious is that something should be done sooner than they finally finish upany further bruised than they already are (literally).

Despite the palpable tension of the MV, theres something similarly adorable about it. A lot of the cuteness will also be attributed to Deans immature yet adorable endurance contrasted with Heizes stoic eye rolls. They play off one another and so naturally, taking turns lamenting their own misfortune and gleefully torturing the opposite in retaliation. Its all push and no pull, but theres a small semblance of fondness communicated in their gestures when the other isnt looking.

20160724_seoulbeats_heize_dean_and_july_3Its not just their on-screen chemistry that makes And July so enjoyable, either. Heize and Dean have voices that compliment each one other both vocally and stylistically. Heize has a in point of fact unique vocal colourjust like Suran and I appreciate how smoothly she flows between rap verses and making a song bits. Deans vocals are equally dynamic, and when their voices come together it becomes a harmonious substitute of banter that is rarely dull.

(That being said, there are moments when Heizes lack of enunciation in And July is reminiscent of someone given slightly in addition to much Novocaine at the dentist. The track mayget excitement from clearer start on her part.)

Overall, And July is a frank and amusing release. Underneath the juvenile antics of the MV, theres a captivating exploration of the boundary between love and hate that is going hand-in-hand with the complexities of trendy relationships. Why do we've gotsuch a lothassle expressing our feelings, and why is it more easy to act detached than displaysymptoms of vulnerability? The MV doesnt take a glance atto respond to the questions it raises, and for me, that makes it all the more successful.

Heize and Deans And July, with all its contradictions, is much stronger than their first collaboration which I still very well enjoyed. While it will be great to see Heize liberatean absolutely solo track, I wouldnt object to seeing more from the two artists together.

(YouTube. Photographsby way of CJ EM. Translations thru Pop!Gasa.)


I.O.I Unearths Out Which Member Has The maximum productive  Good fortune In Romance In line with Face Reader

I.O.I Unearths Out Which Member Has The maximum productive Good fortune In Romance In line with Face Reader

I.O.I Reveals Out Which Member Has The maximum productiveSuccess In Romance Consistent with Face Readerleonid July 23, 2016 0 I.O.I Finds Out Which Member Has The precise Luck In Romance Consistent with Face Reader The women of I.O.I have had their fortunes told through a face reader!

On July 22s episode of Mnets LAN Cable Buddies I.O.I, the womancrewcontributorshunt down the opinion of a face reader.

Kim Doyeon lighting up when the reader tells her that her face is an excessivelyexcellent blessing and that no longer only does she resemble actress Jun Ji Hyun, yet she also possesses an identical physiognomy with her as well.

The face reader tells her, You simply take after Jun Ji Hyuns assets.

Feeling positive close to her results, she inquires about her luck in love, when her close friend Choi Yoojung reveals insider data about her love life.

Choi Yoojung divulges, Kim Doyeon hasn't ever dated or maybe touched the hand of a man.

The face reader also publicizes that the I.O.I member with the absolute best fortune with love is Im Na Young, prompting Jeon Somi and Choi Yoojung to cheer in excitement. Glad about Lim Nayoungs sensible fate, Choi Yoojung exclaims, We could send her off to marriage!

Furthermore, the head3women of I.O.I with the simplest luck in cash according to the face reader are Jeon Somi, Zhoi Jieqiong, and Kim Sohye, whilst Choi Yoojung stands as first position in success, followed by Kim Doyeon and Kim Sohye.

Watch the members obtain and speak about their fortune below!

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These five idols constitute why the 97 line is emerging as the head  elegance of male visuals

These five idols constitute why the 97 line is emerging as the head elegance of male visuals

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even ifloversceaselessly argue whether the 94 line or the 99 line is the maximum impressive magnificence of feminine idol visuals, the 97 line has temporarily emerged as the front-runner with regards to male idol visuals. 

In fact, fans on Pann recently discussed five male idols whose authentic and exceptional visuals are representative of the 97 line. Already blessed with a dangerousaggregate of visuals, height, and aura, fans cant agree with that those five 97 line idols are besttwo decades old and just beginning their careers.

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Cheese In The Trap Movie  To hang Auditions In Korea And China For Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jin

Cheese In The Trap Movie To hang Auditions In Korea And China For Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jin

“Cheese In The Trap” MovieTo hang Auditions In Korea And China For Feminine Lead Contrary Park Hae Jinilmare42 July 22, 2016 0 “Cheese In The Trap” Film To Dangle Auditions In Korea And China For Female Lead Opposite Park Hae Jin The production companies behind the approaching joint Korean-Chinese film adaptation of “Cheese in the Trap” are on the search for the very bestend incelebrity opposite Park Hae Jin!

Representatives from the Korean-Chinese production groups announced on July 22 that they're going to existretaining public auditions for the role of Hong Seol in the “Cheese in the Trap” film. They'll be starting the first circular of the application procedure in early August, in both Korea and China.

Applicants are recently limited to the ones that are currently operating every bit actors, or have acting revel in in the past.

Park Hae Jin, the star of the arguable tvN drama adaptation of the webtoon from previous this year, has already been showed to be taking at the office of the male lead Yoo Jung in the film as well. Kim Cross Eun played the role of Hong Seol in the drama, yet does no longerseem to bebearing in mind reprising the role.

It has been reported that the production team is currently finalizing a freelance with the as-of-yet unnamed actor gambling Baek In Ho, who used to be played throughSearch engine optimization Kang Joon in the 2016 drama adaptation.

Who would be your dream actress to take the role of Hong Seol in the film?

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