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Seo Eon and search engine optimization Jun Are Asked to make a choice from Daddy and a Rabbit

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Seo Eon and Seo Jun Are Asked to pick Between Daddy and a Rabbit The November 1 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “The go back of Superman” airs an episode titled “Tug of War with Kids.”

Spoiler In this episode, Lee Hwi Jae meets magician Choi Hyun Woo to be told a couple of magic tips to provoke his boys. With contrasting reactions by potential of the brothers, Seo Eon and Seo Jun, make all and sundry gazing them crack up.

Seo Jun’s reaction upon hearing that his dad Lee Hwi Jae become a rabbit is simply adorable. When he hears the news, he turns out stunned at first. yet once the rabbit approaches him, he forgets totally that the rabbit is meant to be his dad. Seo Jun is going on to hang and caress the rabbit appearing a huge number of affection. At the sight of ways attentive Seo Jun is to the rabbit, magician Choi Hyun Woo asks, “Who do you favor better? Daddy or rabbit?” Seo Jun answers, “Rabbit,” without hesitation.

On the opposite hand when Seo Eon hears that his daddy grew to become into a rabbit, he is completely stunned and starts yelling out, “Oh, no!” and worries for his dad. Furthermore, Lee Hwi Jae and Choi Hyun Woo put a magic functionality in combination entertaining Seo Eon and Seo Jun.

The netizens enjoyed the style Seo Eon and Seo Jun reacted to their dad’s trick with the rabbit.

To watch all the episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” song in on November 1 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Son Tae-yeong takes selfie with son Rook Hee, looks as if daddy Kwon Sang-woo

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Son Tae-yeong takes selfie with son Rook Hee, looks as if daddy Kwon Sang-woo

Actress Son Tae-yeong took an image with her son Rook Hee.

She posted this image on her SNS.

She"s preserving her telephone in one hand and is taking a look at the camera with her son. Rook Hee looks similar to his dad kwon Sang-woo.

Meanwhile, kwon Sang-woo and Son Tae-yeong were given married in 2008 and feature a son and daughter.

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Drama Special - Daddy's a Pervert'

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Drama Special - Daddy's a Pervert'

In order to supplement his family"s dwindling income, Tae-Joong (played by potential of Seong Ji-roo) finally ends up having to take a role as an inventive model. He gets this process more via connections than from being by any means well-suited for it. The difficulty isn"t that Tae-Joong is unattractive, yet rather that he has a crippling shyness as regards being noticed naked. And this most effective intensifies once an unforeseen user discovers his new gig.

The emotional middle of this drama rests at the extent to which we sympathize with Tae-Joong"s dilemma. And honestly, I didn"t in point of fact feel it. Yes, the fellow is shy, effortlessly spooked, and rather clumsy. But this isn"t actually ample to hang a whole tale on. A more nice supporting forged is wanted here to supplement the court cases and stay the action interesting. Yet out of doors from some very piecemeal roles in the whole narrative, none of them truly have much to do.

Let"s take Tae-Joong"s wife, Mi-Ra (played by Bang Eun-hee). She"s a sweet, affectionate, likeable woman, and a massive number of the dramatic thrust here is set how Mi-Ra is ignorant of her husband"s new job. So consequently, when she catches him observing The complete Monty for inspiration on his existing dilemma, Mi-Rae"s reaction is entirely unlike what is suitable for the final storyline. And this works really well. i used to be in truth excited waiting to peer her try and enact her plan.

And then it fails, and from that moment on the affect of the drama just derailed for me. this idea wanted more comedy, more laughs- it"s about a middle-aged guy doing nude modeling, for pity"s sake. That much will have to be implied. But we just finally finish up with more dramatic handwringing over how Tae-Joong is meant to get to the ground of your complete advanced scenario of his own bashful emotions with having to lie to his wife and daughter. The seriousness is laid on too heavily, and so feels overbearing.

Perhaps on some point the issue here is simply that I couldn"t really name with Tae-Joong"s character. His attitude is just exaggerated enough, and the drama just excessive enough, that a kind of the location feels forced. What comedy there is here works beautiful well, specifically when we see Tae-Joong in a familiar component instead of the unsettling international of public nudity. Unfortunately "Drama Special - Daddy"s a Pervert" just doesn"t strike the proper balance between these kinds of varuious chords, and as a result the ultimate product is a moderately disappointing one.

Review by William Schwartz

"Drama Special - Daddy"s a Pervert" is directed by Kim Seong-yoonand written by Kim Bo-yeon-I and lines Seong Ji-roo, Bang Eun-hee and Bae Noo-ri.

Adorable Asher with Daddy Kai or Kai hyung?

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Adorable Asher with Daddy Kai or Kai hyung?

Ricky Kim expresses his gratitude against EXO"s Kai for looking at over Asher and having amusing with his son on their contemporary "Oh My Baby" filming.

Through his weibo and instagram accounts, Ricky stocks some adorable footage of the 2 playing their time outdoors. The two without a doubt appear to be they are herbal close with every other.

Kai feeds Asher some food, strolls with him, and without difficulty carries him as though he normally does it. They should have clicked the primary time they saw each one other. Kai would be a super older brother and a father! Do you agree?

Jo Sung Mo is going to be a baby daddy!

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Jo Sung Mo is going to be a baby daddy!

Singer Jo Sung Mo is a soon-to-be dad after five years of marriage!

According to the reports, Jo Sung Mo"s wife, Koo Min Ji, is currently five months pregnant with their baby after five years of being married. In the past, when asked about his plans for a child, Jo Sung Mo answered that he initially wanted to be financially stable before having one. However, he also regretted that he didn"t just go with the flow and have a child when he had the time.

Meanwhile, Jo Sung Mo and Koo Min Ji started dating back in 2007 and dated for three years before tying the knot.

Congratulations Jo Sung Mo!

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[HanCinema"s Drama Review] "Super Daddy Yeol"

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Despite the problems in the writing and development of the characters, the cast itself deserves high praise. They manage to make their roles" comedic moments as extreme as the work demands and salvage many of the more human moments when the writing itself fails to make the best of them. From the warmth of Lee Dong-geon, to the energy of Lee Yoo-ri and the subtlety of Lee Re as Sa-rang, the skills are there and the chemistry works. The supporting cast tries their best as well.

When the series takes a break from trying to rapidly progress its plot, there is a short frame in which "Super Daddy Yeol" presents its best material. Around the middle of the series, the cancer tear-jerking, the bickering and misunderstandings, the irrational behaviors, misplaced humor and other problems take a step back and the work becomes the family show that could and maybe intended to be. There are human, warm and beautiful moments, the character interactions feel coherent and make sense again, everything flows nicely and is easy to follow and understand.

Unfortunately, this is but a few episodes in a series otherwise so superficial that it is a wonder it is not a typical romantic comedy. The characters have sudden and unexplained lapses in logic and changes in behavior, the humor which is often based on physical, mental and emotional abuse is disturbing and dehumanizing and the more serious parts feel barely touched upon. The character and humor issues also contribute to the last one.

Ultimately, the biggest problem with the series is that it clearly tries to be a poignant piece on life, family and enjoying what we have when we have it, but it is written in a messy manner. The messages are there, but by insisting on trying to lighten the mood through overcompensation and not addressing all the heavier topics it presents with the same respect, the series makes it harder to take its truly good parts seriously. The progression of the story and emotions does not feel natural and smooth, there is melodramatic plot stretching and the bad outweighs the good. It is a shame, because there are genuine human and beautiful moments in this, which could have been elevated by a good whole.

"Super Daddy Yeol" tries to do something admirable. Rather than presenting the troubles of life as something to only cry about, it tries showing how they can mature us and show us what really matters. During a few brief moments, that message seeps through the bad execution. It is not, however, enough to save the show from its overall flat delivery, inconsistencies and clumsily fluctuating tone.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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[Spoiler] Added episodes 15 and 16 captures for the Korean drama "Super Daddy Yeol"

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[Spoiler] Added episodes 15 and 16 captures for the Korean drama

Added episodes 15 and 16 captures for the Korean drama "Super Daddy Yeol" (2015)Directed by Song Hyeon-wookWritten by Network : tvNWith Lee Dong-geon, Lee Yoo-ri, Lee Re, Seo Joon-yeong, Seo Ye-ji, Choi Min-I,...16 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30Also known as "Super Daddy 10"SynopsisA drama about the worst single guy and the last single mother.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/03/13

[Spoiler] "Super Daddy Yeol" Lee Dong-geon proposes

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Lee Dong-geon proposed to Lee Yoo-ri right before she went into the surgery room.

On the 15th episode of tvN"s FridaySaturday drama, "Super Daddy Yeol", Han Yeol (Lee Dong-geon) proposed to Cha Mi-rae (Lee Yoo-ri), who was about to go into the surgery room lying on the hospital bed.

On this day Cha Mi-rae decided to go through the surgery, of which success rate was supposed to be only 30%. Han Yeol was staying all the time next to her bedside in the hospital.

Right before she was taken into the surgery room, Han Yeol raised the headrest of Cha Mi-rae"s bed. He said, "Cha Mi-rae, let"s get married. I mean, marry me please" and gave her roses. Han Yeol said, "Please be mom for my daughter". Big tears rolled down Cha Mi-rae"s face.

[Spoiler] "Super Daddy Yeol" Lee Yoo-ri finds out Lee Dong-geon is aware of her disease

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The April 24th episode of tvN"s "Super Daddy Yeol" showed Mi-rae (Lee Yoo-ri) breaking out into tears, when she found out Yeol (Lee Dong-geon) and Sa-rang (Lee Re) became aware of her disease.

Yeol heard from Sa-rang that Mi-rae was sick. He went to see Dr. Shin (Seo Joon-yeong) and heard all the details about her disease. Yeol told Sa-rang, "Let"s help mom get well. Let"s make her to trust us so she can lean on us".

The two appeared in front of Mi-rae in turn and tried to show how much they cared about her. Mi-rae realized they might know something as they acted strangely. She went to see Dr. Shin and asked questions about it.

Mi-rae heard from Dr. Shin Yeol and Sa-rang were trying hard to help her cured from the disease. She cried in tears, "Why did you find out". Mi-rae later went to Yeal and suggested they should go on a family trip.

Mi-rae submitted her resignation letter to her company was getting ready to leave.

[Spoiler] Added episodes 11 and 12 captures for the Korean drama "Super Daddy Yeol"

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[Spoiler] Added episodes 11 and 12 captures for the Korean drama

Added episodes 11 and 12 captures for the Korean drama "Super Daddy Yeol" (2015)Directed by Song Hyeon-wookWritten by Network : tvNWith Lee Dong-geon, Lee Yoo-ri, Seo Ye-ji, Lee Re, Seo Joon-yeong, Kang Nam-gil,...16 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:30Also known as "Super Daddy 10"SynopsisA drama about the worst single guy and the last single mother.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2015/03/13