Crush Talks About Bittersweet Success Of Goblin OST Beautiful

Crush Talks About Bittersweet Success Of Goblin OST Beautiful

At the 2017 Seoul International Music Fair Road Show, Crush opened up about the success of Beautiful, a popular soundtrack from tvNs drama Goblin.

Crush said, The Goblin OST Beautiful received a lot of love. When it reached No. 1 on music charts, I had mixed emotions. He continued, When people around me congratulated me for reaching No. 1, I was really happy, but a part of me was a bit sad too.

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Crush talked about being associated with the song wherever he went, which was something he was definitely grateful for and happy about but was concerned about as well.

He admitted, The style of the song is a lot different from the style of music I wanted to make, so I started to feel some distance with music.

However, the singer now has had a change of heart as he has decided to no longer deny the present. He said, If my fans listen to the song and like it, then it has become my style.

Meanwhile, Crush recently performed Beautiful for the first time on a broadcast and released a remake of Seo Taijis Last Festival.