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Yubin, Suah, Truedy, and Hyorin struggle for the 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' crown... and the winner is?

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Yubin, Suah, Truedy, and Hyorin struggle for the 'Unpretty Rapstar 2' crown... and the winner is?

The newest episode of "Unpretty Rapstar 2" used to be a continuation of the semi-finals circular from the former week. Once you stay along of the show, you"ll know that Hyorin and KittiB were ready to safe their spots ultimate week for the finals. In this episode, the ones two along with Yubin, Suah, Treudy, and Yezi butted heads for an opportunity to pop out as without equal winner.

Suah and Yubin went up opposed to every other with the former acting with Akdong Musician"s Suhyun and the latter performing with Urban Zakapa"s Jo Hyun Ah. Yubin went on stage determined yet messed up her lyrics correct off the bat. She disregarded the mistake with "I"m sorry, I"ll do it again," and effectively showed the target market her true colors.

For the last semi-final stage, Truedy and Yezi faced off. Yezi caused "Show Me the cash 4" contestant Hanhae and Truedy wear an outstanding level with Girls" Generation"s Tiffany!

The effects showed an overpowering victory for Truedy, who scored first position with a majority of the audience votes in the team functionality and her solo performace! In 2nd place got here KittiB, Hyorin placed third, and Suah fourth.

Truedy relayed her mind on winning with, "It in point of fact become tricky on the show but since the results are excellent I"m satisfied and I"m thankful to everyone. Thank you. i suspect I"ll feel free the next day to come but if I take into accounts the future, I"ll would like to do "Unpretty Rapstar" again. I feel my existence will just starting now." 

Congratulations, Truedy, on winning! You were awesome and you deserved the win for your entire talent.

긴긴 서바이벌 이젠아냐 라이벌 고마워 Unprettyrapstar All the time

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HanCinema's Korea Joa Lisa's Diary - Suwon and Hwaseong Palace

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HanCinema's Korea Joa Lisa's Diary - Suwon and Hwaseong Palace

Before the legitimate Korea Joa 2015 agenda I had a possibility to explore out of doors of Seoul in the beautiful town of Suwon, which is ready a 40 minute bus ride from the capital. The urban is totally walled and is the house of Hwaseong Fortress, Hwaseong Palace, 11 universities, and corporate headquarters similar to Samsung Electronics. Public transportation is great and I discovered the folk to be type and useful to the ceaselessly lost and confused foreigner.

Perhaps the 2 greatest tourist attractions are the fortress and the palace. either were created as King Jeongjo"s homage to his father, the traditionally dubious Crown Prince Sado. Sado, through his wife"s written accounts, was once a mentally volatile assassin and rapist. he's highest known for his death in a rice chest below the blistering Korean summer sun in 1762. His father, King Yeongjo, ordered this merciless execution. It took Sado 8 days to die.

Because of the dramatic nature of Sado"s existence and death, it's been dramatized time and again and played by best names in Korean entertainment maximum lately we've seen Lee Chang-hoon in "Yi San", Oh Man-seok in Warrior Baek Dong-soo, Lee Je-hoon in "Secret Door", and Yoo Ah-in in "The Throne". we can be in a position to never make certain what sort of man Sado truly changed into and we see that during the other depictions at the small and massive screens.

But history is of the similar opinion on one thing: King Jeongjo enjoyed his father. The construction of the fortress and palace were indeed political moves, but they were also to honor his cherished father who never accomplished greatness in life. The palace was built as a phase of the fortress whose walls enclose the city of Suwon lately and make it the sole utterly enclosed city in Korea. It has also been designated an international Heritage web site by UNESCO. King Jeongjo built the fortress and the city after moving his father"s tomb and resided in the palace whilst the tomb was being built. Afterwards the palace was most commonly used by governors for administrative purposes.

Today this is a tourist site noted inside and outdoors of Korea. When I visited, there were families exploring the city outside the palace, kids flying kites, and fathers coaching their kids to ride bikes. Performances played in front of the gates and other people explored the expansive interior of the palace. i admire visiting old puts because they really do take on a life in their own. in spite of the myriads of individuals mingling in trendy clothing taking selfies and chattering on their phones, Hwaseong Palace has an agelessness to it that stems from its history. The bright colours on the beams of the ceilings and the flowing architecture that led individuals smoothly from enviornment to domain bespoke of the care that went into the making plans of Hwaseong Palace.

Performances out front integrated both basic and contemporary musical performances in addition the beloved tightrope walkers that carry out in historic sites far and wide Korea. The functionality I saw had a big target audience that was mostly constructed from families. Personally, I loved the conventional music. there has been a quartet comprised of a daegeum (two-stringed bowed instrument) , haegeum (transverse flute), danso (vertical flute), and a janggo (drum) that accompanied the tightrope walkers, all of whom were in ordinary hanbok. It was an revel in now not to be missed, and the palace has been well-cared for over the long years.

When you're in Korea, please take a while to explore Suwon. The palace will also be found by taking Suwon Station, Seoul Subway Line 1 and disembarking at go out 6. Then you go the road, turn correct and take bus 7, 7-2, or 32-1 from the Yeokjeon marketplace bus stop. Alight at Hwaseong Haenggung and you're going to be in for a satisfying remain at Hwaseong Palace.

You can to find all of our Korea Joa 2015 policy on this page.

Written by: Raine from "Raine"s Dichotomy"

New boy staff M.Crown makes debut with 'Daedomumun'

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New boy staff M.Crown makes debut with 'Daedomumun'

Go "ooh," go "ahh," as you jam out to debut song "Dodaemumun" (roughly translated to "nothing can forestall the massive thief" as they scouse borrow the girl"s heart) via new boy group, M.Crown!

The song is upbeat with a funky beat whilst the boys" prime vocals and rough rapping make you need to "follow, follow" them. Their tricky and attractive dancing, their guyliner, and their chiseled functions will make you a fan in no time.

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Girls’ Generation end “Lion Heart” Promotions With 12th Win on “Inkigayo” and 3rd Triple Crown

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Girls’ Generation Finish “Lion Heart” Promotions With 12th Win on “Inkigayo” and 3rd Triple Crown Congratulations to Girls’ Generation, who wrapped up their “Lion Heart” tune display performances with a last win on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” defeating BIGBANG’s “Let’s now not Fall in Love” and HyunA’s “Roll Deep.”

With this win, the girls have a general of 12 music prove wins and 3 triple crowns with “Lion Heart.” Seohyun said, “Thanks to the entire fans, we were so glad right through our ‘Lion Heart’ promotions.”

This week was once also Yook Sungjae‘s first time as a host at the show, and for his special performance, a culture for new MCs, he conducted Rain‘s “I Do.”

Performers for this week’s “Inkigayo” come with Girls’ Generation, HyunA, Jun Jin, Red Velvet, Junho, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, UP10TION, Kangnam, April, etc.

Note: Performances could be added as they turn out to be available.

Girls’ Generation – “Lion Heart” good-bye degree

Red Velvet – “Huff N Puff” + “Dumb Dumb”

Kangnam feat. GOT7′s Jackson – “Chocolate”

Tao puts his acting talents to the verify in emotional, dramatic MV teaser for 'Crown'!

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Tao puts his acting talents to the verify in emotional, dramatic MV teaser for 'Crown'!

Tao (Z.Tao) is once back appearing us his doable as an actor thru his new MV teaser for "Crown"!

Jessica Gomes stars as his love interest, and the 2 make slightly the lovey-dovey couple till Tao is all at once beaten up and then dropped into the center of an ocean! We"ll need to wait except the entire MV comes out to peer what occurs next, yet some enthusiasts were fortunate adequate to have observed the MV already at his mini concert ultimate month.

"Crown" is from his self-titled album "Z.Tao" which used to be released on August 19. You'll watch the MV teaser above and concentrate to the complete music below.

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Girls’ Generation Rankings Triple Crown on “M Countdown” With “Lion Heart,” Performances From Red Velvet, Seventeen, MONSTA X, Jun Jin, Junho, and More

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Girls’ Generation Scores Triple Crown on “M Countdown” With “Lion Heart,” Performances From Red Velvet, Seventeen, MONSTA X, Jun Jin, Junho, and More On the September 10 KST episode of Mnet’s weekly tune show, “M Countdown,” it used to be Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart” vs HyunA’s “Because I’m the Best” for first place, with “Lion Heart” winning at 10,961 points. Congratulations to Girls’ Generation for their 10th win for “Lion Heart” and triple crown for the song on “M Countdown.”

The episode integrated performances from Nop.K, Din Din, Red Velvet, MONSTA X, Miwoo, Ben, Beat Win, BIGSTAR, SEVENTEEN, Sonamoo, UP10TION, April, LPG, Unicorn, Legend, Jun Jin, 2PM‘s Junho, 2EYES, and HyunA.

Performances could be up to date as they are made available.

Girls’ Generation did now not carry out at “M Countdown” today.

HyunA – “Because I’m the Best” (aka “Roll Deep”)

Ben- Looby bathroom toilet

Red Velvet – “Huff and Puff” and “Dumb Dumb”

BIGSTAR – “Full Moonshine”

SEVENTEEN – “Rock” and “Mansae”

Spoiler 'Splendid Politics' Crown Prince is poisoned to death

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Spoiler 'Splendid Politics' Crown Prince is poisoned to death

On the September 8th episode of MBC"s "Splendid Politics", King Injo expelled Crown Prince Sohyeon (Baek Seong-hyeon).

King Injo believed that Sohyeon coveted his throne and he dragged Sohyeon out for the reason. And also Kim Ja-jeom attempted to discrown Sohyeon when the opportunity was once available.

Sohyeon kept looking to make his father realize what his true purpose was. Then again it did now not paintings and he ended up catching malaria. Yeo-jeong (Kim Min-seo) idea it turned into her final probability to dispose of him and sent a doctor on her facet to him. The doctor injected poison to Sohyeon and the Crown Prince was unwell for some time and died after all.

Jeongmyeong (Lee Yeon-hee) begged King Injo to permit her to peer Sohyeon, who was confined. but Injo refused this and deserted Sohyeon dying.

Band Hyukoh Beats Out women’ Generation and A purple to claim Triple Crown on Gaon Weekly Charts

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Band Hyukoh Beats Out girls’ Generation and A purple to claim Triple Crown on Gaon Weekly Charts Band < robust>Hyukoh has claimed the triple crown prestige on Gaon Weekly track Charts with their song “< robust>C< robust>omes and goes.”

in keeping with Gaon’s announcement on July 23, for the 30th week (2015/07/12-2015/7/18), Hyukoh ranked no 1 with “Comes and goes” at the Gaon digital Overall Chart, Download Chart, and Streaming Chart.

The band’s previous free up “< robust>Wi ing Wi ing” also ranked at 7th position at the digital overall chart.

for a similar week, < robust>A purple‘s “< robust>Reme< robust>mber” got here runner-up at the total chart, whilst < robust>Leessang‘s “< robust>Kaleidoscope” got here in at 3rd. < robust>girls’ Generation‘s “< robust>celebration” ranked at fourth, whilst < robust>overwhelm‘s “< robust>Oasis (feat. < robust>Zico)” got here in at 5th position.

On the Gaon Album Chart, < robust>limitless got here to start with position with their newest album “< robust> fact.” They also crowned the Gaon Social Chart with “< robust>Bad.”

Lee Hyun Woo will cameo as a crown prince in "Scholar Who Walks The Night"

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Lee Hyun Woo will cameo as a crown prince in

Lee Hyun Woo will make a special appearance in upcoming MBC"s drama "Scholar Who Walks The Night".

On June 23rd, the drama rep has released the still cuts of Lee Hyun Woo from the first episode showing the actor purple hanbok while riding on a horse, showing his princely charm.

Lee Hyun Woo will appear as crown prince Jung Hyun, and will be an important character that has some connections with Kim Sung Yeol"s past(Lee Jun Ki) before he becomes a vampire scholar.

"Scholar Who Walks The Night" will broadcast in July.

EXO’s ‘Love Me Right’ Wins A Triple Crown On Gaon’s Weekly Charts

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EXO’s ‘Love Me Right’ Wins A Triple Crown On Gaon’s Weekly Charts

EXO won a triple crown on Gaon"s weekly charts with "Love Me Right."

According to Gaon charts on June 18, EXO"s "Love Me Right" topped Gaon"s digital comprehensive chart, streaming chart, and album chart on the 25th week of 2015 (June 7, 2015 ~ June 13, 2015).

Gaon"s download chart was topped by Lee Seung Gi"s "And Goodbye," and the social chart was topped by EXID"s "Ah Yeah" for 2 weeks in a row.

On Gaon Weibo"s solo artist chart, CNBLUE"s Jung Yong Hwa secured his top-ranking status for the 30th week and the group chart was taken by Big Bang.