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Cross Gene’s J.G leaves group, introduce new member Seyoung

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Cross Gene’s J.G leaves group, introduce new member Seyoung

On January 16th, rookie boy group Cross Gene revealed their new Korean member Seyoung.

Seyoung teamed up with his members in a photo shoot for their upcoming Japanese debut. The new member introduced himself as the 22-year-old boy and playfully stated, “I’m trying to work as hard as the other members, but my confidence is dropping“.

Seyoung was added to fill in the position of Chinese member J.G. who has decided to focus on his solo activities.

Cross Gene’s agency shared, “Starting with this album, J.G will not be participating in any activities. We want to thank all of you fans who have loved J.G of Cross Gene. he will start walking towards a new path as a singer. Please continue giving J.G your interest and love.

Meanwhile, the multinational boy group is set to make an officially debut in Japan in March of 2013.

Source: Cross Gene’s Official Website

J.G leaves CROSS GENE + new member Seyoung added

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J.G leaves CROSS GENE + new member Seyoung addedRookie group CROSS GENE has gone through a slight line-up change after it was revealed that member J.G left the group. He was revealed to have left the group in order to pursue a career in music in a different way.

Instead of going on as a five member group, a new member was unveiled through a special interview. The new member is Korean and called Lee Seyoung. He was born on February 8th, 1990. Seyoung was revealed to be a vocalist who is recognizable because of his husky voice. Aside from singing, he is also interested and talented in songwriting, focusing on both lyrics and composition.

The group will now start preparations for their official debut in Japan, later this year.

Source: @CROSSGENEJP and crossgene

CROSS GENE's 4th member Casper revealed

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CROSS GENEs 4th member Casper revealedAnother day, another concept picture as CROSS GENE revealed its 4th member Casper!

Casper is one of the group's Chinese members, who has been working as a model and CF actor before becoming a member of the group. He was born on March 20th, 1991.

As earlier revealed, CROSS GENE consists out of three Korean members, two Chinese members and a Japanese member. With two Korean members (ShinYongseok), a Japanese member (Takuya) and a Chinese member revealed, it's now waiting for the next two members' concept pictures to be unveiled.

More details on CROSS GENE's debut haven't been revealed yet but it is to be expected they'll debut near the end of May or early next month. They were earlier revealed as Project-A, a six member project group by Amuse Japan, under their Korean division.

Source: People/Nate, crossgene, kstyle and @CROSSGENE

CROSS GENE reveals 3rd member Yongseok

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CROSS GENE reveals 3rd member YongseokSix member group CROSS GENE is slowly shaping up as they have now officially revealed a third member, Yongseok.

Yongseok was earlier mentioned as his name was already revealed through the full line-up picture and their official website but a concept picture featuring the member wasn't revealed up until earlier today. Though more information about Yongseok hasn't been revealed, fans have been able to figure out that he was born on January 8th, 1993; making him the second youngest member of the line-up.

The newly revealed member will be joining Takuya, Shin, Sangmin, J.G and Casper. Two of which, Takuya and Shin, have already had their own concept pictures revealed earlier this week.

CROSS GENE was also revealed to have a line-up consisting out of three Korean members, two Chinese members and one Japanese member; further explaining their group name to be a "crossing of various genes."

More details on their debut date, release or group concept haven't been released yet. CROSS GENE was formed under Amuse Korea, a subcompany of Amuse in Japan.

Source: crossgene, @ke_shop and @CROSSGENE

CROSS GENE reveals 2nd member Shin

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CROSS GENE reveals 2nd member ShinAfter officially revealing Japanese member Takuya earlier this month, upcoming group CROSS GENE has revealed its second member Shin.

As mentioned in the previous CROSS GENE article, Shin is actually a young actor called Shin Wonho. He's starred in "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" and will be featured in the upcoming drama "Big", next to miss A's Suzy. Together with Takuya, he was also in a Japanese short movie called RUN60. The movie will be getting its full drama spin-off later this year as nine episodes are set to air. Shin was born on October 23th, 1991; making him the second oldest of the rumored line-up.

Earlier this year CROSS GENE was revealed as a project group between Japan and Korea called Project-A, but it seems they're finally set on debuting soon under Amuse Korea. More details on their debut, release and members are expected to be revealed soon.

Will you be anticipating their debut?

International boy group CROSS GENE reveals first member Takuya

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International boy group CROSS GENE reveals first member TakuyaAnother upcoming group will join the ranks of 2012 boy group debuts as CROSS GENE will most likely have their debut sometime next month. Earlier this week, the website for the group revealed its first confirmed member, the Japanese actor and model Takuya.

Though only one member has been officially revealed, fans have been able to match the earlier released project group picture with the newly revealed CROSS GENE concept picture. The new group consists of six members called Shin ('91), Sangmin ('92), Yongseok ('93), J.G ('93), Casper ('91) and Japanese member Terada Takuya ('92). The group makes for an interesting line-up as various members have already appeared in the media before.

Japanese member Terada Takuya, for instance, will be featured in the movie "Ai Ore" with The Boss's Karam. He also guested in various episodes of the Korean variety show "Dream Team" and has been revealed to be a big fan of Korean girl groups such as miss A and Girls' Generation. He was born on March 18th, 1992; is 187cm tall and also active as a model and actor in Japan.

Member Shin, whose full name is Shin Wonho, was born on October 23th, 1991 and stands at a tall 185cm. He is a young actor who also starred as one of the six main bachelors in "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" and will be appearing in the upcoming series, "Big", next to miss A's Suzy. Shin was also featured in a CF for clothing brand Bean Pole together with Big Bang's G-Dragon, as well as adverts for KT olleh and Skinfood.

Both Shin and Takuya have roles in a Japanese short movie called "RUN60", which was released last year. Korean boy group Supernova was featured on the OST with a Japanese version of their Korean track "On the Days that I Missed You". The movie's story will be continued in a nine episode drama series, soon to have limited broadcasting in three major Japanese cities.

Next to Shin and Takuya, other names like Kim Sangmin, Kim Yongseok, Casper and Ko Ganyeng have been mentioned. Kim Sangmin was born on July 7th, 1992 and starred in the musical "Carpe Diem" together with Shin Wonho. Casper; born on March 20th, 1991; is also a model and has been featured in various CFs for Buggles, HAOLEDI, pepsi, SPORTS100 and more. More detailed information on the two additional names hasn't been revealed yet.

The group was revealed to be part of Amuse Korea, the Korean equivalent of the Japanese Entertainment company of the same name. Amuse houses many of Japan's popular young actors such as Miura Haruma, Seto Takeru and Kamiki Ryunosuke, as well as music acts such as rock bands ONE OK ROCK and Flumpool. For his acting jobs in Japan, Takuya is under the Japanese department of Amuse.

Earlier this year CROSS GENE was revealed as a project group between Japan and Korea called Project-A, but it seems they're finally set on debuting soon. More details on their debut, release and members are expected to be revealed soon.

Source: projectaaaa, crossgene, AmuseKorea and fy-crossgene

Cross Gene Become 1st K-Pop Group To Perform At Brazil’s Anime Friends Festival

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Cross Gene Become 1st K-Pop Group To Perform At Brazil’s Anime Friends Festival

Cross Gene became the first K-pop group to perform at Brazil"s Anime Friends Festival. Launched in 2003, Anime Friends is an annual anime convention created to introduce Asian culture in Brazil.

Cross Gene performed for over an hour in front of 4,000 people on July 10 at the event in Sao Paulo. This was the group"s first time performing in Brazil, but the concert hall was crowded with people who came to enjoy the group"s music. Cross Gene then selected 200 fans for a MeetGreet Event and thanked them for their support for the group.

"We were very worried because we weren"t sure if anyone would know us. So we were pleasantly surprised when people rushed in to see us at the beginning of the concert. We realized our influence in South America and we were very moved by their warm welcome. We really want to thank our fans. We will most definitely come back for them," Gross Gene"s leader Shin commented.

Cross Gene released the group"s second mini album "Play with Me" in April and have remained active ever since. Cross Gene will continue their activities in Korea and plan various international tours to expand their career and meet with their fans from all corners around the world.

Lets get to meet CROSS GENE and get his signature on the ′Play With Me′ Album

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Lets  get  to   meet CROSS GENE and  get his  signature on  the  ′Play With Me′ Album

-- CROSS GENE is coming to play on Mwave′s MEETGREET!

CROSS GENE will be swinging by the Mwave studio this month to chat with fans about its latest album on MEETGREET!

Signed copies of CROSS GENE′s second mini album Play with Me are currently available at Mwave shop.

During the live MEETGREET, CROSS GENE will choose 15 lucky fans per mosaic board to receive a Special Badge.

The Top 2-5 supporters will receive a wide, group Polaroid photo, while the Top 1 Supporter will receive a set of 6 mini Polaroid photos and a special gift from CROSS GENE.

Members of the live studio audience are in for a special treat as well, as mini signed Polaroid photos will be given away during Happy Hour on the day of the live broadcast.

Tune in on May 26 at 5:30 p.m. KST for the live MEETGREET, only on MWAVE!

Cross Gene"s Takuya reveals his unique taste in women on "Witch Hunt"

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Sung Si Kyung"s "Abnormal Summit" members, Daniel and Cross Gene"s Takuya, joined him on his other show, JTBC"s "Witch Hunt"!

On the May 22 episode, MC Sung Si Kyung honestly commented, "Daniel fits in with "Witch Hunt". He"s healthy, but Takuya isn"t."Shin Dong Yup asked Takuya, "Earlier you said your ideal was a girl who had an expected side to her. What did you mean by that?"

Takuya replied, "A girl who looks really kind but smokes or looks completely like a bad girl but likes dogs. I like a girl with that kind of unexpected side."

That"s a very interesting kind of ideal type Takuya has! What do you think about his ideal girl?

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Cross Gene say "Play With Me" in dance version MV

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Cross Gene say

Cross Gene know how to seduce their fans as they sing "Play With Me" and dance in matching white or black outfits in a newly released dance version MV.

They"re charismatic and seem to work well as a team, amplifying each individuals" charms by dancing in unison like they"re the different parts of one body. The fluid movements, the fun choreography, and the addictive hooks of the song create a nice party atmosphere!