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Baek Ji Young’s croissant-like hair: “Is it her new album concept?”

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Baek Ji Youngs croissant-like hair: Is it her new album concept? Singer Baek Ji Young recently got laughs with her croissant-like hairstyle.

On May 2, Baek uploaded a picture with the comment, Please have some croissants.

In the picture, Baek is showing off her croissant-like hair. The hair especially looks good with her intense gaze.

People responded: Is that a real croissant? Youre so pretty, Ill look forward to seeing your performance, I laughed a lot, Is it your new album concept? I think that kind of hairstyle suits you only.

Baek also attracted attention with a picture of herself in a friendly pose with 2PMs Taecyeon on the set of her music video shoot on April 30.

G-Dragon vs. Lee Hong Ki - Who Looks Better with the 'Croissant Hair'?

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G-Dragon vs. Lee Hong Ki - Who Looks Better with the 'Croissant Hair'?G-Dragon's Sensational Hair

Right before Big Bang's comeback, photos of G-Dragon's hairstyle was released to the public. The hairstyle itself was sensational. One side of his head was shaved all the way up and the long hair on the opposite side of his head went all the way down to his chin. G-Dragon was always known as the first one to try something new and unique since he first debuted. Even though his sense of style has been praised upon by his fans, this hair style shocked the fans rather than impress them. G-Dragon can pull of anything though. He could pull off wearing female clothing, play around with outrageous clothing and can even pull off ridiculous hairstyles.

Lee Hong Ki's Croissant Hair

This is a look that is expected to cause a wave of a hairstyle trend. His hair is dyed light brown and his bangs are permed to look like a croissant. Lee Hong Ki looks gentle and silly at the same time with the hairstyle with his ability pull of outrageous hairstyles like this.