Crayon Pop’s Soyul Pregnant: Fans Concerned About Soyul’s Anxiety Disorder Amid Shotgun Wedding Rumor

Crayon Pop’s Soyul Pregnant: Fans Concerned About Soyul’s Anxiety Disorder Amid Shotgun Wedding Rumor

Soyul and Moon Hae Jun’s surprising pregnancy announcement still continues to create another controversy within online communities. Netizens as of now are still talking about Soyul and Moon Hae Jun for their endless drama.

As everyone may have known, Soyul and her fianc Moon Hae Jun first shocked everyone for their engagement news out of the blue back in November 2016. Now, the couple is back with the news Soyul is going to give birth to their first child within these two weeks, as per IBT.

The rumor about Soyul’s pregnancy initially sparked after the controversial couple announced their engagement. Many people speculated that Soyul and Moon Hae Jun rushed to the wedding because Soyul is already pregnant, or popularly referred as the shotgun wedding, according to Allkpop. In October, a month before Soyul announced her engagement, she halted all of the group activities due to her anxiety disorder, which now people believe as an excuse to hide her pregnancy.

Soyul clearly denied all the accusations recently saying it wasn’t a pregnancy before marriage, which many people in South Korea still consider it as an embarrassment. Her agency, Chrome Entertainment, doesn’t want to get involved any further in her personal matters although it also denied pregnancy before marriage rumor.

Despite all the lies and dramas, fans still concern about Soyul’s anxiety disorder now that she could be in labor anytime soon. They also demand everyone to give Soyul and Moon Hae Jun a break and let them be at peace with their lives without being judgmental towards them.

It has also been reported that Soyul and Moon Hae Joon are doing pretty well despite the backlash they’ve been receiving since they announced engagement last year. Moon Hae Joon has also been very helpful to his pregnant fiance. The H.O.T member is happily taking care of Soyul on a daily basis as well as accompanying her to the hospital on her check-up despite his busy schedule.