Crayon Pop's Soyul Is Pregnant And Will Give Birth To A Baby Girl This Week

Crayon Pop's Soyul Is Pregnant And Will Give Birth To A Baby Girl This Week

Crayon Pop’s Soyul and H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Jun took the headlines last year due to their wedding. Now, after just six months, the two are reported to be having a baby really soon. It was really a big surprise to their fans as the two has just revealed that Soyul will be giving birth sometime this week or next week.

The newlywed couple will be having their very first child within two weeks. The reports also state that the child will be a baby girl. The couple has surprised the whole world after they suddenly revealed that they are going to get married last November 2016.

There were even rumors back then speculating that Soyul must have been pregnant which then resulted to the shotgun marriage. Though there are no speculations that this might have been the reason for the marriage, it might also be a possible scenario as the two are just six months into their marriage.

In addition, Chrome Entertainment, the management company of Soyul, denied all of the rumors and speculations that she was pregnant during that time. The company specifically states that the marriage of the couple is not because of the unexpected pregnancy.

During that time, it is also worth knowing that Soyul had left a message on the group’s fan caf, talking about her engagement. In the message, Soyul says that she has been surprised with the engagement. She also confirms that she is extremely nervous at the time.

Soyul also adds that she is going to marry the man that she loves and loves her back unconditionally. With this, one can clearly see that it’s not really a shotgun marriage. According to Soompi, Soyul had a rough time in eating and even holding her food properly in the early stages of her pregnancy.

For now, she’s ensuring that her health is very good so that her baby will be born healthy. There are also reports that Moon Hee Jun is doing the best of what he can to be a good husband and soon-to-be-father, as he will be with Soyul on her checkups and delivery despite the busy schedule that he has.