Couple majoring in engineering show their affection for each other in a clever and unique way

Couple majoring in engineering show their affection for each other in a clever and unique way

A Seoul National University couple both majoring in engineering express their love in a mathematical way?

It may be difficult to believe but it is actually true. Recently, netizens are buzzing about this couple from what is considered the most prestigious school in Korea, Seoul National University.

On April 23, Seoul National University Bamboo Groove’s Facebook page revealed a screenshot with the caption, ‘The usual way an engineercouple expresses their love for each other.’

The unveiled photo contained the sweet Kakaotalk conversation of the couple.

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The boyfriend sent a heart emoji with”R=1+cosθ” to his girlfriend, when she replied immediately,”I love you too.” The girlfriend then followed up with”R=1+cosθ noR’=2+2cosθ”, saying “My heart is bigger,” teasingly.

Just what in the world in this couple talking about? Is it some kind of secret code? Let’s analyze this. In mathematical terms, if’R=1+cosθ’ is drawn on a coordinate plane graph, a ‘heart shape’ appears.

It seems the boyfriend took the time to express his emotions towards his girlfriend in a unique way, like a secret message/language for engineers, instead of using the normal heart shaped emoji or the words “I love you.”

In response to his message, the girlfriend sent’R’=2+2cosθ’ which is twice as large asR=1+cosθ, revealing a heart shape that is 4x the original size on a graph, meaning ‘I love you even more.’

Seeing this, netizens commented, “There’s not one person out there who can explain this to me,” “I don’t even understand what they’re saying, not even for 1 moment,” “So this is why engineers should only date engineers.”

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