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All Comebacks Delayed Due to Ferry Tragedy

Due to the ferry tragedy that occurred on April 16, many comebacks, debuts, and album releases planned for this week and next have been delayed. Artists Block B, T-ara’s Jiyeon, G.NA, Fiestar, Lena Park, and Junggigo have officially announced that their various music releases have been pushed back indefinitely out of respect for the tragedy that has gripped the nation and its citizens.

Block B’s agency, Seven Seasons, announced through its official Twitter account that “Block B’s new single release has been delayed.” It explained, “We have judged that the current situation and the members’ hearts do not fit the fun atmosphere of their comeback title track ‘Jackpot,‘ so we have decided to push back the single release.”

Block B had planned to release the “Jackpot” single later today after releasing the music video on April 15

South Korean Entertainment Industry Halts Programming And Events In Wake Of Ferry Tragedy

A day after the a South Korean ferry carrying hundreds of people sank 11 miles off the country"s coast, the Korean Entertainment industry has decided to halt programming and schedules while the search continues for the 290 missing passengers.

Shock and horror has rattled the nation as citizens mourn one of the most tragic peacetime disasters in recent South Korean history.The ferry, bound for the southern island of Jeju, sank on Wednesday carrying 475 people, including 325 students and 14 teachers from Danwon High School, only 170 of whom have been accounted for so far.

In light of recent events, many major players in the Korean entertainment industry have put their schedules on hold as rescue efforts continue.

With the majority of South Korean broadcast networks focusing on the incident and its aftermath, entertainment programming will be cancelled for at least the next few days

‘Comeback’ EXO – Will They Be Able To Outdo Themselves?

(Photo : SM Entertainment)(Photo : SM Entertainment)

The hottest group of 2013 has come back with a new look. Last year they firmly held their place in the music industry as the full 12 member group, and there"s interest as to whether they will be able to outdo their "Growl" activities from last year.

On April 15th EXO held a comeback show at the Jamsil Gymnasium in Seoul and entered into full-scale activities with their new mini album title song "Overdose." Just like they did at their debut, EXO will pursue their activities divided into EXO-K and EXO-M. Now that they"ve already peaked their level of popularity, this comeback is more important than ever. Will EXO be able to meet expectations and demonstrate power that can shake up the music industry once again?

2 Years Into Their Debut - A Look At Their Records So Far

EXO debuted on April 8th, 2012, and have just passed the 2 year mark

Eddy Kim to promote second title track ‘The Manual’

Eddy Kim has some good news to his fans.

He has decided to promote a second title track after his successful 'Push and Pull' promotions. With the help of his fans, Eddy Kim picked 'The Manual' as his 2nd track to promote.

'The Manual' was pre-released before his debut mini album dropped on April 11, and received explosive response thus making it his choice for 2nd title track. Prior to that, Eddy Kim is going to start promoting 'The Manual' on April 17 through 'M! Countdown'.

K.Will and Jewelry’s Yewon to Host Talk Show “M Countdown Begins”

Singer K.Will and Jewelry"s Yewon will host Mnet"s new program "M Countdown Begins".

The program will be formatted as a talk show before "M Countdown", featuring the TOP 10 artists and music on the M Countdown charts. On the first episode of "M Countdown Begins", many K-Pop artists will make an appearance to congratulate K.Will and Yewon as hosts of the program.

Producers of "M Countdown Begins" stated: "K.WIll is a wonderful musician with great skills as a host, as shown through his radio DJ history. He will be able to lead guests with a relaxed style and incorporate his knowledge of music into the program. Yewon is a cute and skilled musician; we hope that she will bring life to the program."

K.Will and Yewon to MC for Mnet’s new show ‘M!Countdown Begins’

On April 14th, Mnet announced that K.Will and Jewelry's Yewon are chosen as MCs for new show "M!Countdown Begins".

"M!Countdown Begins" will be served as a pre-talk show before the air time of "M!Countdown". The show will invite popular guests from weekly TOP 10 and they will proceed with some honest talk together.

K.Will previously has experience as a radio DJ while Yewon has proven her varitey skill through various programs, so production crew believes that this combination will bring out new fresh air for the show.

The first live broadcast will be broadcast on April 17th.

MBLAQ’s G.O. and Thunder As Special MCS for M Countdown

MBLAQ’s G.O and Thunder will be special MCs for Mnet’s “M Countdown” on January 19.

G.O and Thunder stated, “We have been special MCs for another music program before. We will try our best to emcee the program without any mistakes.” The two will be MCs alongside Tony Ahn.

On this day (January 19 broadcast) their winter special digital single “White Forever” will be performed on TV for the first time. A representative of MBLAQ stated, “Due to their busy schedule MBLAQ did not have a chance to perform ‘White Forever’ in South Korea even after its release. We will show you a special performance that you haven’t seen yet on ‘M Countdown.’”

Last week, T-ara’s “Lovey Dovey” received first place

Block B Unleashes Eerie Circus-Themed “Jackpot” MV

BBCs, it’s time to get excited because Block B is officially back!

On April 14, seven-member boy group Block B released the music video to their newest title track, “JACKPOT.” The video, which features actress Kim Sae Ron, conveys an eerie atmosphere throughout, as the members are seen eating bugs and trapping the female lead in an abandoned circus.

Block B will be debuting their new song through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” this week on April 17. This marks the group’s first appearance since last year’s hit, “Very Good.”

Check out the MV below, and let us know what you think!

Akdong Musician Fans Choose ‘Give Love’ as Third Title Track

With the album was released, the fans have spoken. Akdong Musician’s third title track will be Give Love.

On April 14, YG Entertainment announced that Akdong Musician’s third title track will be Give Love. While the first two were picked by Yang Hyun Suk and Akdong Musicians, but YG Entertainment decided to let the fans decide on the sibling’s third song to promote.

Give Love was chose based on the love the song received from fans as observed through music sites for a week after the album released on April 7.

After a week, Give Love is still ranking high on music sites, such as Mnet, Bugs, and Melon, while 200% is maintaining its first place spot on most sites.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment put up the countdown clock for the music video release of Melted, scheduled for 6PM (KST) on April 14

Jewelry’s Ye Won and K.Will to Host ‘M COUNTDOWN Begins’

Starting up a new program, Mnet appointed K.Will and Jewelry’s Ye Won as the new hosts for M COUNTDOWN Begins.

M COUNTDOWN Begins is a live talk show that will broadcast before M COUNTDOWN every Thursday. The hosts will talk about different strategies to becoming number one as well as invite singers onto the show.

The first episode on April 17 at 5PM (KST) will feature several singers to congratulate K.Will and Ye Won on their new hosting gig.

Despite M COUNTDOWN Begins being their first live program, both singers have previous experience leading a program with many appearances on variety programs as well as serving a DJ for a radio program.

Photo credit: Starship Entertainment, Star Empire Entertainment